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This part is for all those who wish to start the game and who find themselves completely lost in front of very simple questions. We will therefore try to answer as many of these existential questions as possible to help you better understand what Final Fantasy XIV is.


How many factions are there?

The answer is quite simple: no factions are available! So you won't need to decide if you want to play on the bad side or the good side. There are also no restrictions between races and classes. So you can choose any race to play any class.


What world do we live in?

The vast and dangerous world in which you operate is called Eorzea! It is broken down into three large provinces each with their own Large Company.

  • Thanalan and its city Ul'dah
  • DarkShroud and its city Gridania
  • La Noscea and its town Limsa Lominsa
  • The Heavensward expansion unlocks the city of Ishgard and the provinces of Abalathia and Dravania.
  • With Stormblood we leave for the Gyr Abania and L'Orient regions. The city is called Kugane.
  • And finally Shadowbringers takes you to discover the continent of Norvrandt and his city Critarium.

How many races are there?

The game offers us five very distinct races:

  • The Elézens
  • The Hyurs
  • the Lalafells
  • les Miqo'tes
  • the Roegadyns
  • the Ao'ra (Requires Heavensward)
  • The Vieras (Requires Stormblood)
  • The Hrothgars (Requires Stormblood)

I want to know everything about the classes!

The starting panel is quite large with a total of eight classes, all playable by the same avatar, each having the possibility of having a job. Job is a word that can be misinterpreted by new players as it refers to the profession, but it is actually your advanced class. When you have set up the two classes suited to your job, you will finally have access to it. The classes are divided into two categories, those that focus on mastering their weapons and those on witchcraft of all kinds.

Three new jobs have appeared in FFXIV with the Heavensward expansion, available only to players who have completed the A Realm Reborn epic (level 50) and have reached the capital of the Heavensward expansion. In addition, these have the particularity of being directly jobs.

  • Disciples of War
  • Disciples of Magic
  • Gladiator whose job is Paladin
  • Pugilist whose job is Monk
  • Marauder whose job is Warrior
  • Polastmaster whose job is Dragon Knight
  • Archer whose job is Bard
  • Superineur whose job is Ninja
  • Chevalier noir - Extension Heavensward
  • Machinist - Heavensward Extension
  • Samurai - Stormblood Expansion
  • Pistrosabreur - Extension Shadowbringers
  • Dancer - Shadowbringers Extension
  • Elementalist who has a White Mage job
  • Occultist who has a Dark Mage job
  • Arcanist whose job is Summoner and Scholar
  • Astromancien - Extension Heavensward
  • Mage Rouge - Extension Stormblood
  • Blue Mage

If a job is not a profession, are there any trades?

In addition to the many classes and jobs to be set up, you will be able to exercise no less than 11 professions, each as interesting as the next. Their evolution is quite particular because everything is independent of the classes. So you are not playing a class capable of doing a trade, but you are playing a trade. These trades are also distinguished into two categories, those associated with the collection of materials and those with the creation of objects.

  • Disciples of the Earth
  • The disciples of the hand
  • The Botanist
  • Minor
  • The fisherman
  • The Alchemist
  • The Armorer
  • The blacksmith
  • Fashion designer
  • The cooker
  • Carpenter
  • The Goldsmith
  • The Tanner


That's all good, but where's my chocobo?

Don't worry, the developers have thought of everything with all kinds of mounts and mascots. A whole arsenal is at your disposal to show off to your friends.


Let's go !

After creating your avatar, you will discover throughout its evolution, a wide range of missions against the environment. Between quests, mandates, hazards, guild operations (see zones by level) and instanced dungeons, you have a lot of things to occupy yourself before the maximum level. Once there, no worries, you still have plenty of hours of play and work left before you face the most dangerous enemies.


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