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They are now essential in all games, to show off and mark your progress, Achievements / Trophies are also available on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Let's take a quick tour of all these achievements / trophies and the ways to get them, on PC and PS4 / Xbox One.


 I'll be back !
 Complete LRdlF Chapter 1 - Assault on Jakku.


 Top secret ? Me too.
 Complete LRdlF Chapter 2 - Leaked Finalizer.


 Scrap will do
Complete LRdlF Chapter 3 - Niima Outpost.


 When was the second?
Complete LRdlF Chapter 4 - L'Eravana


 The look of a man on the run
Complete LRdlF Chapter 5 - Chateau de Maz.


 Do not be afraid
Complete LRdlF Chapter 6 - Battle of Takodana.


 You won't like it
Complete LRdlF Chapter 7 - The Resistance.


 Is there a garbage chute?
Complete LRdlF - Starkiller's Sabotage Chapter 8.


 A bag full of explosives
Complete LRdlF Chapter 9 - Destroy Starkiller Base.


 It belongs to me !
Complete LRdlF Chapter 10 - The Apotheosis.


Complete Luke's Island.


 A long time ago....
Complete The Battle of Endor.


 I don't care about the forecast
Complete Poe to the Rescue.


 Traveled too much. Too much seen.
Complete The Return of Lor San Tekka.


 I had more staff
Complete Rathtar Hunt.


 The Scarlet Corsair
Complete The Scarlet Corsair.


 Hi ! Were you looking for me?
Complete Conflicts on Taul.


 It's a trap !
Complete Otegan Assault.


 Something woke up ...
Complete The Force Awakens.


 All. It is all true.
Complete all new STAR WARS adventure levels.


 The Force is calling you.

Reach '' True Jedi '' in a level.


 Just a pillager

Collect all the minikits in a level.


 I know how to fly everything

Collect all the minikits in the game.


 Forget what you have learned

Rebuild a multi-buildable object.


 They're shooting at me too!
Complete a blaster fight.


 I'm getting good!
Complete a blaster fight without being destroyed.


 Submit to the First Order
Complete all First Order missions.


 A figure of the Resistance
Complete all Resistance missions.


 Dead, it will be of no use to me.
Complete all Bounty Hunter research.


 In less than 12 parsecs
Complete all the races.


 60 portions !
Complete all raider missions.


 The Force is powerful in her.
Complete the game 100%


 Red Leader
Buy all the red bricks.


Create a custom character.


 The Jedi will be reborn
Achieve '' True Jedi '' in all levels.


 We need more soldiers!
Defeat 50 stormtroopers.


 Too sure of oneself
Defeat 100 TIE Hunters.


 I love this Wookie ...
Complete a level in free play mode with Maz Kanata and Chewbacca.


 Hey ! It's up to meiiiii!
Play with Unkar Plutt in the Millennium Falcon.


 Quick trigger
With Han Solo in a blaster fight, defeat a character who is planning an attack.


 Not the droid you're looking for
Use an access panel with the wrong droid.


Defeat Finn with FN-2199.


 Family meeting
Play with Kylo Ren and Han Solo in the same group.


 Show me, grandpa
Defeat Kylo Ren as Darth Vader.


 STOP ...... Kylo Time!
As Kylo Ren, use a Force stun on a character.


 Small for a stormtrooper?
Use a helmet dispenser to put a stormtrooper helmet on a little character.


 Something else ?
As Kylo Ren destroy all terminals in Starkiller's shield room.


 Chewie, we're home
Play as Han Solo (Classic) and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon.


 Stormtrooper syndrome
Miss your target 10 times in a blaster fight.


 The force awakens (PS4)
Unlock all trophies.



Good luck doing everything!

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