SWTOR - Scholar DPS (3.2)

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Aina Martin
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This guide is an update of the one proposed by the same author for 3.0

Guide for Difficult and Nightmare PvE players

Hello everyone, I'm a Librarian, DPS Scholar on Mantle of the Force (and troubled by the Emperor's return, I had to take a more intense, and green saber), a member of the Brotherhood guild. I come back to you once again to talk about the dps scholar, who still exists! I'm sure because I can still connect to it.

Obviously this guide is also valid for the sorcerer, but in order to simplify the reading and with two exceptions, I will always keep the names of the powers and abilities of the scholar.

First of all, this guide being the update from the one proposed in Update 3.0, here is a summary of the changes concerning the Scholar in Update 3.2

  • Telekinesis: Projection must be removed from the cycle, Squall has priority over Mental Crush. The multi-target cycle actually starts at 3 targets, you can use Faults for a nicer result.
  • Balance: The bug on the double bonus of the Eradication has been fixed (without notification in the patch-notes), taking into account of an unknown bug causing the Lightning burns to be considered as a DoT (damage over time), with consumption of the Mark of Death.


  • Introduction
  • Skill trees
  • Powers
  • Group synergy
  • Cycles, Priorities and Powers
  • Statistics
  • Conclusion



Ha! The 3.0 also called the Great Simplifier by ... well in any case by me so it's already not bad. It was a good time, eh? Make way for 3.1.2, the Combine Harvester.

The Jedi Scholar, a class formerly known for their heal zone and tendency to die on kick, then as the easy way out. My goal here is to give you the tools you need to choose your specialty, adapt your equipment, play it well ... Certainly there is no more mobility or power and always the resistance of a frog on a July midday on the island. highway, but it takes more than a few pitfalls to prevent a Barsen'thor from doing his duty!

I would focus on the PvE aspect, as the goals in PvP are as variable as they are diverse.


Skill trees

No just kidding, just choose a discipline, you will see that it helps a lot. ?



Fortunately, the preferred uses are almost the same for the two specialties. Apart from the Ability rank, they do not directly influence the DPS and are therefore rather subjective. However, here is my choice:

  • Skill
  • mastery
  • Heroic


  • Pain Soothed : + 10% healing received, excluding healing provided by damage balance attacks. A must have in all circumstances.
  • upset : Projection can deal up to 25% additional damage, 25% of the time. Rarely useful, but sometimes it's drastically impossible to stop moving without dying, and it will be better than yawning.


  • Jedi Resistance : + 3% damage reduction, valid on all types, i.e. around 25% in kinetic / energy damage and 13% in elemental / internal damage. Admittedly it is little, but on the whole of the fight, it will be appreciable.


  • Seismic control : the way to make the Force Wave relatively effective from the 3rd target, instead of 4 previously, thanks to a 25% bonus.

Always :

  • suppression : Desaggro now becomes a defensive CD, increasing damage reduction by 25%, increasing to 50% on kinetic damage, and even 65% if they are DoTs, a comparative reduction of 33%. For the first time, we have a real defensive CD, which is outside GCD and does not prevent hitting. In addition, it will empower your tanks by justifying the fact that you have to keep it for later.


  • Valor : Half of the effect is lost because no one will ever use the Noble Sacrifice, but a bonus on the auto-heal allows to compensate afterwards on important and unpredictable, unstoppable or simply gigantic damage (the barrel or the Carts of Bulo, the grenade of the Walkers, the aggro that turns over, etc. ).


Extremely situational:

  • Mental guard : reduce by 15% the damage taken because of DoTs, why refuse? Because only Corratani poses DoTs. To know.


  • Issue : Force Speed ​​removes and immunizes against spells that prevent movement (snares and roots). To be used instead of the Mental Guard. Or Repression ... in Huttball.
  • Force Mobility : Allows you to cast Turbulence or Force Serenity while moving. A shot to take which will offer great investment facilities.
  • Force haste (Ha, Scholar's Speed ​​increases a lot!): Reduced Force Speed ​​CD to 15 seconds and Force Barrier to 2:30. Both can save your life and, in telekinesis, can take advantage in addition to the instantaneous launch of the Telekinetic Burst even more often.


