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Today the Game Director Matt Firor takes stock of ESO. Before getting to the heart of the matter, Matt Firor first of all wants to thank all the players giving feedback from the PTS server and indicates that it is now possible to copy the characters from the Live server to the PTS server. This possibility being present only for the American megaserver, they are however working on the implementation of the latter for the European megaserver. And finally, Zenimax specifies that they are still working on the console version of the game, more information will be given soon.

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter!



4 update

The latter saw the establishment of the High Raidelorn, the Arena of the Dragonstar and a new Trial. Matt Firor would like to thank everyone who helped identify the few issues that arose during the update rollout.


What to expect in Update 5

Since yesterday, we can test update 5 on the PTS server. The latter contains a large number of new features and various fixes including:

  • A new veteran dungeon: City of Ashes.
  • The implementation of the new facial animation system.
  • Repeatable oaths. A new system of daily rewards for players completing a dungeon.
  • Craft quests. These will allow you to gain materials, inspiration and special investigation reports, which will indicate very well provided collection points.
  • Smoothing again in dungeon. Now enemies, as well as rewards in dungeons, will level with the party leader level.
  • Fix in case of separation of players. It happens in some quests that the players find themselves separated. Zenimax has changed many of these quests so that they are now workable in groups.

We will also be entitled to other additions such as chat bubbles, a new crafting style (Dwemer style), a new set of items and the overhaul of the game's lairs. As well as a large number of bugs and fixes of all kinds, the list of which can be found on this page.


Guild summit

At the beginning of October, the guild summit was held. Several representatives of twenty guilds were invited to participate in order to discuss with the development team, collect feedback and present certain content in development, such as the future champion system or the justice system.


Loyalty program

Recently, Zenimax implemented a Loyalty program allowing players to obtain rewards for the number of months of subscription. Currently, after 3 months of subscription, one obtains a specter of High-Hrothgar as a companion. The next level will be a 6-month subscription, the reward will be unveiled very soon.

Note that Zenimax intends to implement a collection system so that pets no longer clutter our inventory!



The team is actively working on a series of stability and performance improvements for Cyrodiil. Many bugs, including causing client crashes, have been fixed. New graphics options will be implemented soon so that even players with weak configurations can properly enjoy Cyrodiil!

Additionally, Zenimax is currently investigating complaints of bug exploitation submitted by gamers.


ESO Live

Every Friday evening, the Zenimax team hosts a live broadcast by streaming. You can find this show on Eso's Twitch channel. You can also find old shows on the ZenimaxOnlineStudios YouTube page.

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