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The official site yesterday published a summary of what can be found on Timeless Island, the new area that will be added to 5.4 (of which the August 7 version was published on the official site) . This island was where the Pandaren passed the trials of wisdom, hope, strength and determination against the Celestial Stars until the island got stuck in a temporal anomaly. In the past, the island has disappeared and reappeared many times and here it is ... but for how long?


The island offers varied content:

  • some quests to discover the area
  • exploration through the forest and caves, meeting some known faces of Pandaria
  • Solo experience possible, including against elites level 93
  • from the few that bring in a lot of loot, to the reward shared for all participants
  • other one-off events like treasures and chests
  • achievements
  • new battle pets and mounts
  • a reputation linked to Emperor Shaohao with mainly cosmetic items
  • raid bosses: the 4 venerable stars (Chi Ji, Niuzao, Xuen and Yu'lon) and Ordos, a high-level boss accessible only to owners of the legendary cloak of Irion
  • a new-style PvP showdown as you join the fiery ranks of the Ordons

The main currency on the island is the Timeless Coin. It allows you to buy many things from the merchants of the island. I invite you to find all our island guides on our site:

Timeless Island

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