  • Mental Defense : Reduces damage taken by 30% while stunned, if the boss has a bad habit of stuning outside of a dodge zone, instead of Force Haste.

Common mistake: taking the Life Guardian hoping to heal yourself is not viable at high level because the useful bubble is a broken bubble. If it is put down before the hit, it will collapse before the damage is taken, so it will no longer be there to heal. And if it is put on after the fact, it will arrive too late and you will have wasted a GCD for nothing. Regarding the Barrier, it should only be kept for the minimum time necessary, and will not allow you to gain the 4 tenacious bastion charges.




The Force is powerful in the Scholar, it flows freely in his veins and fatigue comes insidiously. I will not indicate here the cost in force of each power because it is not important, only are the capacities which will make it possible to modify it or to increase the speed of regeneration. Operation bosses have 10% defense against all Force powers and a 35% reduction on kinetic-type damage.


  • Diverse
  • Telekinesis
  • Balance

Force barrier 

  • Excluding GCD
  • Effect: Full immunity for 10 seconds, dispels all dispelable effects, prevents doing anything.
  • Delay: 3 minutes, 2.5 minutes if Force Haste

Strength armor

  • Activation: instant
  • Effect: Absorbs up to 5.000 to 7.000 damage of all types. Depends on the care bonus. Upgradable to Mastery rank for 10% additional absorption or a final 3 second stun that will be interrupted after a quarter of a second by yourself or a buddy.


  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 1 minute
  • Target: ally
  • Effect: Brings an ally closer to you, and reduces their aggressiveness by 25%. Sometimes allows to save a DPS, which will thank you for it. Used on a tank, ensures everyone's attention (and disapproval, but you get nothing for nothing).

Strength Content

  • Activation: instantaneous, excluding GCD
  • Delay: 1 minute 30
  • Effect: Grants 2 charges, increasing the critical chance of powers by 60%. A power resulting in a critical hit consumes a charge. A Telekinetic Throw or a Force wave will always consume exactly one charge. The CD can now be reduced by the 6 piece bonus, for an average of 10 to 20 seconds in telekinesis, and 0 to 5 seconds in balance.

Mental acuity

  • Excluding GCD
  • Delay: 2 minutes, minus 15 seconds in Telekinesis, 15 more with the new 4 piece bonus and the old 2 piece bonus, reduced on average by 14 additional seconds by Chills.
  • Effect: + 20% Alacrity and Interruption Immunity for 10 seconds, 15 in Telekinesis

Misty Spirit

  • Excluding GCD
  • Delay: 45 seconds.
  • Effect: Reduces your threat by 35%. Transforms into a defensive CD (+ 25% damage reduction) with Pushback Mastery.


  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Bonus: 25% Chance to Double for + 25% Damage, or + 6,25% Damage.
  • Damage type: kinetic

Telekinetic Burst

  • Activation: 1,5 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • 25% Chance to Double for + 25% Damage, i.e. + 6,25% Damage, x2 under Mental Alacity
    • 50% chance to grant a charge of Telekinetic Focus. Stacks up to 5 times for 5% alacrity.
    • Increases Force regeneration by 30%
    • Allows you to launch the Telekinetic Wave instantly
  • Damage type: kinetic

Telekinetic Squall

  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • 25% Chance to Double for + 25% Damage, i.e. + 6,25% Damage, x2 under Mental Alacity
    • Grants a charge of Telekinetic Focus. Stacks up to 5 times for 5% alacrity
    • + 30% Influx
  • Damage type: kinetic

Telekinetic Wave

  • Activation: instantaneous under Tide of Force, 3 seconds otherwise., 5 targets maximum
  • Delay: 6 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • + 30% Influx
    • 25% Chance to Double for + 25% Damage, i.e. + 6,25% Damage, x2 under Mental Alacity
    • Grants a charge of Telekinetic Focus. Stacks up to 5 times for 5% alacrity
    • Immobilizes targets for 0,5 seconds and Slows them by 50% for 6 seconds. Warn other players when the adds are not immune.
    • Refreshes the duration of the weaken of mind.
  • Damage type: kinetic


