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Grath Wood is a large wooded area which was partly devastated by Molga Bal many centuries ago. It is also in this region that the capital of Domaine Aldmeri, namely Faneracine.


Grath Wood is the second main quest area of ​​the Aldmeri Estate and is accessible by each faction, at the following levels:

  • Aldmeri Estate: zone level 13 to 23.
  • The Daggerfall Alliance : Accessible via the Cadwell Silver Almanac.
  • Ebonheart Pact : accessible via Cadwell's Golden Almanac. 



Grathwood has more or less the same number of locations to explore as the previous area, Auridia. The latter also has a dungeon in public and private groups.

  • City
  • Notable places
  • Caves - Ruins - mines
  • dungeons
  • Outside bosses

  • Capital : Faneracine.

  • Karthdar.
  • Cormont.
  • The Rougepel trading post.

  • Departure point of the zone : Havre.

  • The gray quagmire.

  • Pointe-Sud.

  • The promontory of Réman.

  • Fougereau.
  • Gil-Var-Delle.

  • The Cave of Broken Sails.

  • The Telacar ossuary.
  • The winter site of Falinesti.
  • Or-Fol.

  • Laéloria.
  • The reliquary of the stars.

  • Private Group Dungeon: Elder Crucible.

  • Public Dungeon: The Ruins of Rootspring.

  • Donjon solo: Ne Salas.
  • Donjon solo: La mine de Mobar.
  • Solo Dungeon: The False Scratch.
  • Single player dungeon: Deathcorn Cave.
  • Solo dungeon: The mine at Kwamas de Boguerave.
  • Solo Dungeon: Verracine Depth.

  • The orchard of bones.

  • Nindaeril's roost.
  • The marsh of Dame Consoline.
  • The Cromlech of Hircine.
  • The rest of Valanir.
  • The Braconnier campsite.
  • The Thugrub Cave.
  • Anchors
  • Mundus Stones
  • Points of interest
  • Oratorical

  • The Longue Côte dolmen.
  • The Green Room dolmen.
  • The Faîte de Tarlain dolmen.

  • The Tower - Increases maximum Stamina by 5%
  • The Lord - Increases maximum health. + 5%
  • The Mage - Increases maximum magic magic point by 5%

  • Ombronce's Lodge - used to craft the set Twilight embrace.
  • The temple of eight - used to craft the set Armor of the seductress.
  • Fisherman's Island - allows you to craft the set Torug Pact.

  • The Cottage of the Breeze.
  • The cave of the Sacred Leap.
  • The overhang of the Ruee du Sanglier.
  • The Racine Fourchue camp.
  • The memorial of the battle of Cormont.
  • To me from Faltonia.
  • The Tarlain bandit camp.

  • The oratory of Havre.
  • The oratory of the Gray Mire.
  • The Pointe-Sud oratory.
  • The Winter Oratory of Falinesti.
  • The oratory of the ossuary.
  • The oratory of the temple of Faneracine.
  • The oratory of Cormont.
  • The oratory of Gil-Var-Delle.
  • The oratory of Rougepel.


Heavenly Shards

Grathwood has a total of sixteen Celestial Shards spread across the map as well as in the dungeons. Here are the clues to find them.

  • Grathwood Sky Shard Hunter
  1. Sheltered by the Magi.
  2. The southern altar leads north.
  3. Cool on the way to the Tower.
  4. Where the road to the root is an island.
  5. On the falls that feed the temple.
  6. Glimpse from a tree house.
  7. A door to the trolls near Rougepel.
  8. Among the ancient texts in stone.
  9. Above a seasonal return site.
  10. Where Alliance forces are pouring out.
  11. A rub, a screech, a click.
  12. The thunderous six-legged invaded him.
  13. Not yet dead on the branch.
  14. A star stolen from the glassy depths.
  15. Undermined by Mobar bandits.
  16. The crocodiles have had their fill of the split.

If you can't find them, here is the map of the places where they are located.

