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New decorations are appearing with update 4.0 ... and not just a little since there are nearly a hundred! The sources for these new decorations are quite diverse: achievements, new pack, operations, etc. but we will especially note 3 new sources:

  • The first uses the data crystals recoverable in mission rewards, operations, etc.
  • The second is related to the new alliance system
  • Finally the last is linked to the star fortress

Before going around the new decorations, a few small changes and information to note:

  • The decorations linked to the Cartel Packs are now available in the Decoration Packs as described in the article dedicated to the update of the Cartel Market.
  • The two Decorator Vendors purchasable with Cartel Certificates have been merged into a single Vendor, still in the same place on the fleet.
  • Dark projects no longer require the same components to craft, so it's a little easier to collect the related decorations.
  • New Partners in Knights of the Fallen Empire story or available in the Cartel Market can be placed in Strongholds in the same way as Class Partners.
  • In fortresses, the limit on the movement of a decoration on the vertical and horizontal axis of a hook is no longer from -10 to 10, but from -20 to 20. The decorations can therefore be placed in a different way, and that opens up a whole range of new possibilities. Small example of a combination of decorations now possible.


Data crystals

Enough of blah, we attack the image galleries of all these new decorations! Completely subjective, we'll start with my favorite set, the decorations that can be purchased from the Data Crystal Vendor!

This new merchant is available on the fleet in the Strongholds and Crew Skills district and will give you decorations in exchange for your data crystals (of all three types). The theme of this seller is very specific: rakatas! These decorations are linked to the heritage. Here are all the decorations available from him as well as their price:

Rakata Fireplace Mantle (Purple): 50

Rakata Warrior: 50

Rakata pendant light (blue) or (yellow). The four legs are hung from the ceiling and the light is under the small square. 50

Statue de garde Rakata: 150

Console Rakata: 150

Rakata generator: 150

Old Rakata Terminal: 50  300

Former Rakata Transporter (Centerpiece): 50  300

Rakata Ruins (requires ship hook): 50  150  500

Click to see what it looks like when placed in a fortress!

Thanks to Ciaran for the ruins!

Thanks to sara for the following images:



We continue with the operations, each of them, except Chamber of Eternity, can now allow to gain a personnel decoration. All require a medium or large hook.

  • Karagga Palace
  • Explosive conflict
  • Asation
  • Darvannis
  • Dread Fortress
  • Dread Palace
  • The pests
  • Temple of Sacrifice

Karagga Palace: Kintan Slave Leader

Explosive Conflict: Drouk de Denova

Nightmare From Elsewhere: Guardian of the Gree Core

Lair of Infamous Rascals: Regional Annihilation Droid

Dread Fortress: Endogenous Slave

Dread Palace: Rancor of Dread Forge

The Ravagers: Battle Droid of Fortune

Temple of Sacrifice: Horror of the Dark Side


Cartel Market

The new Cartel: Alliance Underworld Pack contains several destruction-themed decorations. We note in particular the wall decorations of blaster or lightsaber impacts. In this pack is also a new jukebox, and above all a novelty: the background music machines! There are two at the moment, seaside and casino, which if you activate them make a low noise corresponding to their title. This noise is however really very weak and immediately covered by the noise of a decoration having a flame for example. Hopefully they turn it up a bit!


Reputation of events

Reputation Event Vendors have had a few decorations added, as well as the new Cartel Bazaar Event Vendor.

  • Bounty Hunt
  • Gree
  • Rakgoules
  • Event saleswoman

The two event vendors are specific to each faction, the Chevin is available on both sides.



Several achievements allow you to collect decorations (including a huge ship hook and a centerpiece). All achievements that grant decorations are tied to the Star Fortress.



After completing the first nine chapters of Fallen Empire, you can interact with your alliance members and exchange Alliance Merchandise Crates (collectable during missions or for ) for decorations, including a ship (requires a ship hook).


Star Fortress

The new Star Fortress Litigation Zone can drop lots of decorations!



Finally, to finish, some additional decorations from various sources. First of all, you must have received the following decoration in your mailbox ... well at least people with Early Access.

Next, the Collector's Edition merchant offers a statue of Mandalore the Ultimate.

Then comes the exclusive decoration for those who made the success of the Makeb weekly before changes.

We then find a decoration without a source (but if it is really available it probably comes from the Star Fortress) and an unnamed decoration with Fallen Empire as a source but which would be more of a mistake.

But what is interesting are three decorations without preview and with a source noted "Miscellaneous". These decorations are three heroic weekly mission terminals (one Empire, one Republic and one unspecified faction). Hopefully these Mission Terminal Decorations will see the light of day soon!


Pfiou, that makes decorations! Which one do you like best and which one will you try to get your hands on first?

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