  • Activation: 1,5 seconds, possible on the move.
  • Delay: 9 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • 25% Chance to Double for + 25% Damage, or + 6,25% Damage
    • + 30% Influx
    • Allows you to launch the Telekinetic Wave instantly
  • Type of damage: internal; systematic criticism if target affected by Weakened Spirit

Weakening of Spirit

  • Activation: instant
  • Type of damage: internal

Mental crush

  • Activation: 2 seconds, 1,5 seconds thanks to the Telekinetic Squall.
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • 25% Chance To Double Each Damage Over Time (DoT)
    • + 30% Influx
    • Refreshes the duration of the weakened mind
  • Damage type: kinetic

Force wave

  • Channeling: 3 seconds, maximum 8 targets
  • Damage type: kinetic
  • Bonus:
    • + 15% Critical and + 30% Surge
    • + 25% damage from Seismic Mastery
    • Allows you to launch the Telekinetic Wave instantly


  • Activation: instant
  • Delay: 6 seconds
    • Bonus: 25% Chance to Double for + 25% Damage, or + 6,25% Damage.
  • Damage type: kinetic


  • Activation: 1,5 seconds
  • Bonus: + 5% critical, + 25% damage, and snapshot under Presence of Spirit
  • Damage type: kinetic

Serenity of Force

  • Activation: 1,5 seconds, possible on the move.
  • Bonus:
    • + 5% critical
    • Regenerates 100% of damage dealt as HP
    • + Wave Force: 60% chance of 714 damage (subject to -35% damage and no influx bonus)
    • * See Cycles, Priorities, and Powers for the Lightning Bolt bug.
    • + 25% damage if weakened mind
  • Type of damage: internal

Telekinetic Throw

  • Channeling: 2 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • + Wave Force: 20% chance of 714 damage x 4 tics (subject to -35% damage and no influx bonus)
  • Damage type: kinetic

Force in Balance

  • Activation: instantaneous, 8 targets maximum
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Bonus:
    • Regenerates 20% of damage dealt as HP
    • Place 15 Force Suppression charges
  • Damage Type: Internal

Weakening of Spirit

  • Activation: instant
  • Duration: 18 seconds, 6 charges
  • Bonus:
    • Regenerates 25% of damage dealt as HP
    • + 10% damage per stack for each Force Suppression stack consumed
    • + 15% damage under 30% target health.
  • Type of damage: internal

Force Cut

  • Activation: instant
  • Duration: 18 seconds, 7 charges
  • Bonus:
    • Regenerates 25% of damage dealt as HP
    • + 10% damage per stack for each Force Suppression stack consumed
    • + 15% damage under 30% target health.
  • Damage Type: Internal


  • Activation: 2 seconds
  • Delay: 15 seconds
  • Duration: 9 seconds, 9 charge + immediate damage
  • Bonus:
    • + 25% damage and instant under Presence of Spirit
    • + 10% damage per tick for each charge of Force Suppression consumed
    • + 15% damage under 30% target health
  • Damage type: kinetic

Force wave

  • Channeling: 3 seconds, maximum 8 targets
  • Bonus:
    • + 25% damage from Seismic Mastery
  • Damage type: kinetic

Group synergy

I take this opportunity to explore one of the new features of 3.0: group utilities, in other words another way of forcing the configuration of groups and greatly weakening redundancies under the pretext of class diversification.

Here are the different group weaknesses and activated bonuses, and as the argument on the best composition to adopt will not be determined only for your comfort, here are the other existing weaknesses. All are placed by central spells in the rotation of the different specialties, and can therefore be taken for granted on any common target.
They are available as a bundle in the Ship Operations Dummy debuff.


Warning : This said operations dummy debuff provides buggy bonuses! Many normally additive buffs become multiplicative and on the contrary some normally multiplicative buffs with each other become additive with each other, making this debuff harmful for those who seek to prepare for operations, it should no longer be used until it is corrected.

There is a topic about it on the official forum.

