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Today was the 9th Live Letter ! I offer you a report of the main information given. Many topics were discussed: current game issues, classes, a little promotion for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call and of course Housing!


Balance des Jobs, gameplay

The players say that the Guerrier is lower than the Paladin, the difference being felt on floors 1 and 4 of the Labyrinth of Bahamut.
Yoshi explains that this is due to the buffs that the enemies have: when the latter has 3, the Guerrier is no longer able to take the damage while the Paladin can survive what was not expected. The team wants the Warrior to become as good as the Paladin.
While fighting Ifrit in Brutal mode, Yoshi realized that the tanks had a lot of work to do. They must for example interrupt Eruption. The initial idea was for tanks to use their Action such as Swing Brutal to interrupt Ifrit. But these actions being part of the GCD (Global reload time), it takes too long. Adjustments will be made to make it faster (should we deduce that this type of action will be removed from the GCD?).

Let's move on to Dragon Knight. Before broaching the subject, Yoshi explains that the game was designed in such a way that you can progress with any job. There are ranged DPS and melee DPS, the latter having to move more often to dodge attacks. As a result, ranged DPS inflicts more damage. Adjustments will be made to 2.1

Back to the original topic: the Dragon Knight owns the action Jump. Problem: While you are jumping, you are nailed to your starting position. For example, when you use Jump during a Titan, you take damage to yourself even if you are no longer in the area of ​​effect. In order to overcome this problem, the players suggested to be invincible during the Jump. Yoshi does not want to apply this measure, thinking that in the end the groups will favor the Dragon Knight DPS to the detriment of the others.

Side gameplay, the producer-director estimates that many players use the camera with a zoom too close to them. They thus deprive themselves of a better view of the battlefield. Yoshida suggests you zoom out in order to gain efficiency!

Then comes another question: players ask that the magic defense is increased. The team is considering this suggestion with caution.

Yoshi makes a few reminders:

  • each job has its own identity. Until Ifrit (Brutal), your class 50 is enough. Next, you will have to study which talents may be of use to you.
  • Transcendence loads faster if the team is made up of different jobs.

Finally, Yoshi thinks that the Bard is a little too powerful at the moment and changes will be made in 2.1. Should we deduce from this that the class is going to be nerve-racking?


Group search

  • At 2.1 a second system group search will be set up: a sort of table showing what you want to do, with the possibility of adding a comment.

When you post an ad, it will show which jobs are present and what they want. There will also be options like "training run", "hardcore run", etc ...

  • The Mission Tool will also be changed. An option will allow you to choose randomly one objective for each category: dungeons, Primals (epic), guild operations.

For each category carried out, you will obtain daily Mémoquartz Allageois. As a result, new players should have an easier time grouping together for low level dungeons.

  • The voting system "MVP"is also still relevant today.
  • We are entitled to the passage to a small clarification on the treasure hunt : Up to rank 3, you will be able to do this content alone.


Odin and Behemoth

All of this Hazards currently suffer from several problems: you cannot see the enemy and the servers tend to crash. Explanations are given on this subject: 100 people / NPCs / enemies can be displayed at the same time depending on your configuration in a certain rayon. Priority is given to NPCs and enemies. So if the enemy is outside your viewing range, you won't see them.

The new system will first show Odin / Behemoth no matter where they are. It's tricky to set up so the team must work with caution.



Several points were discussed:

  • We now earn a little more gils.
  • The more we progress in harvest, the harder it is to level up. This results in a significant presence of low-level materials. They will be used for Housing.
  • The RMT always bother us! Yoshi explains that they are more present on a subscription game than on a free-to-play, it is more profitable for them. Plus, they're always finding new ways to bypass existing filters and exploit new ways of cheating. The ARR team is constantly developing new tools to counter them. In addition, the STF (Special Task Force, the Unit in charge of the fight against RMT) will be enlarged in order to become more efficient.
  • Another problem arose: the GM were receiving the DQX game reports at the same time as the FFXIV reports and suddenly, they got mixed up! The system will be modified so that there are no more errors.

Latency, error 90000

The team is still working on it. If you are concerned by these issues, give details on the official forum, in the appropriate subject.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

The Live Letter is giving the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call game a few minutes to promote it. Yoshi welcomes the producer Ichiro Hazama.

During the Tokyo Game Show, the team played  Theatrhythm and during the clashes, it was agreed that Hazama would mark FFXIV in his hair. It's done !

Hazama explains to us that there is 9 musics of ARR dits game. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is a rhythmic game with Final Fantasy flavor. The gameplay somewhat reminiscent of games like Guitar Hero or Rockband. We attend a small demo where they seem to have a lot of fun: it laughs and it screams in all directions. At this time, I regret having the volume of my headphones a little too loud!

At the end of his game, Yoshi obtains S rank, the maximum being Triple S. Hazama reveals that new music will be added later via the DLC. In the end, the producer of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call explains to us that he has not yet played FFXIV but intends to get started. He just bought the game and proudly shows it to us on the screen before leaving the Live Letter and telling Yoshi that he will probably steal some more music from him!


The Housing

After a ten-minute break, the Live Letter resumes with a new guest: Wada, the mister housing. The residential area of Limsa is shown on the screen, while we are told that a certain rank will be required as well as a deed of ownership from the Free Company.

La light is lively, adjustments are underway. 30 houses can be built on a Housing zone. There will therefore be several instances.

