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In addition to the more general guide to the dungeon, here is the exploration part of the Manor of Caudecus.

After our first meeting with Minister Caudecus, his mansion was partially destroyed by the Uzolan golem. He then accepted Queen Jennah's hospitality during the repairs, so the mansion is under surveillance by the Shining Blade. But without the owner of the premises, the bandits take the opportunity to invest the premises ...

Upon our arrival, we are challenged by the mentor Talie who is overwhelmed in the management of the mansion. She asks us to help her in three tasks, it is up to us to choose:

  • Path 1 : help the passing asura. An Arcane Council emissary, Traffa, needs help recovering the Asura technologies used by Uzolan.
  • Path 2 : look for the seraphim. Seraphim have disappeared, we must find them.
  • Path 3 : find the butler. The Beetlestone Manor butler cannot be found, we must investigate to find him.
  • Path 1
  • Path 2
  • Path 3



Part XNUMX: Destroy Asura Technologies

After talking to Talie, the Asura Traffa will follow you everywhere, your mission will be to destroy all golem remains and asura technologies in the sector. Start with the golem in the courtyard.

Then enter the mansion through the main door, take the right door (without going up the stairs), you arrive in a small room with a new door on the right which leads to the subsoil.

There will be 9 Asura technologies to destroy.


But beware, bandits occupy the premises. The fights are not practical to see: they take place indoors and the ceiling is low, the camera will be glued to the character.

The last 2 technologies to destroy are close to Seamus Vis'juste, a legendary enemy. There are several strategies:

  • either you approach the technologies, tell Traffa to destroy them, and you flee (the exit door opens as soon as all the technologies are destroyed).
  • either you destroy the technologies, leave the room and face the boss outside.
  • or you face the boss inside.

In the event that you confront him, know that he will try to be in melee to push you back, which is very unpleasant, plan for stability.

Personally, I strongly advise you to face it outside, not only we cannot see anything in the cellar, but 2 turrets net launcher will also be there. So you have to destroy them first before dealing with the boss. To avoid being pushed back in close combat, turn around him as close as possible (agree on the direction before starting the fight!), by the time he fires his rifle, you will already be on the side.

Seamus Vis'juste does not offer no safe boss reward.

Once you've killed or dodged it, go to the next building. Wait before you jump headlong into the fight!


Boss 2: Morgan the canonnier

The boss is at the bottom, however he has plenty of allies up high. We'll have to kill them before focusing on him. Plan for projectile returns because to kill the bandits in height, you will need cross the room. The stairs are at the back, so you will be uncovered and they hurt!

Kill the normal bandits first, there are only 2 or 3 elites in the batch. Once they're dead take care of Morgan, he doesn't do much damage, only his many areas are to be avoided.

Now that he's dead, the passage opens into the tunnels. Be careful, when you face groups of bandits, the thieves heal enemies, kill them first! As soon as the first group of bandits is dead, a second is waiting for you in the narrow passage on the right. Pay attention, there are a lot of area spells because of the bombers.


Boss 3: Bloodthirsty Victoria

Victoria is a thief, she will surrender invisible to make a very powerful attack against a random person. To avoid this blow, count the time it would take him to approach you and dodge. For those in melee, count 2 seconds. Other than that, she does absolutely nothing.

Retrace your steps to exit the room and turn right.


4th stage: bandits everywhere

You will come to a room full of bandits.

There is no point in facing them, walk along the right wall all together (to distribute the damage) and climb the wooden path without stopping. Continue to the bottom then go into the cache just down there.


From there, bring in the enemies step by step.

A chest will be waiting for you when the 2 elite bandits guarding the next passage are dead.

Continue down the hall, a new room accommodates a few bandits, first kill those high up on the scaffolding and face the others.

Boss 5: Frost

This is the final boss. Destroy the rocket turrets then attack the boss. It has 2 capacities: one frost breath which slows down, and a ice projectile that freezes someone. Do not stay in the breath, it causes rather significant damage. Consider destroying the block of ice if a person was hit by the projectile to free it.

All 25% of life of the lost boss, a golem s'active. They are not very bad, kill them before returning to the boss.

The first red path does not designate anything in particular, it is only to differentiate the arrows. On the other hand, the second piece in red is a delicate passage.


Part 1: care for the nurse

Once you have chosen the path, enter the mansion through the main door. Do not go straight to the goal, this will prevent you from going back and forth. Rather take the'right staircase to go upstairs. You will arrive in a room with 2 elite bandits. Do not enter the room right away, kill them from a distance. The room is full of traps, with each step you take spikes will come out of the ground, in 3 steps you are dead. Jump on the mats, these are safe areas. To cross the room, there are 2 possibilities: the normal strategy is to take the pillows near the armchairs and throw them to the ground for jump on and thus do not activate the traps.

