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The fantastic mobile game Clash of Clans allows users to create online villages in an adventure marked by strategy. This platform is having great success among hardcore gamers, who find hours and hours of entertainment on it.

If you are one of them, you will surely have heard of the Clash of Clans gem generator at some point or you may even be looking for it right now. Here we are going to tell you everything about it, although we tell you that its use can be somewhat unsafe and put your device at risk. Therefore, we invite you to think twice before opting for this alternative.

The free clash of clans gem generator

Gems are a premium currency in the Clash of Clans mobile game and having a good amount of them allows users to advance their villages more quickly. They are also used to request the Castle's troops, making them the most interesting resources in this adventure.

If you download the Clash of Clans application for the first time you will find a total of 500 free gems for your use and enjoyment, with them you can buy anything you want. Afterwards, you will have the possibility of obtaining more by achieving achievements, overcoming certain obstacles and you will even have the option to purchase them with your real money in the virtual store.

When this seems a little complicated, slow or expensive, that is when many players decide to look for the desired free Clash of Clans gem generator. These platforms promise to offer a good amount of gems instantly and without having to break the bank, but are they really safe?

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How the clash of clans gem generator works

If you want to find a free Clash of Clans gem generator you will only have to do a quick search on the internet and you will immediately find different options, as there are a few different ones. You should know that none of them are an official option in the game, and that administrators could penalize you for using external applications that are not authorized.

When you enter any generator page you will see the option to get free gems for clash of clans and you will have to click on it. At that point they will ask you to register or fill out a form, and in it they will ask you for information such as your username, password or email address. If you are not careful, it is possible that the page will fraudulently benefit from this data and not even provide you with the promised gems.

Is it worth using a free clash of clans gems generator?

Today the truth is that there are some gem generators that have been shielded to prevent Clash of Clans accounts from being suspended with their use and that have sought to offer greater security to users, but is it worth the risk?

We consider that it is a somewhat tricky topic, because if you land on the wrong website, it is possible that behind the form there is an account theft, a computer virus or any other option that compromises the security of your device. In any case, if you make the decision to use these generators, always look for the most reliable alternative.

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