FFXIV - Update February 20

Here is the detail of update 2.16 implemented this morning, including adding a random function to use a mascot / mount, ground marking and a "Ready Check" feature for groups.

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  • All 24 alliance members now appear in the Crystal Tower entry cutscene.
  • The Horme Chimera and Hydra combats from the Ancient Weapons Restoration Quest are now accessible through the Mission Tool. Players who have already completed this quest should review the following to gain access to these fights in the Mission Tool:
    • Dhorme Chimera: Central Coerthas Highlands, Afflicted Saint (31,7)
    • Hydre: Thanalan oriental, Halatali (14,30)

Guild Mandates

During "Pickup" type mercenary mandates, the guild mandate icon now appears on the nameplate of affected items and on the compass.


The FTAA position "Challenge: Messenger of the Waves" has changed and is now located in Western Noscea (11,14).


Functions have been added / modified in the "Free company" window:
  • Activity history can now be filtered according to the following categories
    • Progress / Members / Modifications / Benefits / Housing / Gardening (planned for update 2.2)
    • The maximum number of Activity History messages has been increased from 100 to 200.
    • The "Approval of integration requests" option has been added to the "Change rights" section
  • Items have been added to the free company profile. It is now possible to define the following items in Details> Edit Profile:
    • Activities
    • Desired roles
    • Period of activity
    • Recruitment
  • A function allowing players who do not belong to any free company to apply to the one of their choice has been added.

  • Apply
  • Cancel
  • Accept

1. Click on a character belonging to the free company of your choice and choose "View company profile" from the sub-menu.

2. Click on the "Apply" button.

3. Enter a message and click on the "OK" button

4. Once the application is accepted, it is possible to join the free company.

1. Access the "Free Company" window from the main menu and open the profile of the free company to which an application has been sent.

2.Click on the "Cancel application" button.

3.Click on the "Yes" button to confirm the cancellation of the application.

1. To be able to receive applications from players, you must check the "Accept applications" box in the "Modify profile" part of the "Profile" tab of the "Details" section of the free company window.

2. When players submit applications to join the Free Company, their name will appear in the "Applications" tab of the "Members" section of the Free Company window.

3. Click on the name of a character and choose the corresponding option to accept or reject his candidacy.
* A company can only receive 8 applications at a time. Once this number has been reached, it is necessary to accept or refuse one of these applications in order to be able to receive another.


  • Sales boards and bells for calling servants have been added to residential quarters.
  • Misty
  • Washerwoman
  • The cup

  • The crest now appears on company chests placed inside houses. (The coat of arms appears automatically when the chest is placed in the house)
  • An option not to display the confirmation window when a piece of furniture (indoor / garden) is placed has been added at the bottom of the "Already placed" lists.

      • The lamp of the "mog letterbox" garden furniture only lights up when mail is received.
      • To prevent a character from getting stuck between two pieces of furniture, collisions will be ignored if they try to move for a while.
      • Other players' characters no longer appear in part of quest areas.
      • The location of some of the Death Knell NPCs in Mor Dhona has been changed.
      • A bell to call the servants has been placed at the Death Knell in Mor Dhona (22,6).


    • The time interval between when a character is revived and when it can be healed by other players has been shortened.
    • The "Free Will" and "Obey" commands can now be given to the pet even when there is no target. Likewise, these orders are kept when the familiar is recalled.
    • A pet's current action is no longer interrupted by "Free Will" and "Obey" commands until the target is changed.
    • The fairies continue to "follow" their master even when switching to the "Free Will" and "Obey" commands.
    • It is now possible to order fairies to perform the "Embrace" action on a character outside the team by targeting them manually, and only in "Obey" mode.
    • Summoner and Scholar jobs are now counted separately for Transcendence gauge fill speed.
    • A character is now revived automatically if he abandons a mission by being KO'd
    • The location of monsters has been changed in some areas.
      • Western Noscea: Demipierre
      • Western wedding: Frai de Sapsa
      • Outer noscea: iron lake
      • Outer noscea: mines of U'Ghamaro
    • The signs announcing an area of ​​effect attack have been changed.


  • New items have been added.