Healers / Tanks

And while I'm still talking about party bonuses, here are the healers and tanks bonuses:


  • + 3% all healing received: Commando, Malfrat
  • + 3% internal / elemental damage reduction: Rogue, Scholar
  • + 10% Armor Index: Commando, Scholar


  • -5% Force / Tech Damage: AG, Guardian
  • -5% Melee / Ranged Damage: AG, Shadow
  • -5% Melee / Ranged Accuracy: Guardian, Shadow


Bottom line: The players who won't help you are the AG Plasma, FT Sabotage, Sentinels Shii-cho, and Shadows Balance.


Cycles, Priorities and Powers

  • Telekinesis
  • Balance

First, sort per damage per second (DPS):

This DPS is calculated with an alacrity value equal to zero, and therefore corresponding to a general recharge time (GCD) of 1,5 seconds. We notice that :

  • L'Weakening of Spirit is incredibly powerful. It is therefore always necessary to have posed it. And that's good, since now you just have to place it once at the start of the fight and no longer think about it. Note that since 3.0, its first tick is placed at t = 0, unlike t = 3 sec previously.
  • La turbulence is the most powerful of the powers available, but precisely requires the presence of its own damage over the duration of Spirit Weakening. It can now be cast while on the move and the AdE is luckily still available - you have no more excuses.
  • THEMental crush becomes the second most activatable power thanks to the reduction to 1,5 sec of its cast time after a Telekinetic Squall. It will also make the target Vulnerable, allowing Force attacks (or all of your attacks) to deal 5% more damage. It also resets your AdE to zero.
  • La Telekinetic Wave has a kind of "reverse cooldown": when it's available, you have 10 seconds to cast it. Suddenly, there is no great urgency to use the Tide of Force trigger, and we can wait to put all the other powers that are subject to it under CD. Be careful, however, to wait more than 8,5 seconds is to lose or postpone a proc, and that would hurt. It is this that will Overwhelm the target, making them more vulnerable to damage inflicted in areas. It just happens to be the only AoE in your single target cycle and it resets your AdE to zero, it's crazy how well the world is done.
    If you mistakenly start an incantation on Wave Telek, finish it, there is nothing more to lose.
  • La Telekinetic Squall is your brand new brand new beautiful spell. Its main characteristic: it does damage, and that's already good. It also allows the next Mind Crush to fully activate during its GCD. Unfortunately, since 3.1.2 its CD is 15 sec (alacrity dependent) and it only allows channeling time reduction for 12 seconds (alacrity independent), so if its CD is lower at 1,5 seconds (2,5 seconds if playing without alacrity), you must not use the Mind Crush!
  • La Telekinetic Burst, which now replaces Trouble, is mediocre and should therefore only be used if everything else is unavailable. Note that there are 2 ways to activate it instantly, for even greater mobility gain. The first is Recollection, which triggers when damage is taken. The second is Roaring Force, which allows the next two Bursts to activate instantly after Force Speed. Note that if you have both Recollection and Roaring Force, both will be consumed by the next Burst.
  • La Projection, despite the upheaval, remains inferior to the Rafale. It is now only useful if the need for mobility (present or for the immediate future), exceeds the capacity of the Turbulence, the Wave, the Squall and the two Rafales.
  • La Strength content is ideally used if it is used to accelerate a Squall AND a Telekinetic Wave. As the Force Content can no longer be consumed by an Elk, the order no longer matters.
    • [Attention ++], the option "queuing of powers", moreover essential to reach the maximum APM, leads to the consumption of a load if it is queued at the very end of Turbulence: intersperse a Squall (ideally instantaneous using the Roaring Force), not a Throw (because the debris is thrown late and would therefore consume the first charge) or wait a quarter of a second.


Le Monocible

The cycle is organized around Turbulence and with the aim of using it as often as possible. The cycle has also become much more "untied" since 3.0, so it will be appropriate to refer to a fairly classic order of priorities, without needing to refer to future actions, with the exception of the Telekinetic Wave and the first Turbulence.

  1. Weakening Spirit: Normally only once per target!
  2. Turbulence: Always!
  3. Telekinetic Wave, if the duration of Tide of Force remaining is less than 2 seconds, that is, if the power that should immediately follow is Turbulence.
  4. Telekinetic Burst
  5. Mental crush
  6. Telekinetic wave, triggered by Tidal Force
  7. Telekinetic Squall
  8. Projection

Why not make it a cycle?

