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Home to the brightest minds, researchers and scientists, the academy helps you develop products that improve the efficiency of your city. But it is better not to depend too much on her.

To make your academy effective, you will need employees with a high level of wealth who will carry out research faster. And to attract them, you will therefore have to increase the value of the land. By installing high wealth level parks, for example, or other buildings. The academy has several modules that you will need to distribute as best as possible in your city to make them more effective.

Once these employees are attracted, it will be necessary to ensure their comfort. And very carefully, because they are much more complicated to satisfy than the lower levels. Education, public services, pollution, taxes, they will complain much more easily. Offer them high wealth level shops to fill their happiness. Megatours will provide them with a habitat worthy of their condition.

Once installed, these employees will have to go to the academy, but be careful, they do not take the bus. Tram or magnetic train will be a good way to get them there. Or why not simply set up your academy in the middle of a residential area. This will avoid all the more many traffic jams around it.

You should also be aware of other sources of high wealth employment in your city, employees of this level generally preferring to work in city buildings, or in factories if the technological level of the city is high enough. .

ControlNet is a magnificent source of power developed by the academy, but it can also prove to be your worst enemy if you don't manage it properly. Always plan backup solutions, especially for water and electricity. Should ControlNet ever fail, you can always fall back to these solutions and not risk losing everything because your employees will be gone due to lack of comfort due to lack of resources.

Employees of high wealth level will therefore be at the heart of your operation if you wish to take advantage of the formidable advantages of the academy, but you will have to be extremely vigilant to their comfort, otherwise you will find yourself in a downward spiral that will transform your city of dream into a nightmare.

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