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Evil threatens Tyria, but our dream will guide us in darkness ... until dawn


Not much is known about Sylvari, other than the fact that they are a race of sentient plants. Recently appeared, she is the youngest of all races. Sylvari are united by a common dream and a power beyond comprehension.

  • Care skills
  • Other
  • Dream Force: Heals critical damage.
  • Blessing of the Pale Tree: Grant protection.
  • Greedy Roots: Immobilizes an enemy



  • Between plant and man
  • Birth and Dream
  • Common values
  • The clear tree

Make no mistake, these humanoid-looking beings are more than a plant! From a distance, the illusion is total: they have eyes, eyebrows, hair, ears, muscles ... But if we observe more closely, the anatomy of sylvari is incomparable to ours. The plants which compose them, imitate, by their colors and their entanglements, the shape of the various human organs and appendages. A head of hair is actually just a combination of petals, mosses and twigs, and faces are mostly bark and leaves. In humans, the tendons that connect muscles and bones are, in fact in sylvari, only stems that join the thick foliage and strong roots of their bodies. This results in a myriad of physical appearances, just like with other races.

But all this is limited to appearance, because the internal structure of sylvari is very specific and relates to the plant world. The complexity of their organization is such that it is for the moment impossible to describe precisely how it functions. However, we know that it has many similarities to that of ordinary plants: sap replaces blood, plant matter replaces flesh and blood pressure and pulse are non-existent. Sylvari have a common biological structure: their body grows from their lower back and grows to form the rest of the individual. In addition, as plants, sylvari are able, thanks to young buds located on their skin, to grow clothes and armor that adjust to their bodies.
The sylvari have both needs similar to those of other mammalian species (they drink, they eat like omnivores and they sleep), and similar to those of plants: they take sunbaths to revive themselves for example; even if that is not enough to survive.

Although they are still very young, sylvari seem to age like other species, but to date there are no deaths caused by aging. Of course, sylvari are not immortal and some of them have been killed like any other mammal could have been. However, their existence in time reveals a profound dissimilarity with the races of Tyria. The sylvari begin their existence like plants: they are not born from the carnal union of parents but they emerge from the pods of a particular tree, the Clear Tree, in an adult form. This is currently the only way for them to reproduce, their purely plant structure does not allow them to do so sexually despite certain differences between male and female individuals.

The birth of a sylvari is one of a kind because it is not a birth as one might understand it in the human, charr, asura or norn sense of the term. The emergence of a sylvari from a pod is only the culmination of a long cycle in which the sylvari comes to life. This is the time when the sylvari actually awakens to the world by leaving its lethargic state of being unawakened.

Before that, the sylvari is incubated in a pod. It's brooding time. He is nurtured, protected and educated by his mother, the Clear Tree. The sylvari then physically grows in the pod where it rests, like a seed that progresses to its stage of maturity. But the sylvari also develops in terms of knowledge and knowledge of the world in which it will awaken.

The Clear Tree is, as its name suggests, a tree. But above all, it constitutes a magical entity, endowed with both consciousness and sapience. Its roots are deeply rooted in the world of Tyria and its branches are entwined in what is called the Dream of Dreams. And it is in this Dream, a mystical place, similar, in substance, to a vast subconscious collection that the Light Tree collects the knowledge of the world. It is through the memories of the sylvari already awakened that the Clear Tree feeds the Dream of Dreams. Thus, the sylvari whose minds are still immersed in the Dream, gradually receive a certain amount of knowledge from their fellows treading on Tyrian soil. Obviously, only the memories and the most intense emotional experiences manage to affect the consciousness of the Light Tree, because the latter is not able to collect all the memories of all the sylvari, its gaze not being omniscient. This set of memories and lived experiences, the sylvari contemplate within the Dream because they are in contact with it.