  • Bracelet
  • Ring
  • PS ring
  • PR ring
  • Torso
  • The success rate and chances of getting high quality items during Quick Synthesis now vary based on skill stack, control, and synthesis points.
  • The amount of high quality materials used during a synthesis is now stored for the next synthesis. This number is no longer remembered if the crafting log is closed.
  • The implementation of high quality harvest products, accessible only with very high Collect, is planned for version 2.2. In view of the difficulty adjustment that will accompany this addition, it is no longer possible to increase by an action a chance of harvesting which was at 0% at the start. There may be times when the Gathering Chance drops to 0% if a Miner or Botanist with Very Low Gathering attempts to Gather certain products on high level points.
  • It is now possible to preview the result of a dye.The preview is available even if you do not have the corresponding dye. It is possible to display only the tinted part, or all the equipment. It is also possible to see what the entire outfit dyed in the same color would look like.

  • It is now possible to access the sub-menu by selecting a mascot. The following commands can be used: Resend / Emotes / Mark / Focused target
  • The size of some pets has been adjusted.


  • A new function, the preparation call, has been added to make it possible, for example, to check the situation of team members before a mission. It can be used as follows:
    1. In the "Communication" section of the main menu, choose "Preparation call"
    2. The team members have 30 seconds to react to the window that appears.
    3. Depending on the situation, the window below may appear.
  • Various changes and additions have been made to the mission tool.
    • The two combats "The Dhorme Chimera of Coerthas" and "The Hydra of Halatali" are now available via the mission tool.
    • A "Remove selections" button has been added.
    • The terms "Melee DPS" and "Ranged DPS" are now displayed for participations in Wolf's Den.
    • When a member is disconnected during a mission, the window for adding members that was displayed after a certain time (with the function of expulsion) no longer appears. Offline members should be excluded via the expulsion vote.
    • The error message explaining that the conditions for participation are not met is now more specific on the reasons for the refusal.
  • Several functions have been added to team search.
    • A button "Update the list" has been added. It is possible to activate or deactivate the display of recruitment in the log by checking "Notify regularly in the log" in the team search window. When active, this feature displays the number of recruiting teams once every 15 minutes.

  • It is possible to cancel an invitation to join a team if it has not yet been accepted by the recipient. To do this, simply choose the option "Cancel the invitation to the team" in the secondary menu.
  • A "wish list" has been added to the sales table.
    Each character can register up to 10 items in the list. This can be viewed via a "Wishlist" button on the sales table. It is not possible to see another character's wish list. Objects can be sorted by number of records in the wish list ("Request" option). The number next to the mention "Request" indicates for each object the number of characters who placed it in their wish list. This gives an idea of ​​the popularity of each article. This number is reset after each maintenance.

  • All results are now displayed when a search for an object of 3 or more letters is performed (a search of one or two letters only shows the first 20 results).
  • New achievement rewards have been added. These rewards can be obtained from NPC Jonathas who can be found in old Gridania (10, 6).

  • Added a feature to randomly summon a mount. All you have to do is select "Random mount" in "Actions and traits / General" (Character section of the menu). This function can be placed in a shortcut bar. The "Random Mount" action is added once a second mount is acquired, or immediately for characters who already have several.
  • A function to call a random mascot has been added. The "Random mascot" option is accessible in "Actions and traits / General" (Character section of the menu) or via the shortcut bar. The "Random mascot" action is added once a second mascot is acquired, or immediately for characters who already have several.
  • The inventory sorting option has been improved to make it easier to find normal and high quality items next to them.
  • In order to make the game more accessible to people who have difficulty perceiving certain colors, the cross indicating that an item cannot be equipped with the current class / job or level is now blue instead of green. This makes it easier to distinguish it from the red cross.
    • Red cross: the level is insufficient to equip the item, or the character has not acquired the correct class / job.
    • Blue cross (formerly green): the current class / job / level does not allow the item to be equipped.

