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For this issue of Share Your Fortresses, the Enclave guild of the Battle Meditation server will present its Tatooine fortress to us. For detailed information about the guild, you can see their website.

A word first about the guild, it is a guild mainly oriented towards role-playing but also practicing other activities such as PvE or PvP. Its history is articulated following the events of Alliances Forged. Tython no longer being the haven of peace for the Jedi, some of them decided with the approval of the Jedi Council to found an enclave like the galaxy knows others. A calm and peaceful place where the Jedi could rest. The council accepted the founding of such an enclave on the desert planet of Commenor on condition of receiving a weekly report ... this is the first of them.


Archives du temple Jedi - retranscription d'holocommunication.

Issuer: Jedi Master Eseliel
Origin: Commenor
Recipient: Tython's Jedi Council.

Subject: First weekly report - installation.

"Hello here Jedi Master Eseliel, I am sending you this holo-message in order to send you information about our brand new Jedi enclave that we have just inaugurated on Planet Commenor.
You will find attached some holo-images presenting her.

First, the lower courtyard which overlooks the entrance to the garage and the command center, as well as towards the main temple. It contains a replica of Tython's great holocron to remind everyone of our home.

We then head into the main enclosure of the enclave with the crystal room. Here the Padawans, when the time is right, will be able to find a crystal for their lightsaber, as well as any knights or masters who may need it.

The elevator then available will take us to the master floor, in the room of artifacts where you can come to meditate and forge your lightsaber if you prove worthy of it.

We are now on the balcony of the masters of the Enclave Council. From here, they can see all of it in order to administer it as well as possible.

From the balcony, two rooms are accessible: the council chamber where the three Jedi masters responsible for the enclave meet to discuss important things and the quarters of the Jedi master Aaleya: our expert in Jedi artefacts.

We will then go back down and take a look at the Enclave Hangar. The Defender-class ship made available to the enclave is located there and there are also workbenches to repair the droids, mechanical parts of all kinds, as well as a fast fighter and a few speeders.

Now the shed is gone, we go back to the upper courtyard where small street vendors often come to visit us.

Here we enter the Enclave Dormitory, where our Jedi can rest after a hard day.

We now pass through a long corridor leading to the inner courtyard.

This opens onto 3 rooms: the infirmary, the archives and a classroom

Here is the infirmary which is also my office being the healer in charge of the health of our Jedi.

Now here is the archives of our enclave where the Jedi can seek knowledge among the rows of data holodisks. Of course, it is very far from being as complete as the Tython library, but has the essentials.

And to conclude with the interior courtyard: our modest classroom whose furnishings are nearing completion.

We will now end our visit with the shuttle landing platform and the outdoor relaxation area: a small cantina.

Soon an outdoor training ground will also be made available but it looks like Freight Transport cannot find Commenor on the galactic map!


Master Eseliel En'a of the Jedi enclave of Commenor. "

-End of Transmission-


So it was the headquarters of the Enclave guild. You can visit it in more detail from the public listing, and why not do some PR with this guild?

What I took away from this visit: the major pieces first! It is always impressive to see the great holocron or a defender placed in a fortress. The many plants then, which make the place less desert than Tatooine, even if Commenor remains a desert planet! The crystals then, sources of luminosity, they lighten the whole and make it less dull. And finally the arrangement in 2 floors, one for most things and the other upper, reserved for masters. Is it reminiscent of Coruscant's Jedi Council in the movies, at the top of his tower?

Special mention for the classroom, arranged in a circle like a board, no student being in front or behind, all equal and all as close as possible to be able to participate!

Have a good weekend everyone and see you in a week for the next PVF! Do not hesitate to contact us if you also wish to share your fortress.

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