The Dream contains memories of all kinds. It can reveal historical events, customs, vivid images or personal experiences. The multitude of visions is therefore such that each sylvari can only catch a glimpse of a small part, which part he does not choose. But this does not mean that this will not have a real influence on the future of the sylvari because, often, what he perceives when he is in the Dream partly determines what he will become later. However, it should be borne in mind that this learning is passive because the sylvari are content to observe. They don't really experience things. Thus, they will awaken to the world with a knowledge base which will be very useful to them but then they will have to make their own experiences, forge their personal memories and consequently strike the consciousness of the Clear Tree which will fuel the Dream for the next generation. . And the cycle will start over and over again. The perpetual bonds thus woven between the Clair Tree and its offspring make it possible to maintain an intense harmony within the breed.

When sylvari awakens, they leave their cocoon to prove themselves and therefore become more independent. The connection that had been established with the Clear Tree weakens as they left the Dream. However, a bond persists in the form of an empathic bond with other sylvari individuals and flora, inherited from their own plant nature. This bond allows them to feel, if they are strong enough, the feelings and emotions of their fellows. For example, a sylvari might feel the pain, glee, or boredom of another sylvari, but they will not receive other information such as the cause of that feeling or the context in which it arose. This permanent empathy, coupled with the sharing of knowledge and memories, helps to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community in harmony with itself.

The Sylvari have forged very strong bonds and many are working to help each other and develop their society. When a sylvari awakens, it is immediately taken over by the previous generation. The first few weeks are often trying because the newborn is disoriented and must constantly train to adapt as quickly as possible.

Once this stage had passed, the sylvari therefore received the common base of the necessary knowledge, in addition to what he could glimpse when he was unawakened. But by nature young sylvari are curious. Their enthusiasm for the world drives them to go on an adventure. Many are the sylvari who decide to travel through Tyria in search of discoveries and knowledge. They marvel at things they see or experience for the first time and which may seem trivial to other races. But that does not mean that they are naive or that they swoon with ecstasy over anything and everything.

Indeed, they know that Tyria is not an all-pink world. The fights they lead to protect themselves and the founding principles of their race do not fail to keep them vigilant. They have all received precepts and codes of conduct to adopt. These dogmas, seven in number, are inscribed on a tablet, called the Ventari tablet, and constitute one of the founding pillars of their society.
On the advice of their mother, the Clear Tree, and also because they know full well that they embody a revival in Tyria, the Sylvari adopted these principles. These principles often derive from the values ​​on which they are based: courage, compassion, chivalry, honor ... Moreover, they attach extreme importance to the latter. Young sylvari have a very early sense of propriety unlike the youth of other races. They take their duties very seriously and live according to the rules of life, like valiant knights. The majority of sylvari fight for what is right and all have a strong aversion to Zhaitan, the Ancestral Dragon, and his army of stiffs.

Although they have adopted values ​​and principles, they do not hesitate to discuss them. They ask themselves questions, they reconsider the thing, they analyze the meaning of what has been written according to their respective points of view. One of their occupations is to reflect deeply on the nature of life. For example, they who are born adults have a unique vision of what childhood represents, a period which is totally foreign to them and which terrifies them at the mere idea of ​​being as vulnerable as an infant. Likewise, sylvari have no family structure but know what it means. They then develop more or less strong bonds with other sylvari which can correspond in particular to parental or fraternal relationships.

They also reflect on the nature of love. They take a different approach to it even though they know its ups and downs just like other breeds. This is due to the simple fact that the usual pattern of genders (male / female) makes little sense since they cannot reproduce sexually, even if there are male and female sylvari. The establishment of a loving couple does not aim at the birth of a child. The Sylvari believe that love is a matter of inspiration: what the heart feels, the joy it brings to the mind, is more important than physical ardor or sensuality. Sylvari feel free to love (and openly love) regardless of the physical characteristics of the one they love. It doesn't matter whether he has eyes that color or the same sex. A sylvari will express his ardor with a courteous, passionate, empathetic outburst, like a romance.

