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As usual, a lot of secrets are to be discovered in this new installment of the LEGO games, and this time, we are going to go hunting for Carbonites. These Carbonites contain characters from the first two trilogies (Obi-Wan, Amidala, Qui-Gon Jin, etc.), a good opportunity to rediscover the past of the saga with bricks!


Once the Carbonites have been collected, go to D'Qar, the Resistance HQ, in one of the hangars (the one where it is possible to change the appearance of the characters):


Millennium Falcon

Han Solo (classical)

Go to the place shown on the map:

Build the special platform for BB-8, then use it on it. A mini-game will appear, where you will have to dodge the rocks and the giant worm. Once the game is won, you also earn Carbonite.



A-Wing Pilot

Meet in the hangar in the middle. You will need to use two characters who can use the grapple and use them on the two orange hooks.


Amiral Ackbar

Go to the indicated point, then jump onto the small platform with a character with the double jump ability (Rey). Then take a character who can go in the water (Admiral Ackbar, which we can recover in the secondary mission "Poe to the rescue") to recover the Carbonite.


Princess Leia (classic)

Go to the Command Bunker, then activate the hologram with an Astromech droid. The Carbonite appears, then all you have to do is use a Force user character (like Luke) to bring it in.


Pilot Gray Squadron

This is in the Cantina, behind a counter. The wall is frozen, it will take a character with a lightsaber (like Rey or Luke). Once the wall has been cut, a cold-resistant character, like BB-8, will be enough to go and collect the Carbonite.


Zev Senseca

Direction the shooting range, left. Just use explosives (Chewbacca) on the silver bricks.


Rebel Fleet Soldier

Also on the firing range, you will find a panel to supply power (BB-8). Then shoot the target that appeared three times to reveal the Carbonite.




Princess Leia (Ewok Village)

Go to the point indicated. No need for any special ability, just put a character on the switch to open the door and collect the Carbonite with the second.



With Rey, go to the indicated point. There you will find a stick switch, which will raise the elevator. Then climb the wall to find the Carbonite.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Direction the indicated point. At the destination, pick up a character that can go in the water (Admiral Ackbar) and collect the Carbonite.


Qui-Gon Jin

Head east of the map to find a cracked wall. You need a character capable of breaking this wall (for example, the Wampa that you can buy for 250 coins).


Reine Amidala

At the indicated point, use a character with a lightsaber to open the wall.


Chancellor Palpatine

To the north of the map, you will find a sleeping giant. Pull the grapple on the hook above to wake it up. Fight it, then use the Force on the bench to reveal the Carbonite.


Rebel commando

Head to the point indicated to use the First Order sign. Use a lambda stormtrooper for example and give the correct code.


Stormtrooper (classic)

In the middle of the map you will find a troop transport, with two hooks. Use two grapple figures.




Near the Millennium Falcon airstrip, destroy the small blocks to reveal a multiple construction set. Build a first set upwards. This will bring up a switch, which will need to be loaded with BB-8. Once loaded, the adjacent bin will fill with water. Destroy the switch to build a set to the left, installing a speaker. Activate it too with BB-8, it will make a noise that will wake up the big beast and make the Carbonite appear.


Boba Fett

Go to the location indicated to find a First Order terminal there. Use a stormtrooper to dislodge the Carbonite.


Pillard Between

In the same location as the previous Carbonite, take a Force user and activate the broom to clean the wall. This will cause the Carbonite to appear.


Luke Skywalker (Episode IV)

Far north of the map, under a tent, the Carbonite is guarded by a rancor. You can fight him or else go behind him and run fast!


Anakin Skywalker

At the entrance to the bazaar, you must first get rid of 12 enemies, then turn the orange crank.



Climb the ladders where indicated, then use two grappling characters to destroy the wall. Behind is a golden wall (Flametrooper for example). Then use a character who can go to toxic areas (Finn).


Obi-Wan Kenobi (classic)

Starting from the previous point, pass the small platform then climb the wall with an agile character. Cut the cell with a lightsaber then enter it with a character immune to toxic zones (Finn).


Padme Amidala

Direction the point indicated to the south. Destroy the golden bricks then climb with an agile character (Rey) to find the Carbonite.



Go to the point indicated. Use the grappling hook to climb, then grab a Force-using character to spawn Carbonite.


Emperor Palpatine

Go east, take a character that goes into the water (Admiral Ackbar), simply.


Base Starkiller

Count Dooku

You must first complete a Bounty Hunter mission. Good thing, there is one nearby.

Once the mission is completed, a dome appears next to it. Use the grapple on the corner of the building. The camera doesn't necessarily help, you can back up and aim while keeping Square / X pressed. Destroy the items at the top then build a platform for BB-8. Go find the Carbonite below.


Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)

Direction the point indicated on the map. Use a Dark Side Force user (Darth Vader), then an Astro-Mechanic droid on the switch.


Han Solo (Stormtrooper)

Just to the right of the previous Carbonite, take Kylo Ren and flip the switch.


Dark Maul

Still in the large room at the start, go to the large wall, the one with a steep slope. On the right side you will find platforms to climb with an agile character (Rey). At the end of the course is the Carbonite.


Imperial Royal Guard

Go to the place indicated, then smash the wall (Wampa).


Dark Star Soldier

At the indicated location, break the surrounding objects then build a TIE fighter and an X-Wing. After the small scene, Carbonite appears.


TIE Interceptor Pilot

Direction the indicated point, then climb the platforms with an agile character. Then use a flamethrower (Flametrooper) to release the Carbonite.


Scout soldier

From the previous point, there is a small take-off platform. Use it with a character with a jetpack (previously unlocked Boba Fett) to cross. Then just break the golden bricks (Flametrooper).


Anakin Skywalker

Direction the indicated point. Move the X-Wing with the dark side, then a character going into the water to collect the Carbonite.


Snowtrooper (classic)

South of the previous point, smash the wall (Wampa) then collect the very last Carbonite!



And presto, you now have all the Carbonites, and therefore the 35 associated bonus characters! Well done !

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