A little more math for you, sorting the different powers by CD (cast time corrected), expressed in CGD terms:

  • Turbulence & Force Tide: 7 GCD
  • Telekinetic burst: 10 GCD
  • Mental Crush: 11 GCD

All are prime among themselves, and it is therefore impossible to create a simpler order.

Advanced technique: the ME and the VT will at their impact reduce the AdE to zero, which means that, by virtue of its modification with the acquisition of a seventh tick, they lead to an increase in the damage of the AdE proportional to the time remaining until the next tick. It thus happens that, by activating instantaneously the VT immediately after the incantation of the EM, thus allowing a certain gain of 3 seconds on the next tick of AdE, that is to say a free tick. In this case, the VT must be placed in 4 in the order indicated above.


In pictures


Force management

Thanks to the Telekinetic Outpouring associated with the Mental Continuum, there will never be any problem with the Force, as long as you don't lack precision, however, be careful not to overuse the Force Armor (when using the Force Armor). phases where nothing can be attacked), because the Force will only rise very slowly, especially without the Mental Continuum.

After a death, starting the cycle allows you to gain Telekinetic Outpouring and start surplus for a small cost. Do not throw armor and do not forget the buffs to be able to crit, and therefore regenerate.

In Multicible on the other hand, there is nothing to do, the Strength will decrease, and quickly (2 to 3 minutes)


The Multicible


  • Two distant targets (too far apart to be hit by the same Telekinetic Wave):

Single target cycle on one, replacing a spinner (a power usable when nothing else is available) with an AdE and on the other target ou with extreme caution, placing 2 out of 3 EMs on the second target.

  • Three targets:

Telekinetic Wave is the top priority, cast when not available instantly. Then Turbulence if the AdE is present, and finally only the Wave of Force.

  • Four and more targets:

Telekinetic Wave, Force Wave and AdE only.

  • What targets should AdE focus on?
    • It depends on the number of targets hit and their life expectancy.
    • It is necessary to put the AdE on a target if its life expectancy exceeds
      • Number-of-Targets x 7 seconds
      • For example, on 8 targets, it will be necessary to place the AdE only on the targets having to survive more than 56 seconds and this even if 5 only survive 10 seconds and the others 40. After 10 seconds there will remain 3 targets having to survive 30 seconds. , which will then be eligible.


  • When to put the AdE?

Apart from 2 targets, the AdE has a very low priority. One should not forget the Telekinetic Wave, channeled or not, and risk losing the AdE on another target.


Mental Alacrity and Strength Content

With 3.0, alacrity has become even more useful, and now allows you to reduce the duration of your incantations and your GCD, the internal CD of all your triggers, the CD of all your powers except inspiration and its young, and the duration of your DoTs (while preserving the number of tics). All obey the formula 1 / (1 + Alacrity).

Thanks to the Fluid Force talent, the level 2 55-coin bonus (to be picked up on Forto NiM, now much more accessible) and the new 4-coin bonus, the CD of mental alacrity is reduced to 75 seconds instead of 120, then 8 additional seconds due to the effect of the already excise Alacrity, and another 16 seconds due to the effect of the chills, that is to say in the end a possible delay between two Mental Alacrities of 51 seconds. And that is good.

If we decide to use only instead the only bonus 6 full pieces 198, which allows to reduce the CD of the Force Content by one second at each gust, and that moreover we only use the Content during the 'Mental Alacrity, it becomes available again at each occurrence of it. And that is also beautiful, but a little less nonetheless.