Principles and values ​​are necessary for the foundation and organization of a company. Most of the sylvari are grouped together on the Tarnished Coast, south of Maguuma. It is on these lands, already partly colonized by another race, the asura, that the Clear Tree grew. Today, its size is so phenomenal that its peak exceeds the tops of the mountains. Born under lush foliage, the sylvari have decided to take up residence near their progenitor.
The foliage of the Clair Tree constitutes the capital of the sylvari, called the Grove. Green plant city which extends over a multitude of levels, the Bosquet shelters the houses and buildings naturally made by the branches and lianas of the Clair Tree. It is the center of their civilization where all knowledge and instances of power are concentrated. In the shade and coolness of the Grove, the sylvaries develop little by little. We find there the wisest and most senior sylvari: the First-Born. It is they, with the help of the Clear Tree with whom they have a special relationship, who guide the sylvari in their main mission of defeating evil in Tyria. They are considered to be the mentors and leaders of the breed.

However, among the Firstborn, four are more involved in the governance of the race and hold more responsibilities than the others: they are called the Summits. Working together, their mission is to enrich the knowledge of the sylvari and protect the Clear Tree by taking care of internal affairs. They also forged diplomatic and trade relations with the rest of the races of Tyria. It is up to them to provide for the needs of society and to unite the sylvari to move them forward as a whole. Each Summit is at the head of a house which represents a cycle, that is to say a period of the day when the sylvari awakens: Dawn (from midnight to 6 a.m.), Day ( from 6 a.m. to noon), Twilight (from noon to 18 p.m.) and Night (from 18 p.m. to midnight). Each cycle would have an influence on the personality, talents and interests of the sylvari.

Those born during the cycle of Dawn know how to handle the verb with talent. They thus represent the best diplomats and the most sociable and sympathetic of the sylvari. Their Summit is the intelligent Aife, whose fluency with words is matched only by her exceptional alertness when it comes to aiming with a bow. Those who wish to go on an adventure should inquire about his wisdom and experience gained from his travels as a diplomat through Tyria.

The Day cycle brings together the most combative sylvari. For them, action takes precedence over words. They like to experiment with things, tackle problems head on, and rush into battle no matter which path they choose. Their Summit is none other than Niamh, a fearless and experienced warrior who makes the glory of their house. She commands the Guardians, sylvari in charge of protecting the capital.

Reserved, philosophical and very intelligent, this is what can characterize the sylvari awakened during the cycle of Twilight. They love puzzles and prefer to spend their time studying rather than getting involved in physical tasks. Being of great charity and tender gentleness, their Summit takes care of helping the recently awakened sylvari to understand the visions they had in the Dream and endeavors to develop a writing system for them. sylvaris. His name is Kahedins.

Many of the Sylvari belonging to the Night cycle are prone to becoming solitary, especially in their journey. They often remain in the secret and prefer to remain silent. Their house is guided by the astronomer and Sommité Malomedies. It is thanks to his work that the sylvari have a deep knowledge of mathematics and a cartography of the heavens. He was the first to have met the asura and he does not have a good memory of them. His house speaks of him as a stern but fair mentor.

Generally speaking, sylvaries rely on the oldest to have an informed opinion. As part of their legal system, the sylvari organize duels in the manner of knights. If the dispute is not resolved, they will rely on the wisdom of the elders.
The Firstborn therefore act as rulers because they inspire respect for the time they have spent in Tyria, but are not officially declared as such. The sylvari, however, remain united behind an entity: the Clear Tree. His songs resonate with each of them and those who seek enlightenment travel to his heart to enter into communion with him and benefit from his knowledge.


History and relationships

  • History
  • Relations with other races

The Sylvari are the youngest breed in Tyria, but their history is no less rich, especially the diversity of their heritage. Its roots are deeply rooted in this world, and have been for 250 years.

It all started when a human from the Shining Blade - a group of fighters who resisted White Mantle oppression to restore freedom to Kryta - found themselves separated from their patrol. In his wandering, Ronan, for that was his name, discovered a cave filled with seeds and guarded by powerful plant creatures. He then decided to offer one of these seeds to his daughter. He picked up one and went home. But Ronan's life was turned upside down when he found his village. In retaliation, the White Mantle and his specious deities had set him on fire and blood. As he mourned his missing loved ones, he planted the seed on their graves and vowed never to take up arms again.
But Ronan was not alone.
An old centaur named Ventari, weary of constant quarrels and conflicts between his people and those of the humans, joined Ronan. They formed a community which served as a refuge for those who aspired only to peace. The tree from the strange seed carried its branches high and proud, offering its shade a peaceful life to Ronan and Ventari.
Time passed and Ronan died.
The sage Ventari, who was also nearing the end of his long life as a centaur, decided to engrave seven precepts on a marble tablet. He placed this tablet between the solid roots of the tree and went out.

