SimCity - Time to take stock

Patrick Buechner, General Manager at Maxis Emeryville posted today a message on the official website where he takes stock of the last 7 months of SimCity.

If you do not want to read all of its text, admittedly a little commercial, here is what to remember:

  • they read social media as well as forums, study telemetry data from the game and take into account player feedback, positive or negative.
  • an update was released every month. In particular, they have worked to improve and will continue to improve:
    • traffic that behaves irrationally
    • server stability and performance on less powerful machines
  • paid content will remain optional.
  • free content is regularly added (launch park, places of worship, hotels, etc.) and will continue to be added (maps, buildings, etc.).
  • the content created by users and the rules to govern it are under discussion.
  • an offline mode is being tested. In addition to meeting high demand, content creators could test without interfering or harming others.
  • larger cities will not be offered due to performance concerns and current engine limitations.
  • the team working on Cities of Tomorrow is a dedicated team. Another team continues to improve the base game.

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