FFXIV - Responses to Phase 3 Feedback # 3

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Judit Llordes


This time we tackle the combat system, the objects, the synthesis, the harvest, the merchant districts and the servant and the interface.


Combat system

  • Difficulty distinguishing whether a effect affecting the enemy comes from us or another player: adjustments have been made to the effects icons for phase 4, to better distinguish this.
  • Display the distance between a character and his target: if you are too far away, the borders of the action icons will be in red.
  • We undergo area damage while we are outside the scope: adjustments have been made to animation and damage recording.
  • It is planned to modify the fact that the Archers deal damage to their target while they are not in front of it.
  • The team is investigating the possibility of filtering targets by players or NPCs when using the Tab key during battles.
  • The team studies the problem of the difficulty in perceiving if the aptitude "Presence of the priest" is active or not.
  • The cooldown for actions during a class change is too long: the team is studying this remark while keeping in mind not to create an imbalance. They will look into this after the game is released.
  • The team is investigating the problem of how difficult it is to determine whether an attack was made from behind or from an enemy's flank. Adding floating text doesn't seem like a good idea to them.
  • There are no plans to modify / diversify the Actions of the Dragon Knight.
  • "The actions found in 'Additional Actions' can be used even if your level is lower than needed to learn it. This was designed in this way to help you as you level up for a secondary class." It is therefore quite normal to be able to use higher level actions from another class during a level synchronization.
  • There are no plans to increase the duration of the improvements received through the actions of the Moine and Pugilist.
  • There are no plans to add to transcendent a system similar to FFXI's skill chains.
  • There are no plans to change the target of Medica. It will always be on itself. Other healing spells allow it
  • There are no plans to decrease the cast or reuse time of Healing. If at low level this spell may seem useless to you due to these constraints, it will not be the same story at high level!
  • It is not planned to recover PM faster or add new skills to do so.


Items, Synthesis and Gathering

The following fixes were made in phase 4:

  • be able to get rid of Chocobo bards,
  • possibility of collecting Almonds,
  • high level secondary tools for fashion designer,
  • les cobalt gauntlets were difficult to manufacture during phase 3 for testing reasons. The recipe will be normal for phase 4,
  • making adjustments to materials for recipe recipes food,
  • adjustments of the possibilities of making a High Quality object too quickly,
  • enchanted mithril ink will be necessary for some recipes,
  • harvest points that cannot be harvested are now,
  • the recipe for cotton dress has been modified,
  • the difficulty of obtaining the materials required for the class quest of cook has been adjusted,
  • obtaining new recipes, such as for equipment "Avengers" have been added,
  • the cost in HP of some actions did not correspond to their effect, others had too large an effect: this has been corrected,
  • you can now choose the position where the object information appears,
  • la carbonic matter was difficult to harvest and was adjusted,
  • the basic weapon model of the gladiator was modified
  • "The pieces ofunique equipment currently have similar statistics. Would it be possible to add unique characteristics to each of them? "The team made adjustments to the parameters of the unique items. They explain that" Their value changes by combining similar statistics. Once the basic parameters are balanced, "they will study" the possibility of adding special bonuses. "
  • Ability to collect more useful items from the start: Adjustments have been made to the progression speed at the start of the game, for places where many items are sold by NPCs.
  • From level 10, you will be able to craft low-quality items continuously.

For the release of the game, it is also planned to be able to view the rendering of a dyeing before applying it

The following remarks and suggestions are under consideration:

  • "Implemented bonuses for certain abilities added to armor from specific jobs, similar to stats in version 1.0." : at the exit the armors will have only the base bonuses but once the balance of the base parameters is established, the team will consider this suggestion.
  • "The current repair procedure is too complicated (having to change class and search for the item in the arsenal): this suggestion is achievable but would require a lot of work.
  • You want to be able dye shieldss? So say it on the official forum and the team will think about it!
  • "Emphasize the difference between food high and low quality ": This feature was designed with combat balancing in mind," it is very difficult to enhance the effects of food any further, and the difference would be small. "
  • The team finds the idea of ​​having the opportunity to cook food consumable by a whole team.
  • Add a tutorial explaining that flakes and crystals are necessary for crafting.
  • Implement an option for réparer several objects at the same time in The Arsenal.
  • Add more enemies that give son of dew and fleeces : the team observes whether there is indeed a shortage or not for these ingredients. She also recalls that important materials can be obtained through crafting mandates.

