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Do you want to live the experience of having a child? Here is the guide to explain everything to you and prepare you for this arrival in the family.


Adopt a child or a baby

In The Sims 4, to have a baby, you can simply use a computer to adopt one. An adoption costs $ 1.

In the panel that then opens are displayed photos and names, you can choose between having a baby or having a young child directly:

When we have made the decision, just click on the chosen child. Your Sim then leaves your home and returns an hour later. There is a new member in the family! You can change its name if you wish.


Get pregnant

To have a baby naturally, a woman must find a parent. After finding the Sim of your dreams, there must be an attraction between you. When it is high enough, you can pass the mouse over the bed to make a baby.

Your Sim doesn't have to marry the father of her children: she may well choose to be a single mother.

To see if your Sim has gotten pregnant, just click on the toilet and take a pregnancy test. It will cost you $ 15 and the result is immediate. Yes, do not wait 5 minutes at the Sims ^^

If you don't take a test, the game will tell you after the first day of pregnancy. During her pregnancy, your Sim will have the chance to have a special pregnant woman wardrobe that is super pretty!


Influence pregnancy

Usually, a typical pregnancy results in only one child. To have twins or triplets, you have to buy the reward Fertile. You cannot influence the sex of the child. Eating apples or other attempts will not change the situation: you have a 50% chance of having a boy or a girl.


The pregnancy

Pregnancy lasts approximately three days. The mother is at risk of morning sickness. Remember to clean your toilet after the morning vomit. During pregnancy, the mother can be massaged by her husband to relax. The mother may have the actions "Share the big news" and "Feel the baby".

The progression of pregnancy occurs in trimesters. At the third, it becomes huge and he can't wait for the baby to arrive.


Prepare the bedroom

For his arrival you can buy a cradle. However, if you don't have one, social services will provide you with one. The cradle does not take up much space. You have the choice: either make a room directly for your child or put him near you in your room. Just remember, there isn't a baby left all his life.


To give birth

Giving birth to the child will take 3 hours and your Sim will be able to do whatever she wants: eat, go to the bathroom, wash…. However, her emotions will not change until the birth. If you want to avoid giving birth at home, just click on the bassinet and choose the "Born in hospital" interaction. The father may panic and run around the house, he will calm down after the birth.

When it's time to give birth, your Sim will walk to the bassinet and give birth. The wait is not long. If your baby is dressed in green, it's a boy. In yellow for a girl! You just have to choose its name.

Caring for a baby

You cannot directly play a baby. We can just take care of it. For this, it will be necessary to be attentive to the noise emitted by the baby. When it needs to be changed, green smoke will come out of the bassinet.

For the rest, like a real baby, you will have to guess what he wants. Here is the list of possible interactions. Do not hesitate to cuddle and babble with it to build your friendship with the baby.


Leave home with peace of mind

When you go back to work, one day after giving birth, a question arises: what will happen with the baby? Don't worry, a service will take care of it automatically when all the adults have left for work.

However, if you leave your baby without care for too long, Social Services will take the baby away from you and your Sim will be badly affected by the loss. So when you go out to community places, don't leave your baby alone.


Growing Up

If you want your baby to become a child, just click on the bassinet to make it grow. The only benefit of keeping the baby very small is to build friendships with them and to prepare their room. You will be able to request this change after two or three days spent with it.



I hope this little guide has been helpful for your Sim and their pregnancy.

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