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Update 3.2 is on the test server, it introduces the planet Ziost, and I suggest you explore this new planet and the quests that we will be able to do.

The quests are a priori identical, whether on the Empire or Republic side.



Direction therefore the personal vessel, and the very recent mission terminal installed in it. Attention, as it is indicated in the terminal of the missions, this series of quests takes place after "Forged Alliances" and "The Shadow of Revan".

Republic : we thus learn that Theron is in a very bad position, positioned on Ziost, former capital of the Empire, where he thinks that the Emperor is entrenched. In particular, it mentions mad soldiers. We never abandon a friend, so let's go to Ziost!


Empire : Lana finally manages to contact us, trying desperately for some time, she too is in a bad position to defend her headquarters that she established on Ziost, for her new duties after the events of Yavin IV. Under fire from troops apparently manipulated by the Emperor, she will try to defend her headquarters as best she can while awaiting our arrival. Who wouldn't go and save her right away? Direction Ziost!


A (old) new threat

So here we are on Ziost, visibly in poor condition. With the first encounter with enemies, we can indeed see that they behave strangely, and have a strange halo around them.

Perhaps a sign of the corruption of the Emperor's dark side.

The suspicions become clearer when a group of three individuals, led by Maître Garault, comes to us. And obviously, they are not themselves:

We will therefore have to make a point, the Emperor Vitiate is indeed back, and it is Lana Beniko, accompanied by an "agent" of the Empire who confirms it to us.

His return to Ziost, a hotspot on the dark side, and the former capital of the Empire, is also not insignificant. He can thus control a maximum of victims and feast on the slow agonies that the victims of the dark side undergo, increasing his power.

The agent also informs us of the existence of a group of Jedi, acting outside the framework of the Order, and on behalf of the SIS, the "Sixth line", and obeying the creed: "He does not there is no contemplation, only duty counts "...



Until then, here are some pictures of the planet:

See you soon for other more detailed information!

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