First, sort per damage per second (DPS):

This DPS is calculated with an alacrity value equal to zero, and therefore corresponds to a general cooldown of 1,5 seconds. We notice that :

  • L'eradication is always the best power, it is always used in priority over any other, unless the target is not made to survive until the end. It will also make the target Vulnerable, allowing Force attacks (that is, all of your attacks) to inflict 5% more damage (Here, there is like echo).
  • Force cut et Weakened mind are equivalent, but losing a tick, resting them every 15 seconds (based on the balance strength CD), is losing more than the bonus provided by the force removal. It is therefore necessary as far as possible to rest these dowries only once they are completed.
    In addition, there is now an option that is essential by allowing you to no longer confuse your DoTs with those of a companion: The Highlighting of your debuffs. The manipulation is: Interface Editor => Target Frame => Check Highlight Personal Debuffs and Debuffs. There is no longer any excuse not to place them perfectly. Refer to the equivalent time to know the time not to be exceeded before refitting them.
  • La Serenity is your new spell, also called Giga-Leech, which must be cast but without reduced mobility since it can be done on the move. It should only be used if the target is affected by your AdE, which should not pose a problem except in the event of a burst (see below). It also allows you to recover Force, if the target is still carrying charges from your Force Suppression. However, even on a pole, it is undesirable to delay it to take advantage of this single effect, and even worse in operation if with another scholar, who will pump your Force Suppression!
  • La Force in Balance is then the most powerful damage provider, despite a serious decrease in potency, and moderately boosts damage over time. It is she who will overwhelm the target, making them more vulnerable to damage inflicted in areas. It just happens to be the only AoE in your single target cycle, it's crazy how well made (and frugal?) The world is.
  • Even while consuming the presence of mind, a disturbance only equals a simple telekinetic throw. It will therefore never be used.
  • Le Telekinetic throw is the weakest dps, but remains without CD, and especially is used for the proc of the Presence of Spirit, in order to launch an eradication.
  • La Projection, despite the Upheaval, remains inferior to the Telekinetic Throw. It is now only useful if the need for mobility (present or for the immediate future), exceeds the capacity of Serenity, Strength in Balance, Eradication and DoTs, or even Disturbance.
  • We will preferably use the Strength content to boost a Serenity then a Strength in balance. However, if they are then disconnected, the best will be the first to arrive and the remaining charge will be used indiscriminately on any supply, even your self-care if by chance you just need 12k more PV.


Ideal dowry management

There are three possibilities to manage the consumption of Force Suppression charges and the interaction between the dowries:

  • 1) Random:

Slash and Debuff Spirit cast every 18 seconds only, Eradication and Strength in Balance when available.

  • 2) CF / AdE -1:

Force Slash and Spirit Debuff are cast every 15 seconds, immediately after Force Balance, Eradicate as soon as available.

  • 3) FeE => Er:

Force Slash and Spirit Debuff are cast every 18 seconds only, Eradication immediately after Force in Balance.

Which leads to the following damage values:

In order to make the best use of the dowries, we will always try to place the Cut-Force first, then the Weakening of Spirit, always respecting this order. This makes it possible to have the assurance, when channeling a Serenity, that the AdE will be present at the time of the final blow.

Then as long as we get there, the best way to optimize the damage of the dowries, is not to worry about the Eradication when using The Force in Balance, and to use the dowries independently, unless more than 3 seconds elapse without the corresponding dowry, a situation that should never occur again because only Eradication has priority over DoTs and you can no longer lose sight of them.

It also turns out that FeE is now a power of mediocre power and added to this that Force Suppression, now that the bonus is halved, is almost anecdotal, and you will understand that it is quite anecdotal. lawful to greatly delay an FeE.

Bugs and the Death Mark

I was informed, only on the Imperial version of the Wave Force (the Burning Lightning) of the existence of a new bug. The BdE are indeed considered as DoTs, with all the related bonuses, but also the consumption of the charges of the Mark of Death!
After calculations, this difference does not justify modifying the cycle, in particular by adding disturbances, since it implies a loss of around 7 points of dps on the consumption of the Force Suppression but a final gain of more than 40 points!


The single target cycle

In attack phase

The start of the cycle consists of a simple long sequence:

  • Weakened mind
  • Mental Alacity
  • Force cut
  • Telekinetic Throw
  • Eradication
  • Strength Content
  • Serenity
  • Force in Balance

This order is preferred in order to complete the duration of the Coupe-Force before that of the AdE, and thus then reverse the order to return to that of the state phase, while benefiting from the reduction of the CD of all your important powers.

