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Owning a legendary weapon still remains for you at the dream stage (or you are already the lucky owner but want to expand your private collection!) ArenaNet has thought of you and introduced new elevated items: high weapons during the update of September 03: SAB: back to school !

High weapons have a quality level between that of exotic weapons and that of legendary weapons. By the way, you can also create high infusions and trinkets thanks to the Mystic Forge !

Do you want to get started in creating one of these weapons? GW2-Guide offers you today a guide explaining the different steps necessary for their creation!


  • Prerequisites
  • The recipes
  • Components required
  • Finishing the weapon elevated
  • The different elevated weapon skins



In order to be able to create a high weapon you must have one of the following professions (depending on the weapon to be crafted):

  • Artificer 400: Staff, Scepter, Focus, Trident;
  • Weapon Smith 400: Shield, Swordfish, Dagger, Ax, Spear, Hammer, Mace;
  • Hunter 400: Shortbow, Longbow, War horn, Rifle, Harpoon rifle, Pistol, Torch.

The recipes :

The recipes for creating elevated weapons are available directly at the master craftsman of the trade concerned (a master craftsman is available near each workshop).

The recipe for the weapon is bought at the cost of 5 laurels and 3 gold, that of the registration at the price of 21.000 karma.

Once the recipes have been acquired, double-click on it to choose the type of weapon or the type of registration.

Components required:

In order to create the weapon the following components are needed:

  • Crystal of Vision
  • High enrollment
  • High weapon parts


Obtain the new ingredients:

New ingredients can be acquired in different ways:

  • Dragonite Ore : open world bosses, temple bosses, forts and castles in WvW.
  • Empyrean Fragment : dungeons, mini-dungeons, jumping puzzles, towers and camps in WvW.
  • Pile of bloodstone dust : Champions Loot Bags.


Creation of the Crystal of Vision

From the previous ingredients it is possible to create the advanced components that will be necessary for the creation of the Crystal of Vision.

You will need 5 advanced components (of each) above as well as a Pierre d'Augur.

La Pierre d'Augur is available for purchase from Miyani (which you can find near the Mystic Forge in Lion's Arch) for 20 skill points.


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In order to be able to create the inscription for the high weapon it is first necessary to create the high quality woods and ores (requires a level of 450 in the trade concerned):

Note: The creation of a ball of ancestral spiritual residues as well as a piece of mithrillium is limited to one every 24 hours (the reset takes place at 2:00 a.m.)

Once the elevated woods and minerals are obtained, craft the dowel by assembling 3 spiritwood planks and 3 ingots in deldrimord steel.
Then combine the stud with 10 dark matter balls 10 heap of crystalline dust and enchanted inscription on orichalcum plaque.


High weapon parts

The two parts of the weapon depend on the weapon you want to create. Just as an Exotic Staff requires a Shaft and a Head, a High Staff requires both of these parts in high version.

Every part of the weapon requires the same number of components (example wood or ore) but in a high version, it is also necessary to plan 5 crystalline dust pile and 50 thermocatalytic reagents for each part.

Finishing the weapon elevated

Once in possession of both parts of the weapon, the vision crystal, registration and of course recipe all you have to do is assemble the weapon (skill level 500 required):

If you haven't missed a step, you now have an elevated weapon!


The different elevated weapon skins

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