A video accompanies the explanations on the creation of a house. First of all, we see the land we bought.

You can then preview the different types of houses and confirm your choice.

The chosen house, you can customize by purchasing different parts. The interface looks a bit like a dedicated home equipment window. You can change the appearance of walls, windows, colors, etc.

You can add other objects on the ground, like a letterbox in the colors of the Mogs:

Or even place a table and a bench (where you can sit!)

Des trees Val d'Aurum, guns... there are many decorative items!

The house on the screen is size S. We explore a little inside where we see a bed of Limsa Lominsa:

The collectors will collect materials that the craftsmen will use to make items dedicated to Housing. New items will be added as updates are made. The background music can be modified, but not in 2.1. A juke box will be implemented later. The team is studying the possibility of putting objects such as books on / in another (a library for example)

A Free Company cannot be dissolved as long as the house (among others) exists. It will first be necessary to remove all that! A etherite can be placed and you can use it like any other. It should be available in 2.1, the team is working very hard to make this possible.

At 2.2 a Bulletin board will be implemented where CL members can leave messages.

The explanations continue while we visit the area of Ul'dah.

We can in the future place a champ where to grow plants. Yoshi explains that they were hesitating between 2 cultivation methods: one where you would grow simple things, the other where you would work together to produce something more complicated. The second method was chosen.

There will be training mannequins to 2.2 usable for Housing! You will therefore no longer need to go to a camp to test your Actions. The zones will be monitored to see when it is necessary to add new ones.

Le price of Housing will not vary from server to server, but the land will be sold to auction, and over time the price will decrease. But if we wait too long, the land will be bought! This system already exists in DQX, which inspired Yoshi. There are lots more expensive than others, the price changes every 6 hours.

Instead of buying a large house, some will prefer a smaller one with lots of items inside. We will not be able to increase the size of a house, it will have to be removed to place a larger one. You will also need to remove all objects before doing so.

There are 2 types of objects, those that can be placed inside and those outside.

We will not be able to look outside through the windows, but we will see the light filtering through. If the team made this possible, they would be forced to further limit items inside the house. They preferred not to do so.

We see on the screen a house of size L. She is tall !

We see dozens of objects! We can define droits for management objects, for example, we can put objects but not remove them.

Inspiration Morbol Statuette Magitek Garuda en sofa

It was asked if we would have mini games in the House. The team has several ideas: card games, puzzles. Soon there will be workshops where craftsmen can work or even the possibility of hiring an NPC to buy materials, etc. It is also a question of designing his airship via the workshops and be able to play with it. This should be implemented with an extension.

An Apkallu! Hunting trophies

Oh, a demonic wall! Perfect for a meeting!

The events offering rewards for Housing will come much later.

You can to fish in Residential Areas.

If the team appreciates the suggestion to leave our mascots walk around freely, they will do so in the outer courtyard.

Wada did not come empty-handed: stamped leaves "CONFIDENTIAL"circulate! Some objects are linked to the Labyrinth of Bahamut, others are inspired by Odin and the Crystal Tower:

And Wada shows a new sheet that has nothing to do with Housing ...

Oh! L'AF2 du Dragon Knight !

We go back to the furnishings after this surprise with a fountain where the animation is detailed. Leviathan will he show up soon? In the same style, another piece of furniture is revealed:

Wada surprises us again by showing us equipment ! We distinguish the AF2 of the Barde and the Monk, an Allageois set from Bahamut. The leaves scroll very quickly, hard to capture everything!

AF2 will be available at 2.2. We will have to be patient before coveting this equipment!


After this little off-topic, back to Housing, with Gridania on the screen

The possibility of storing equipment in the house is planned for 2.2

La house L has one floor, but it will not be possible to place access restrictions.

In Coerthas, there is a command room with an office. Players would like to be able to find it in the housing.

We discover a Gridanian house of size M with furniture Ahriman :

Then furniture from the collection Morbol :

Collection monitoring Sylphe :

Finally, we are shown some samples to customize the Suns and walls :

One last question is asked: to have the possibility to turn on / off lamps, to open / close furniture. It is planned for some. Of aquariums are also planned and in development!


We are approaching the end of this 9th Live Letter. The next one will take place mid november, we will be unveiled the Crystal Tower, the treasure hunt, the new dungeons, the hard mode, the fight against the Good King Mog, the Primordials Extremes ...

The rest of the LL reminds us that the event The Vigil of Saints is in progress and that lightning will arrive on November 14. The kit de fan n ° 5 will arrive at the end of October, with ringtones in mp3, m4k format. We hear well-known sounds, like the sound of a Linkshell call!

Eorzean pound for Android will be available in early November. The app is in the final debugging phase.

The team is planning a contest screenshots on the theme of the Vigil of Saints event. The winner will get a collier Ahriman. Other events are planned to win this necklace.

The Letter ends, "Mr. Housing" says that he is still not level 50 (46). He thanks all the players for their participation, and hopes to receive more feedback from them in order to make Eorzea better.

Yoshi looks back on the launch, saying it was really crazy! He was able to observe how the players were playing and is very happy. He loves MMOs and plays with all of them. The team puts pressure on Yoshi to progress faster and complete the epic!
With these last words, the Live Letter ends, leaving us to our reveries on Housing and the few pieces of equipment unveiled ...

I hope you enjoyed this review! Share your opinion on this Live Letter?

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