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Bibliography consulted in Spanish, we have consulted information of video guides and tips of all video games that we have on the web to the following experts:

Title: The History of Video Games: Everything You Need to Know From Their Beginnings to the Beginning of the 21st Century

Author: Yann Lebihan

Publisher: Redbook Ediciones, 2021

ISBN 849484826891, 9788494826894

N.º of pages: 254 páginas

Title:  Video Games: A Story to Tell

Author: Gabriel Soberanis

Editor: Independently Published, 2017

ISBN: 1521720274, 9781521720271

Nº of pages: 179 pages

Title:  Vida extra: Video games as you've never seen them before

Author: Gina Tost, Oriol Boira

Editor: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial España, 2015

ISBN: 8425353114, 97884253531161

Nº of pages: 208 pages

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