Heavenly Shards of Grath Wood Map

  1. Located in Havre, next to the Mages Guild.
  2. Located behind a rock formation between Pointe-Sud and the orchard of the bones.
  3. Located by the lake northwest of Havre.
  4. Located on the edge of the southern road leading to Faneracine.
  5. Located on the edge of the cliff south of Karthdar.
  6. Located on the side of the road before the crossroads leading to Karthdar.
  7. Located between the Rougepel trading post and the Réman promontory.
  8. Located on an island west of the mundus stone The Lord.
  9. Located north of the outer boss Le Cromlech d'Hircine.
  10. Located in the Ne Salas solo dungeon.
  11. Located in the solo dungeon La fosse aux grattements.
  12. Located in the single player dungeon La mine à Kwamas de Boguerave.
  13. Located in the solo dungeon La caverne de Roncemort.
  14. Located in the Verracine Depth solo dungeon.
  15. Located in the Mobar Mine solo dungeon.
  16. Located in the public keep The ruins of Scinderacine.


The successes and the catch

A large amount of achievements can be unlocked in Grathwood. Be careful, some achievements may contain spoilers.

EXPLORATION - 13 achievements

  1. Explorer of Ne Salas
    • Explore and empty Ne Salas.
  2. Scratch Pit Explorer
    • Explore and empty the scratch pit.
  3. Mobar mine explorer
    • Explore and empty the scratch pit.
  4. Roncemort Cave Explorer
    • Explore and clear the Roncemort cave.
  5. Explorer of the mine in Kwamas de Boguerave
    • Explore and clear the mine at Kwamas de Boguerave.
  6. Verracine Depth Explorer
    • Explore and empty the depths of Verracine.
  7. Monsoon Marauder
    • Defeat the trigress-senche Nindaeril the Monsoon atop the perch of Nindaeril.
  8. Water thug
    • Defeat the Nereid Lady Consoline at the Lady Consoline Swamp.
  9. Scourge of Valanir the Troubled
    • Defeat the Lich Valanir the Troubled in Valanir's Rest.
  10. Game warden
    • Defeat Otho Rufnis, the master of poachers, at the poacher's camp.
  11. Peacemaker
    • Help ease cultural tensions and reconcile allies in Grath Wood.
  12. Dissector of Thugrub the Reformed
    • Defeat the Giant Thugrub the Reformed Flesh Atronach in Thugrub Cave.
  13. Grath Wood Speleologist
    • Discover and secure the six caves in Grathwood.

Quests - 4 achievements

  1. Savior of Pointe-Sud
    • Free Pointe-Sud from the influence of Prince Daedra Sheogorath.
  2. Heroes of Falinesti
    • Free Nairume from his prison and recover Rajhin's cloak.
  3. Reliquary Collector
    • You have recovered the Heart of Anumaril from the Star Reliquary.
  4. Adventurer of Grath Wood
    • Complete 38 quests in Grath Wood.

DUNGEONS - 3 achievements

  1. Winner of Scinderacine
    • Defeat three of the Scinderaine Champions.
      • Defeat the Ragemaw Devil.
      • Defeat Rongeracine.
      • Defeat Rustmaw.
      • Defeat mute Claw.
      • Defeat Big Bramble.
      • Defeat Bark Bark.
  2. Conqueror of Scinderaince
    • Defeat all the Champions in Rootspring.
      1. Defeat the Ragemaw Devil.
      2. Defeat Rongeracine.
      3. Defeat Rustmaw.
      4. Defeat mute Claw.
      5. Defeat Big Bramble.
      6. Defeat Bark Bark.
  3. Winner of the Crucible of the Elders.
    • Defeat Akash gra-Mal, Stifling Bramble and High Canoness Oraneth at the Crucible of the Elders.

Fishing - 1 success

  1. Grath Wood Fisherman
    • Catch the 12 Rare Fish of Grathwood.
      • Bilious catfish.
      • Epinoche.
      • Great Wingfang.
      • Mangrove shark.
      • Carpe koi.
      • Poisson-freugh.
      • Why tigrée.
      • Carpe catostomide.
      • Clamshell eel.
      • Swamp eel.
      • Horned stripe.
      • Mojarra.

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