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Small special issue in my suite of trade guides with a first subject totally dedicated to the recovery of craft components (farming). Setting up the trades is simple when you have the components. Yet often I have wondered where to find some of them that are not provided by harvest trades. That's why I made this little guide on one of the essential components for sewing: fabrics!

To recover fabrics, you have the choice of the facility: the auction house. It's nice but sometimes it hurts to pay for 20 linen cloths at 50g. While it's so easy to move around and get them killing low level monsters.

  1. Etoffe de Lin
  2. Woolen cloth
  3. Silk fabric
  4. Mageweave Cloth
  5. Runic fabric
  6. Netherweave Cloth
  7. Frostweave Cloth
  8. Embersilk Cloth
  9. Windwool fabric


Linen fabric

Here we start slowly. As I am a nice person, I tested several low level areas to find profitable areas. For me, there are at least 3 viable ones in terms of intensive farming with a fast respawn (repop) rate. So I'm going to present this to you: there is one for the Horde, one for the Alliance, and a more neutral one for everyone.


Westfall - Alliance

Silver Pine Forest - Horde

Paluns - Neutral

This place is a gem for the harvest. Here draconians and orcs clash in a never-ending battle. Don't choose a side, TAKE IT ALL! Each monster gives either Linen or Wool, and as a bonus, the rare mascot of the Red Whelp. For Leatherworkers, you can also Skinning Draconians galore which will yield Light and Medium Leather.


Woolen cloth

No mystery here, if you have started at Les Paluns, I advise you to stay there. The monsters reappear quickly and well, and always the possibility of having this rare whelp, which sells well at the Auction House. Otherwise the other solution, if you have the level: Shadowfang Dungeon.




Silk fabric

Silk is fairly quick to collect as a whole. The sure value remains still and always a dungeon, or rather a set of dungeons: the Scarlet Monastery. Outside it is more complicated although there are a few areas. One is quite profitable, it is found in the Badlands.




Mageweave Cloth

In the same way as for Silk, the Weaver-Mage is better in dungeon. Between Straholme and Zul'Farrak, I recommend ZF. Besides the fact that the mount is a definite plus, there is a significant number of humanoids. But remember to open the sand graves. If you don't have the level for dungeons, or you can't rush them, there is a fairly profitable place in Tanaris.



The Vanilla areas with the Runecloth will soon be over. This can be easily picked up in two areas, as well as in the Blackrock Depths Dungeon.


Blasted Lands

Blackrock Depths

The most interesting here is to go immediately to the left to get an area with a lot of Blackrock dwarf patrollers.

Netherweave Cloth

We're back in Outland to loot the local humanoids. Well, no secret, for the more daring, instances like the Shadow Labyrinth, the Broken rooms or the raid ofEye are ultra profitable. If not in the outside world, it is towards Shadowmoon.


Shadow Moon Valley

Frostweave Cloth

Direction Icecrown, without going through the starting square, do not touch 50g. If you still want tissue galore, instances like Fosse du Saron Summit and the Dungeon of Utgarde. Outdoors, a zone is profitable, but not really for the young 80s, more for the 85-90s. Lots of mobs in groups of 7-8 each time.



Embers Silk Cloth

Stuff is increasingly scarce between Cataclysm and Mop. I have to admit that I struggled to find a viable location for Cataclysm. But while researching and testing the areas, the small village in Deepholm where the troggs attack the dwarves was a nice find.

Small tip: if you have an alchemist, consider the treasure find potion, it helps a lot.



Aeolaine fabric

As I said for the Embers-Silk fabrics, it is more and more difficult to find a typical farm area. However, if you have the time, you can try your luck in the Vale of Eternal Spring. The little elves are quick to kill and give tissue.

Information: if the quest "The Goblins Cretins" is available in Tombmist, make the most of it because the repop is infinite and fast. All it takes is one blow to have the mob that kills itself almost alone.


Vale of Eternal Spring


Voila, my little Special Edition on fabric recovery is finished. If you liked the latter, I would see to make others on other interesting components. With that, good farming!

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