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On the forum, the first guides are starting to appear! Today I wanted to share with you the work of Taalh :

Le support : healing, buffing et tanking

Its very comprehensive guide addresses the complex subject of supports in 7 parts:

  1.  Lexicon
  2. The principle
  3. The races
  4. The classes
  5. Equipment
  6. Go further
  7. Conclusion

In order for you to better understand its author, I asked him to introduce himself to us:

Let me introduce myself, Loïck, a 20-year-old Belgian academic. Passionate about video games, especially rpg (mmo). My experience in this area is a classic course:

  • WoW from late BC to late Cata (Healer Paladin)
  • Aion 2-3 months only (Spiritualist and Aede)
  • SWtOR from beta to currently (Sith Sith healer and Imperial Agent dps PvE).
  • tESO since the January beta.

I played and loved Oblivion and Skyrim and am doing the old Elder Scrolls via the Anthology Edition. I have been tESO since the announcement in mid-2012.

I got the idea for the topic thanks to Aarha's guide to tanking, my character always looking for how to optimize my character and my way of not wanting to be like the others. My intention in creating the subject was to encourage the creation of atypical and wacky builds in order to break the monotony of the holy trinity "healer-tank-dp". I have tried to be detailed in order to make it easy to understand and I will continue to make changes following the feedback from the community.

If you in turn wish to publish with us, do not hesitate. The forum is accessible to all. You can also send us your contributions by email (guides, beta impressions, class test, discovery of an atypical place ...) and we will be happy to publish them directly on the site (in your name of course).

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