Swords and Sorcery – Underworld – Aperçu d’un Dungeon Crawler

Is the Dungeon crawler belongs to the past? 

And it was also on this occasion that we were able to get in touch with the studio. After a simple exchange of cards on the show, here I am with a Steam key to test Swords and Sorcery - Underworld (SSUDE) in preview before its launch which took place on the night of 15 at 16 december (the release initially planned for November having been postponed to refine the product)!

Before continuing, a small notes : you will often see shortcuts on the screenshots: the whole game is playable both at the keyboard that at Souris, a good compromise to stick to the atmosphere of the time, while adapting to modern techniques. So I decide to start a new game and the game briefly introduces me to the story.

Unsurprisingly, we are here to save the world (at least the city). In order to form our team quickly, six heroes are already created, it is thus possible to skip character creation using them or to create personalized avatars for each. As this was a bit lacking in Onidra, I decided to create one (I will use 5 characters by default to complete my team).

La character creation is rather basic, with the choice of gender, class and race, then a name, before ending with the distribution of characteristic points.

It's time to go on an adventure! Finally, not immediately because a tutorial starts and presents me in detail all the features available in exploration mode. So there is a bit of reading before you draw the sword.

Interface Tutorial

Once again, we find the duo of keyboard or mouse controls, allowing you to choose how you control the game. If you notice, each paragraph has a word with parentheses, like for example (O) ptions. This means that you can choose to use the O key to open these famous options, or prefer to click on the wheel on the right. Surprisingly, I found myself using these commands quite quickly, the mouse only coming to help me in the event of a blackout.

I explore a little the environment around me ... Doors are closed. But nothing is definitively closed with a thief present in the team (he has special bonuses for Theft as explained in the beautiful skill book). By the way, the padlock icon in the menu glows red, making me click to commit a crime!


I can't resist ... And luckily, there are no guards around. I visit the rooms without a hitch until a disgruntled inhabitant attacks me! Everything is under control, I have enough to defend myself, having been able to learn how to do it in a nearby combat arena (and then hey, one against six, it should go well).

Each turn, each ally and enemy character will play (except incapacities or death) according to their Speed ​​skill. In turn, he will be able to decide his position (in melee or behind) and the attacks to be made. Magicians can cast their spells, clerics can heal ailments, thieves can try to assassinate ...

Once the enemies are defeated, the time comes for the reward, coming in the form of gold, experience, or even title. Steam exploits also unlock regularly.

Different places are to be visited from the start such as the traditional tavern where tempting drinks are served ...

... And the no less traditional catacombs, gloomy and gloomy at will.

Unfortunately, the cemeteries are full of heroes. This world is mortal and does not forgive! Fallen heroes can be revived by the priest, but if the entire party succumbs, it's the end of an epic!

Not being a fan at the base of Dungeon Crawler, I admit having a little trouble with this genre which I unfortunately find outdated. The realization is clean, the whole coherent and "modern" additions come to complete a game which follows, from start to finish, its line of conduct: to resurrect the cult games of the 80s. of this style will find its audience? It is still difficult to say, SSUDE certainly does not leave you indifferent!

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