  • Changes have been made to the outfits.
    • If the main weapon or tool of the outfit is not available, another weapon / tool of the same type will automatically be equipped to allow the outfit to be usable.
    • The details of the materia of the crimped objects are now remembered.
  • Armor that cannot be worn by a companion now displays dark in the gear window.
  • The order in which items are displayed in the chest has been changed.
  • The Calendar menu (Missions section of the menu) now displays the waiting time before being able to discover a treasure map again.
  • More FTAs ​​are now displayed on the recommendations window.
  • A box now allows you to check off the priority quests / missions in progress in the journal. Checked missions will appear at the top of the objective list.
  • The icon indicating that a quest is ready to be completed is now displayed next to the titles in the journal list.
  • Changes have been made to the mog mail. It is now possible to consult the history of the last 20 mails sent. The objects attached to a letter are now all displayed in the log when sending / failing to send a mail. If the shipment fails, the log now indicates whether the items have been placed back in the inventory or in the arsenal.
  • When playing with the joystick, to avoid false manipulations, it is now impossible to switch to automatic racing when the camera is controlled with the right stick. In addition, it is now possible to deactivate the automatic run in the configuration menu.
  • To allow a greater variety of playing styles and to avoid too much constraint linked to the split between the two handling modes, the following options have been added to the game configuration menu.
    • Ground target parameters
      • Linked to cursor
      • Unlocked
    • Activation of the shortcut bar even in mouse mode.
    • Have the ability to display the familiar bar even in mouse mode.
  • It is now possible to place visual cues on the background, known as "marks on the ground". Three different marks (A, B and C) can be placed for the team / alliance. This function is available in the "Communication" section of the main menu. To delete a mark, all you have to do is select its icon again or choose "Delete all marks" in the same menu.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the ground target system.
    • The mode is now displayed at the top of the screen after moving.
    • When the target is in "unlocked" mode, the default cursor position is further forward than before.
    • When the target is in "unlocked" mode, it is possible to move the cursor with RB / R1 and the left analog stick. The cursor position after action / undo is remembered until the game is closed.
  • The log now indicates when a mark is placed on a PC.
  • To make targeting with the mouse easier, the following changes have been made.
    • The sphere in which a character can be clicked has been slightly enlarged.
    • A border (highlighted) indicates that the cursor is over a targetable character or object. This can be configured via the "Targets" tab of the "Type of handling" category, in "Character configuration" of the "System" section of the menu.
  • A target's focus is more easily maintained even when the target exits the screen.
  • The mount-back targeting circle is now centered on the mount and no longer on the character, and its perimeter is modeled on it.
  • A function to turn the character's face towards the camera has been added. When the "Pause" key is pressed, the character's face turns towards the camera. This remains in the same position even if the button is released. The face returns to its original position when the "Pause" button is pressed again. The face returns to its original position when the character moves or an element is targeted.
  • The positioning of the camera when the characters are near a wall has been adjusted.
  • It is now possible to have an aerial view by zooming out when a target larger than you is locked.
  • New adventurer online status has been added. To change your online status, open the "Teammates" window and select the "Edit" option from your character's submenu. The "New Adventurer" state is reserved for characters whose playtime is less than 20 hours and achievement points below 80. If one of these two conditions is not not met, it then becomes impossible to choose this option.
  • Nameplates now display "Team Leader / Team Member" icons during instanced missions. Alliance members who are not on your team will no longer display an online status icon.
  • Changes have been made to the main menu of the "micro menu" type:
    • Main menu lists can now be opened with a single click, even if a list is already displayed on the screen.
    • When playing with the joystick, the cursor is automatically repositioned on the icon of the open list when the "Cancel" key is pressed.
  • The last tab selected on the "Character" window is now memorized after it is closed. This information is deleted when the game is closed.
  • When a friend request is received, a confirmation window is now displayed before validating his choice.
  • The targeted chest is now automatically deselected when the loot distribution window appears onscreen.
  • When interacting with a key object in the pet bar, a sound will be heard when the pet bar is selected. This sound only concerns key objects. It does not sound when a pet is summoned.
  • Macro icons placed in shortcut bars now have a special mark to make them easier to differentiate from action icons.

  • The character size of the input field is now automatically adjusted to the font size of the log window.
  • When entering in Japanese, an icon appears in the log window when KANA mode is activated.
  • The text / réiniiu (/ uireset) command has been added. This command allows you to reposition interface components (ATH) and closed windows to their default location.
  • The text command / iconemacro (/ icnonem) has been added. This command displays the designated icon in the shortcut bar. Must be used on the first line of a macro.