The following feedback and remarks work as expected:

  • The silver raptor curls (object of V1) will remain a commemorative object: there are no plans to change their statistics.
  • There are no plans to be able to open the Crafting Log and the Sell window at the same time.
  • About the equipment Vanya : 'The vanya equipment, just like other high-level pieces of equipment, has been separated into roles. The original vanya gear is intended for magic DPS. We will be implementing a version of the vanya equipment for healers (and occultists), so we are asking to use this. "
  • The efficiency and statistics of materials will not be changed: "From a combat balance point of view, the stat limit depends on the level of the items, and except on rare occasions, this limit cannot be exceeded. For this reason, it is not possible to exceed this limit. The limit on Materia stats isn't too low, but the system has been designed so that you can add stats to your gear that were not present at the base. "
  • It is not possible to be able to search for an item in the Craft Log. Many recipes will be added in the future and the team will then explore the possibility of searching the notebook.
  • The RP recovery rate will not be changed.
  • There are no plans to add a critical hit system to the harvest. Obtaining a high quality item is the equivalent of a critical hit.
  • There are no plans to implement an option to sort by class in the arsenal, but the team is studying other methods to improve its use and readability.
  • "Ability to equip any item when no class is associated": the team "made it possible to determine the role easily. Also, given that the balancing of the combat would be affected if other roles besides tanks could equip themselves with heavy armor, there is a necessary limit. " They also inform us that they "plan to implement a system that only changes the appearance of your equipment during an update."
  • There are no plans to implement a "starter kit" the first time you choose a Gathering or Crafting class.

Inventory overview during Phase 3

Merchant Quarters and Servants

  • "Crafting classes aren't very useful due to the quality items already available from NPCs. Could you increase the stats of these classes as well as the value of crafted items?" Adjustments have been made to the amount of gil obtainable.
  • It will be easier in phase 4 to collect items from our serving.
  • Reverse the roles of the L1 and R1 keys to increase or decrease the number of items to select: this was the case, but in phase 2 players requested this change. Following the next feedback, the system can be modified again.
  • Display the sale price to the NPC of an item that you want to sell to the Merchant Quarter : this is not possible because not all items are available from NPCs. But the team understands the importance of this request and is addressing it.
  • Caring for sort function for the inventory is under consideration. Regarding the inventory of servants, this will be set up after our sorting function.
  • "Possibility to hide the message" You no longer sell items to the merchant district "which appears each time I call my servant": the team explains the choice of this message: "if, for some reason or for another, you were to log out while you called your servant, they would no longer sell items to the merchant quarter. Text is displayed to emphasize this. As we had received feedback requesting to no longer highlight this, we will continue to study the question. "
  • Adjustments are planned for the legibility of Quartier Marchand signs on the PS3.
  • It is not possible to access the materials stored on the servant during the manufacture of objects.
  • There are no plans to be able to recruit a Servant earlier.



