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  • Lastnames and firstnames : summary in the guide of the names and surnames of the races of the Dominion.

  • Communication : the males express themselves brutally, the females express themselves in a threatening way. They punctuate their sentences with grunts.
  • Personality : Males are quite impulsive and females are more cunning and calculating.
  • Motivational : they are motivated to prove their strength in the face of the dangers offered by Nexus.
  • Life expectancy : they live between 120 and 130 years and reach maturity around 20 years.
  • physiology : humanoids with a long tail at the bottom of the back. They wear a pair of horns on their skulls and have claws on their hands and feet. Their skin is hard.
  • Home planet : Mikros, a small planet, one side of which is arid because it is exposed to the sun, the other is icy and plunged into darkness.

  • History :

When the Dominion began to expand, it needed strong and fierce allies for their battles. After analyzing the different candidates, the Drakens were chosen. However, they did not directly accept. Emperor Azrion then challenged the High Patriarch Zhur to a duel, the outcome of this duel determining whether or not they entered the Dominion.

The Drakens, eager for a challenge, accepted the deal. After a bloody battle, Azrion wins the duel and the Drakens pledged allegiance to him, something they never questioned. They have been the most loyal subjects of the Empire ever since.

  • Industrial enterprises : the Drakens are too primitive to indulge in industry. They are still craftsmen capable of creating weapons and armor.
  • Religion : their traditions are based on a set of laws, the Pillars of Blood. Although they follow the precepts of the Church of Awakening, the old gods remain present in their memory and they will not hesitate to invoke them in the event of a big challenge.
    • The Pillar of Strength: Goddess of strength and endurance Shezka.
    • The Pillar of Wisdom: Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy Werza.
    • The Pillar of Courage: god of courage and fury Ravok.
    • The Pillar of Loyalty: God of Loyalty, Honor and Blood Hazak, also known as "Father of Blood".
    • The Pillar of the Spirit: God of Spirit, Flames and Savagery Fazaar.
  • communities : they are clans, led by a patriarch or a matriarch. Blood shamans are the spiritual leaders of the clan and ensure that the teachings of the Pillars of Blood are followed.

  • Relations with other races :
    • Cassians: embody the fighting spirit of the Dominion.
    • Luminaï: The Draken grant them eternal loyalty.
    • Chuas: useful and inventive but do not deserve blind trust.
    • Mecharis: intelligent but sometimes think too much.
    • Humans: traitors who must die.
    • Aurines: prey to which it is necessary to show what it means to be wild.
    • Granoks: powerful, they are a formidable challenge.
    • Mordesh: not present in the file.


The Drakens no longer hold any secrets from you! No more race, moreover.

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