Show teleportation icon
/ iconemacro Teleportation general

  • The argument has been added. This argument, allowing to pause during the execution of a macro, works in the same way as the text "/ wait" command. Enter a value between 1 and 60 (seconds) instead of **. This argument can only be used inside macros.
Wait 3 seconds after launching the "Fast blade" action
/ action "Fast blade"
* This argument makes it possible to avoid writing the command / wait 1, and therefore to gain a line.
* The / wait command has not been changed and can still be used.
  • Actions initiated through the / action and / actionfamiliar commands now behave the same as if they were initiated from the shortcut bar / cross when no target is selected.
/ action "Swift Blade" launches at the target enemy.
/ Heal action casts itself on yourself, even if a monster is targeted.
  • Options have been added to the "Actions and Traits" window:
    • GENERAL: Random mount / Random mascot
    • MISCELLANEOUS: Ground marks / Preparation call
  • Configuration options have been added to the "Character configuration" window:

Type of handling

      • "Targets" tab
        • Ground target parameters
        • Target Allows targeting on the ground using the mouse when playing with the controller.
        • Viewing Targets
        • Highlighted potential targets
        • Disabled by default.
      • "Characters" tab
        • Animation idle delay. Version 2.16 does not allow changing the default value. This function will be added in the 2.2 update.

Shortcut bars

      • "Cross" tab
        • Display settings
        • Show shortcut cross (Windows only)
        • Used to display the shortcut cross when playing with the mouse.

Log window

      • "General" tab
        • Log window
        • Show action reload error messages
        • Enabled by default.
        • New log filters have been added in the "Announcements" category.
        • Team recruitment notifications
        • Details of signs placed
  • Configuration options have been added to the "System configuration" window:

Graphics settings (Windows only)

    • Graphics quality
      • Show the effects of wet surfaces

Controller settings

      • Controller settings
        • Key names (Windows only)
        • Symbols 2
        • Activate LB + L for automatic run
        • Enabled by default.
      • Default controller configuration
        • Assignment of keys
        • Stick buttons (L3 / R3)
        • Help the target

Other parameters

      • Display limits
        • Number of characters and objects (Windows only)
        • Update 2.16 does not allow this parameter to be adjusted.
        • Number of open windows (Windows only)
  • Configuration options have been added to the "Key assignment" window:
    • "Displacement" tab
      • Turn your face towards the camera
    • "Shortcuts" tab
      • Ground marks
    • "System" tab
      • Navigate between ATH components (previous)
  • Customer service responses are now indicated by special icons. These special icons make it easier to distinguish customer service responses from other messages. It should be noted, however, that they disappear once the mail has been read. The icons of the letters mog are now classified in the following order of importance:
  • Some of the decor gets wet when it rains. In addition to rain, characters appear wet when entering water, or when receiving a water element attack.
  • White smoke comes out of the mouths of characters in cold regions.
  • It is now possible to skip certain cutscenes.
  • Camera handling explanations have been added to the character creation screen.
  • Character data created via benchmark or during beta testing is now loaded automatically when the game is first launched

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed:
  • On occasion, the counter for actions added through talents was not reset when a class / job change took place in town.
  • Some damage received during instances could affect the display of life bars on the teammate list.
  • Player status ailments affected the numbers in the pet action help windows.
  • Actions were sometimes interrupted when the familiar entered combat while moving.
  • The delay in launching actions varied depending on whether the pet was in combat or not.
  • The "Healing" and "Law of Cleansing" actions did not negate the effects of "Wind Bite" and "Ghost Projectile".
  • On occasion, the name of monsters to be slain would appear in the objective list even before they appeared on the map during Obituary Mercenary Mandates.
  • Enemies in the Large Company Mandate Chase operations were not acting as intended when spawned.
  • When enemies from Hunting Operations for Large Company Mandates spawned, the condition buff reducing maximum health was not active.
  • Occasionally, messages announcing that an enemy has been defeated would not display correctly during certain Large Company mandates.
  • Details of the first selected item were not showing on an outfit review window.
  • The "Signs" window was opened when the text / sign command contained an error in the target name or targeting argument.
  • During harvesting / crafting mandates, the icon indicating that the order can be delivered to the customer was not displayed correctly in the list of objectives.
  • Familiar action icons displayed via the text / iconemacro command could experience display issues when a familiar action was used. To display a pet action icon, enter the following command: / iconemacro [action name] familiar [pet name]
  • Note that it is possible to omit the pet name. This information is only needed if an action is used by more than one pet (eg: Embrace).

Known issues

  • When an invitation to join a free company is sent while another invitation is already pending, the invitation message from both free companies is deleted.
  • When a new item is equipped in the non-guiding hand (a shield, for example), it is not displayed in the preview window during equipment dyeing.
  • When a piece of furniture placed on the land of the house is painted from the furniture window in the "Housing" menu, and the window is reopened, the color of the furniture icon does not match the new color of the object.
  • Some characters appearing during Hildibrand quests are not displayed correctly.
  • The screenshot format cannot be changed on PlayStation®3.

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