  • Possibility to choose between three different window sizes: 80%, 100% and 120%.
  • Possibility of adding grids in the ATH, the team also proceeded to modify the response time by changing the position of the windows.
  • Ability to inspect the surroundings in first-person view when the character is seated.
  • You can now activate / deactivate display your secondary weapon and head equipment in the character window.
  • The material summary screen is no longer truncated.
  • Some enemy names were lost in the chat filter, this is fixed
  • La window position will be saved.
  • "If I place the action bars 1 and 2 too close to each other in ATH mode, the mouse does not respond correctly to the boundary between the two bars": it is fixed.
  • Possibility to use the cross action bar on the Windows version.
  • copy paste available
  •  Possibility to consult the order of enemy teams in the targeting bar, in the same way that it is possible to consult the available information.
  • Adding a outfit update button in the character window.
  • The position of the tooltip of the objects will be configurable.
  • Tooltips for actions and objects display correctly.
  • Possibility to select which icons to display and which to hide for the cross action bar.
  • There is no longer a large space between the Cyrillic text.
  • Possibility to activate or deactivate each window. In addition, it is planned to add another system allowing to display, or not, the windows in combat according to the situation.
  • Alt + L works during instances.
  • Adjustments have been made so that the criteria from the previous search are remembered.
  • You will no longer see player emotes that you add to your blacklist.
  • Addition of a parameter allowing to'' show players online at the beginning of the list
  • Shortcut keys for shops and the Etherite screen in city states are available.
  • ATOK2013 no longer prevents us from leaving the chat.
  • Possibility to use the functionalities of the carte such as scrolling and zooming during auto run.
  • The possibility of changing the default destination folder for screenshots is under study.

The following remarks and suggestions are expected after release:

  • Memorize the service account previously used so that you do not have to enter it each time you connect.
  • Improved visibility of the icon used to trigger the transcendence.
  • Equipment outfits will be awarded as job quest rewards. (No more room in the outfit list then.)
  • Ability to display the items you have equipped in the arsenal. In addition, it is planned to eliminate the re-arrangement of the equipment if you change your outfit
  • Transparent chat window background
  • When the map becomes semi-transparent, make sure that the text is not the same.
  • "For the PS3 version, make it easier to reach the level sync button during ALEAs." The team is investigating "the possibility of adjusting the ATH selection operation in game mode to the controller. We plan to facilitate access to the sync button."
  • Separation of emotes in different categories.
  • At the end of a cutscene, the cursor appears in the log window: it's annoying. The team reflects on this inconvenience.
  • Make it easier to view the combat log.

The following suggestions and feedback are under consideration:

  • Possibility of sort friends list by linkshells or by free companies: will be studied after the release.
  • Possibility to take a screenshot during a cutscene: will be studied after the release and will not be limited to cutscenes.
  • Add functions for using the cross action bar: options have already been added.
  • Possibility of sort inventory.
  • Change the location of the button used to dissolve ou leave the team to make it easier to visualize: the team is considering making this function more accessible via the list of subcommands that is displayed by right-clicking on the team list.
  • Have pressing 'esc' once deletes all text in the chat window and pressing twice exits chat mode. Team response: "This system was present in 1.0, but we had received many requests so that we could not delete the text entered halfway. Following this, after the release, we will investigate the possibility of '' add a configuration parameter allowing you to delete the text when you cancel the text entry in windowed mode.
    As for the chat mode, it will be possible to exit this mode using the key assignment, try!
  • Implementation of a specific arsenal for harvesting and crafting classes.


The following remarks and feedback work as expected:

  • There are no plans to implement a button in the character window to automatically equip the best parts available.
  • It is not possible to use the default Windows interface to display the interface. Explanations from the team: "The use of keyboard and mouse for controls is currently possible. However, it is not possible to use the same interface, due to display problems and slowdowns. mouse control being possible, we invite you to try. "
  • It is not intended that the use of the "Scroll lock" key also hides the targeting circle. It is not part of the interface but of the effects.
  • ALT + R works as expected: it displays the names of all the people you have spoken with.
  • Using keyboard controls for the PS3 version, team response: "It is currently possible to use the keyboard, but if the demand is to be able to use the keyboard without the controller, without having to use both, then we don't plan not to adjust this. ".
  • It is not planned to display a synchronization icon on unusable actions. On the other hand, they will be darkened.
  • It is not possible to display the names next to the blue dots representing the players on the map but the name will appear if you place your cursor on one of the blue dots.
  • There are no plans to add a notification when a player from your friends list connects.


Phew, one more comeback ... but there are still more!

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