Or you can jump forward. A trap will be activated, wait to regain a little life (hence the usefulness of having killed the bandits before to be out of combat) then start again until the other end of the room.

The goal is to recover the care kit in the safe on the balcony.

Now that you have the first aid kit, head to the goal. Take them left stairs (from the entrance) and walk down the hall. Be careful, in the rooms on the sides, enemies are waiting for you.

Once we get to the bottom, free the nurse. She will be treated immediately and will accompany you (if you release her before picking up the care kit, you will have to return to see her). Retrace your steps to return to the entrance hall. The boss gets impatient.

First kill the bandits accompanying him and finish off Marius. Watch out for the enemies in the opposite staircase (the one you took earlier) and their turrets, they are sure to annoy you.


Boss 2: Bridgette and her hunting dog

Go back to the start of the dungeon to find the next boss.

Bridgette is accompanied by a few friends, among them are Bandit Scatter Shots, those there will throw you back and forth. When it comes time to engage in combat, put up an impassable wall and kill them quickly, you will have time to finish them off before they reach you. Otherwise plan to stability. Kill the thieves and then the rest of the group.

Now that you are calm, face the boss. She doesn't do much damage but watch out for her reprisals. Kill Em weapons she summons.

When he died, the hunting hound will attack. It does not do particularly damage. On the other hand, it inflicts fear very often. Gain stability or remove alterations.

The next passage is tricky (second section in red on the map). To open the door, it will take lay 5 barrels of powder on marks on the ground. The problem is that the area is crawling with bandits who will try to kidnap them, so you have to ask them at the same time.

If one person can make the group invisible before starting, that is very handy. Otherwise, plan for shields, damage reduction, toughness reinforcement. The barrels of powder are against the wall of the house just in front of the door. Determine in advance who is posing on which brand.

When laying the barrels, the brand must be right in front of your character so that the barrel is in place. To place them, use the weapon change button, do it at the same time so that the bandits do not kidnap them.

Do not hesitate to start over cleanly instead of going back to look for the barrels each on your own.

Once the door is destroyed, kill the remaining enemies and move forward.


Boss 3: Martha the crazy

You arrive in a path protected by bandits and turrets. The boss patrols the path. Wait until she goes back to the end of the path to kill the first bandits. Work your way up this way until you can get the boss to come to a safe area.

Nothing in particular against her, she is a pole boss.


Boss 4: Turmaine

At the end of the path is the last boss. It's a health bag. He will do large areas which will explode after a few seconds, they are easy to dodge. Their effect remains for a few seconds. Regularly, the boss will put himself in mist shape, then it will be invincible and will apply a lot of alterations to people in contact with it.

After his death you can release the seraph from his prison and the dungeon will be finished!


After choosing the path, enter the mansion through the door of the north wing and cross it to exit at the back of the mansion. On the left awaits the first boss.


Boss 1: Seamus Vis'just

It's the same strategy as for the first path, except it's on the outside. Kill his sidekicks and finish off the boss.

Enter the mansion basement. You will have to find the switch who commands the door to continue. Obviously, it is on the other side of the basement. Face the bandits who are there and press the button.

Retrace your steps, the door is open.

Before continuing any further, have the guns who are next. Your skill bar has been replaced with 5 projectile deflection skills. They have a fairly long reload time, so you have to use them one after the other.
The goal is to cross the following corridor by returning rockets rocket launchers. This is the only way to destroy them and open the door. To return them well, be alone in the red circle of the area of ​​effect, otherwise it is the person furthest in front who will take the rocket, and it will not be easy to know who should return the projectile. The hardest part will be to grasp the moment to return the rocket. Fire the rifle when it is almost on you.

Boss 2: elections

As soon as you walk through the door, you'll come face to face with the next boss. It will first be necessary to kill the 3 bandits who accompany him. The boss throws a lot of pomegranates, they hurt relatively badly, and can even kill instantly if you take more than one.

The next hallway is filled with traps, it must pass when they are not active.

One trick is to stick against the left wall, there is a small space where the traps will not get to you. The distant ones can stay there to attack the bandits guarding the next corridor, there is no need to be in melee.


3rd part: more bandits everywhere

The next room is crowded with bandits. It is possible to pass them without them even seeing you. For it, walk along the rock on the right and jump on it a little before the wooden path, then continue on the path, staying stuck to the right so as not to attract them.

Continue to the back of the room and go into the cache.

Bring in the bandits in small groups.

Boss 4 : Vallog

Here is the last boss of this dungeon. Start by killing the 3 bandit riflemen.

The boss is almost ridiculous, he does absolutely no damage. Distant people pay attention when doing the air whirlwind, it returns the projectiles. Apart from that ... TAP !!


Congratulations, the Caudecus mansion is finished!

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