FFXIV - July 15 update

FFXIV - July 15 update

An update took place this morning bringing various changes to the hunt, an adjustment to the Front, and fixed several issues.



In order to allow more players to participate in Elite Target Hunting, the following adjustments have been made. Please note that further adjustments can be made once overcrowding issues are resolved.

The following changes have been made to hunting contracts:

  • The HP of elite targets has been increased as follows:
    • Rank B target: The number of players required has been reduced from solo to a small team.
    • Rank A Target: The number of players needed has increased from a small team to a full team.
    •  Rank S Target: Although the HP number of rank S targets already required multiple teams to defeat them, it is now necessary to gather more players in order to triumph.

* As this change may reproduce the character concentration issues that were encountered in battles against Odin or Behemoth, we will be monitoring the situation and making adjustments if necessary.

  • As the maximum HP of elite targets has been increased, the Contribution Tiers determining the rewards after victory have been lowered.
  • Elite S rank targets will appear onscreen first.
  • As the maximum HP of elite targets has been increased to be fought as a team, we are also considering adjusting the rewards for hunting contracts and elite contracts. We are watching the situation closely to determine precisely what changes to make.


The Front and the groupage system

The addition of members is now done automatically when there is a lack of team members when participating in the Front (The other missions are not affected). The automatic addition is done at the start of the battle (opening of the doors).

We invite players wishing to participate in the Front to check the box "Accept current missions" when they register in the mission tool to allow easier grouping.


Fixed various issues

  • The damage suffered by familiar were abnormally low in the "Tree of Judgment (brutal)" and "Tree of Judgment (extreme)" challenges.
  • The name that appears when you place the cursor over the weather icon was in Japanese in the "Judgment Tree (Brutal)" and "Judgment Tree (Extreme)" challenges.
  • In the Syrcus Tower, the effect of the electrical device sometimes did not display normally when fighting Scylla.
  • Some chests in the Tower of Syrcus were not displaying correctly.
  • The actions of familiar could not be used while it was casting a spell.
  • It became impossible to control the character normally if attacked by a monster when handing a key item to an NPC, as part of a quest or FATE.
  • Si inventory was sorted while the recycling window was open, some items could no longer be used.
  • The client would stop working if a player belonging to a free company without accommodation consulted the "Room Profile" while in the private room of another character.
  • When the mission tool had grouped players together to participate in a mission, those who had chosen "Start" had their registration canceled if others had selected "Withdraw".
  • When the Alt + L or Alt + Shift + L keys were pressed while in a discussion mode other than that of a linkshell, the program alternated between the LSs, in ascending or descending order, starting from the first rather than the one used last.
  • The interface would sometimes flicker when the camera was pointed at a large number of characters.

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