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The team of developers is still answering the various questions that may have been asked by players on the spanish Squarenix forums.


Rewards and bugs

  • It is not currently expected that, when the milestone of martial memos is reached, they will be replaced by mythological memos. However, in 2.3, information will be added concerning the gains of each memoquartz per dungeon.
  • Animus books (prerequisite for the zodiac weapon) as well as old cards cannot be opened on the back of a mount. This will be fixed as quickly as possible.
  • In 2.3, a feature will be added to automatically switch to absent status after a lapse of time. Of course, any action on the game will bring you back online. On the other hand, anything that is a continuous emote (dance of the Mandervilles for example) is not taken into account as an in-game action.
  • The development team thinks they can include Housing Etherite as a repatriation point (including the function gained with Authenticator) in a future update.

Inventory and Interface

  • There is currently no implementation of a search function for inventory and servants. On the other hand, provision is made for the interface to memorize the position of the object exchange window with a servant.
  • The macro icons are not yet developed, other adjustments are planned such as:
    • the icons chosen for the macros are displayed regardless of our class,
    • the icons designated via the / micon command will be indicated in the list of icons in the macro window,
    • simplify the identification of macros according to their icon.
  • On the PS4 versions, the readability in the log window was not optimal depending on the TV (or screen). The development team reacted quickly to this issue if they have enough time they will add an option to change the log size manually.
  • Some players wanted the monster markers (1/2/3) to be listed in the intimacy list as well. This function is not currently foreseen. For ground marking, it was designed to work with 3 alliances (Crystal Tower), it is not planned to add other markers.


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