For those who absolutely want to start with an incantation (the countdown time, if your tank is of the suicidal type *), never (double underline) launch the Eradication because you have no Presence of Spirit! If you want it anyway, cast Disturbance. The advantage is twofold: it hurts less so no aggro cover and you do not go on CD for pissing your best fate.

* Examples:

  • 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... "Pull" / Saber Throw ... Force Jump / Aggro Loss => Bad tank
  • 3 ... 2 / Saber Throw ... 1 / Force Leap ... "Pull" / Protective Slit => Will hold out longer.


In state phase

The priority is as follows:

  • Serenity if AdE: certainly this is not your most powerful power but by placing it then its CD would be completed at the same time as that of the Eradication, and it would therefore have to be delayed each time.
  • Eradication, if Presence of Spirit
  • Breakdown + Weakening of Mind
  • Force in Balance.
  • Start Telekinetics. Usually 3 to 4 per Eradication


At the end of life

When the target's survival is estimated to be less than 15 seconds, the priorities become as follows:

  • Eradication, if Presence of Spirit
  • Cutter + Weakened Mind if Survival is greater than 7 seconds
  • Serenity
  • Force in Balance
  • Start Telekinetics. Usually 3 to 4 per Eradication


Why not make it a cycle?

A little more math for you, sorting the different powers by CD (cast time corrected), expressed in CGD terms:

  • Serenity: 9 GCD
  • Eradication & Strength in Balance: 10 GCD
  • Cutter Strength & Weakening Spirit: 12 CGD

The two highest priority powers are first to each other, which makes it difficult to keep an organization fixed.

In pictures


Force management

During a normal cycle, Strength remains equal, but each Armor is a final cost.

In Multicible it's Versailles: DoTs everywhere for even more regeneration, impossible to sink.

In the event of a death, however, starting to regenerate requires 130 Force points while prohibiting the use of Serenity. Put down some Armor and you lose.


The Multicible

Since Force in Balance disperses DoTs, the priority is to place Force Cut and Spirit Debuff on a target, provided the estimated survival is more than 5 seconds, then place Force in Balance. so as to hit as many targets as possible.

If there are two or three targets, the next priority is Serenity, then LT followed by Eradication.

Then there is the Force Wave.

Note that it is advisable to manually place DoTs on a second target if FeE is not available and their survival is estimated to be greater than 10 seconds.



For the most determined of you, I offer here the calculation file that I used to optimize the cycle and the equipment. For this part, I use the formulas found on mmo-mechanics for the stat formulas, guidescroll for the power damage calculation formulas, and my elbow oil for the values ​​of each power.

Edit the values ​​in the green boxes of the "Choices Made" table to reflect your goal. You can also modify the red boxes with your index values ​​or directly your statistics, if you want to see which value you are entitled to achieve. The "Rest" Line is to be completed with your non-combat values, and then allows you to test, on the green squares, your balance in terms of improvements.

Remember the inheritance bonus: 1% crit + 1% influx + 1% accuracy.


For others, here is the most important:

  1. Raise the precision as close as possible to 110%, without exceeding them. In 198, this corresponds to 5 sophistications and 3 improvements. And in 192 respectively 6 and 1.
  2. Do not put a review index.
  3. Put improvements in tertiary statistics at half the value of sophistication.

To go into more detail, here are the characteristics to obtain an optimum theoretical dps:

  • 2 Crystals 41 Power
  • 12 Modules / Atrium / Implants 90 Potency + 1 Power Enhancement
  • 5 Sophistications / Atrium / Implants 81 Power - 120 Precision + 3 Precision Improvements
  • 2 Sophistications / Atrium / Implants 81 Potency - 120 Influx + 1 Influx Enhancement
  • 3 Sophistications / Atrium / Implants 81 Potency - 120 Alacrity + 3 Alacrity Upgrades
  • 6 Willpower Upgrades
  • Relic of Concentrated Punishment (auto-proc 890 Willpower)
  • Relic of Unexpected Assault (auto-proc 890 ability power)
  • 1 Analgesic Resolution Stim (198 willpower - 81 potency)

In Balance, it is necessary to transform an Influx Sophistication into Alacrity and a power improvement in critical.