Tirelessly, the tree continued to grow despite the torments Tyria suffered with the awakening of the Elder Dragons. He cast his shadow all around, over a large part of the Tarnished Coast. But 25 years ago, for the first time, the tree bore fruit, and the first generation of sylvari awoke. These Firstborns knew very little about the world because, thanks to the Clear Tree, they only had the memories of Ronan, Ventari and those who had met him when the tree was not yet. than a shrub. They discovered the tablet and adopted the principles of wisdom that were written on it like the words of a prophet.

The twelve Firstborns were free to choose. Those who were to become the Summits stayed with their Mother: Aife, Kahedins, Malomedies and Niamh. Two others, Caithe and Faolin preferred to move away. Only one had the audacity to travel to the kingdom of Orr. Others set about studying and teaching like Dagonet. For a few years, the Firstborns remained alone, waiting in vain for the birth of new sylvari. Finally, the Light Tree bore fruit again and the second generation awakened, then the following ones and so on for a quarter of a century now.

But with the appearance of new sylvari, problems arose, each having their own opinion and wanting to impose it. This is particularly the case of the sylvari named Cadeyrn, the first of the second generation to have awakened. The incomprehension formulated with regard to the tablet mixed with jealousy and pride distanced him from the values ​​of the Sylvari. He has come to create a group of sylvari rejecting the will of the Light Tree and the precepts of Ventari: the Court of Nightmares.

These sylvari have rejected the precepts appearing on the tablet of Ventari and claim that the influence of the centaur and other races has perverted the Dream and the Clear Tree. They seek the shadow lurking within the Dream, turn away from what they call "false morality" and explore the dark side of their personality. Cold, cruel and ruthless, these sylvari conceive of themselves as the "true sylvari", purified from the influence of Ventari, Ronan and the Tablet. They consider themselves legitimate children of the tree and consider themselves invested with the duty to make access their congeners to this darkness. With each act of cruelty, their bad dreams flow into the tree, hence their name: Court of Nightmares. They hope one day to disturb the balance so that their progenitor and all the sylvari join their camp. The current leader of the Nightmare Court is one of the Firstborn: Duchess Faolain, once Caithe's beloved companion.

But this shadow in the hope carried by the sylvari does not call into question their aversion to the evil embodied by the Ancestral Dragons. They put their values ​​of courage and chivalry at the service of Tyria because they feel invested with the mission to preserve the spirit of this world. Their immunity to the corruption engendered by the evil of the Dragons and their minions drives them to fight, whether they are in harmony with the precepts of the Tablet or in accord with the Court of Nightmares.

The world is suffering, the earth is corrupt and the people are oppressed. The Sylvari are aware of the difficulties to be overcome, but they are determined in the midst of turmoil, just like their Mother, the Clear Tree.

Sylvari are new to Tyria and other races are watching their evolution. Some welcome sylvari more warmly than other breeds. This is the case with humans, for example.

The boundless curiosity of the sylvaris drives them to mingle with others and learn foreign traditions and philosophies. However, not all beings who inhabit Tyria are inclined to befriend the sylvaris.

Being the closest geographically to the Grove, the asura quickly came into contact with these plant beings. The first reports were unfortunately painful for the sylvari. Riannoc, one of the Firstborn, succumbed to the scientific experiments of the asura on his body, the latter not realizing that the thing they believed to be plant was in fact endowed with consciousness. Another of the Firstborns, Malomedies, was luckier, but suffered physical and mental damage from the treatment he received. The asura no longer laid their hands on a sylvari and have formulated a lasting peace, hopefully, with the sylvari race.

However, sylvari are integrating more and more and it is not rare to come across them in many territories far from their native land. They convey the hope to other peoples that Tyria is not condemned and that unity will be strength. The Sylvari may be the unifying race that everyone expects.



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