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Through their GM Athanas, we present today the Forge guild evolving on the Battle Meditation server.

Hello to you Athanas, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am the GM of the Forge Guild on the Battle Meditation server. I have been a player since the beta of the game and I play a Ravager character in Tank specialization. SWTOR is not my first MMO, I was able to play WoW or even a lot of small MMOs here and there. On the other hand, it is on SWTOR that I have invested the most in terms of time and organization.


What is the origin of the guild, why such a common name as Forge?

First of all, you should know that the guild was created by a small committee of friends at the very beginning of the game. The main idea of ​​the guild is to want to evolve together on the game like most guilds. Regarding the name, we didn't really agree on it when we wanted to create the guild. Having finished our leveling up and some having "forged" their lightsabers, the name came on its own.


What is the purpose of your guild and how is it organized? How do you see the other guilds on your server?

The guild mainly targets HL PvE content even if the main goal is to have fun. We are a small committee of players where we all know each other. For us, communication is the keystone of our guild, it is what forges our guild.

The organization of the guild is done in triumvirate, we are 3 decision-making members with often the same point of view concerning the activities and / or vision of the guild. Below us, the hierarchy is classic as with most guilds.

For the other guilds on our server, they are really cool both in terms of community but also in terms of the level to advance on the content. On the relationship with other guilds, I don't think we have any animosity with other guilds and vice versa.


It's not just SWTOR in MMOs, what do you think of other MMOs and their communities?

For SWTOR, the community whether it's in-game or on the forums is really good. I find that compared to other MMOs, our community really stands out from the rest. Of course, there are always "trolls" but this is the type of game that wants that.
How do you see the future of your guild? And what is your take on the current game and future content?

With the 3.0 which has just been released, we have found some activity in the guild. We are trying to recruit a few more members in our guild to continue our progress to have a good progression on the general progress of the game.

We are quite convinced about 3.0 for several things:

  • It filled the void that had been left this summer
  • We have new things to explore and discover
  • The new Operations in the game look really good in that the mechanics of the different bosses are quite different from the old ones.


Finally, do you have any feats of strength or anecdotes about your guild?

In the guild, we love a challenge. Our greatest achievements in this area are, for example:

  • Denova Nightmare 16 to 2
  • Increase Dreadfang stacks while reducing party size.



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