If you use the old 4-piece bonus, you have to remove two alacrity upgrades.

A deviation is "tolerable" (-3% of dps) with for example:

  • up to 5 fully critical items


  • No Alacrity and 107% Accuracy


  • 3 Critical coins and 0 Alacrity


Set bonuses

The  new (3.X):

The 2-room bonus is mediocre but everyone is in the same boat. The 4-piece is the most important, whatever the specialty. The 6 pieces can save about twenty seconds in telekinesis, but is only maximum if there is no stop dps, or rock. It will also be extremely affected by situations of frequent movement, the filers being the first to fall by the wayside.

If you have followed it well, you know it is total nonsense in equilibrium.

The elders :

Since the 2-piece is exactly the same as the new 4-piece, it is also important.

The 4-Piece is theoretically the most powerful, even ahead of the new 4-Piece, with the caveat that a wild alacrity bonus carries a cycle disorganization that I haven't modeled (because I can't see no simple solution that would remain relevant as a boss).

What to choose :

  • In Telekinesis: The option I find the safest is new 4 + old 2, which gains strength during stop-dps, unlike the new 6 which loses power. A new 2 + old 4 form may be valid, but will require an adaptation time when variations in GCD disturb the CDs.
  • In Equilibrium: because of the duration of the LT (2 seconds), GCD and CD do not stay in phase, so a new 2 + old 4 is only a little inconvenient. However, the new 4-old 2 form is both easier to obtain and allows you to keep the same stuff for both specs.

You may also notice a "Fix lag" box, which represents your actual lag. You can determine this by doing for example only LT in Special Balance with equipment at 0 alacrity for 5 minutes. The most important thing with this option is that it allows you to see that the most important thing to climb in dps is to switch to fiber! And if you find yourself in a situation like massive Yavin lags, subtract 200 Alacrity points.



  • Telekinesis
  • Balance

Objective of dps:

  • Monocible long: 4555
  • Monocible "Burst" (15 secondes): 5218

Multicible :

  • 2 distant targets: 4723
  • 2 targets: ~ 6000 (5000 without AdE)
  • 3 targets: ~ 8500 (7000 without AdE)
  • 4 targets and more: ~ 2800 per target (2200 without AdE)

A very pleasant, balanced and quite average specialty? We must nerf this abomination come on! A free loss of 250 dps and a severe loss of mobility will require self-sacrifice and robustness to persist in this direction. Otherwise just mount a Commando, since Bioware has definitely decided to apply the Blizzard balancing. Or a thug, it hits hard but it has to be played otherwise it will never be nerfed.

Ho, and here is for a "burst" spec, which has a less powerful burst than the DoT. Why ?


Objective of dps:

  • Monocible long: 4568
  • Madness Sorcerer: 4611
  • Monocible "Burst" (10 secondes): 5273

Multicible :

  • 2 distant targets: 5165
  • 2 targets: ~ 6340 (5050 if 10 seconds of survival)
  • 3 targets: ~ 7960 (6175 if 10 seconds of survival)
  • 4 targets and more: ~ 2000 to 2600 per target depending on survival time

The main limitation of this specialty is the absence of a real burst and the delay of several seconds before reaching the optimum DPS, which limits its use when you are forced to change targets multiple times and produce maximum damage above. in a minimum of time.

Finally, be aware that your dps will be siphoned off by the DoTs of other consulars. And especially if another scholar uses Mind Crush.

It is still not more mobile than telekinesis, but now enjoys a big gain on two targets and is much more powerful in AoE ... provided the victims survive long enough, never except on the packs of the Temple. Either you can play an FT, it's FT, it's the same power as the old Force Wave, or whatever else is now more efficient in AoE, it's up to you. say all even a tank.

Despite a higher share of kinetic damage in Telekinesis, 63% vs. 52%, the absence of the armor debuff does not justify going into balance, which is therefore extremely situational.


I thank my guild leader who said that otherwise I will not loot for 2 months and that I will be transferred to the ts: thank you Aldiceb for your "support": p

Oook (this might be a poppy pea for you, but it's the mark of satisfaction I have with readers that I can help)
Ook-Eek (and that some words are not to be said in all companies)

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