ESO - Patch-notes 1.03

Maintenance this morning, and so here are the patch notes of all kinds of corrections made.



Alliance War

  • Attempting to use / stuck in Cyrodiil no longer advises you to use / bug instead of / help if you get really stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented icons on the map from updating if all resources were captured at roughly the same time.
  • You now generate Ultimates against battle-leveled players.

Combat and Gameplay

  • Silver Tiles Rank 2 can now be restored to your skill bar if removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Scout's Finery. It no longer grants you too much Stamina regeneration.

Crafts and economy

  • You should no longer be able to accidentally deconstruct the helmet you are equipped with.
  • The sale value of the food you cook has been reduced to make it commensurate with other craft branches.

Dungeons and Groups
Black anchors

  • You should no longer get stuck if all Followers were killed as soon as they spawn.


  • The Forbidden Dungeon: After killing Cell Haunt and other monsters, Warden Areldur will no longer remain trapped.
  • The Forbidden Dungeon: Fixed an issue in the end boss room that would not appear if you had the quest but were not on the correct stage.


  • You will now need to restart the game client after a patch, to make sure you don't get stuck on the loading screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused you to propel you through the air when stepping on certain items.


  • Under the Ashes: Monsters in the Abandoned Mine should now respawn as intended.
  • A thorny situation: it should no longer be possible to get stuck in the cell when you are grouped with another player.
  • Service rendered: fixed an issue that prevented the crystal from being used on monsters at the appropriate time.


  • Digging Up the Past: Particles should no longer be impossible to pick up if you are at the correct stage of the quest, as it can sometimes happen.
  • The Fall of Carzog: Caleen and Lambur should now talk to you for sure.

Morneroc Island

  • The Frostman: It should now be possible to find the third clue every time.


  • The Army of Meridia: The Rampart should no longer appear in a state that is sometimes resistant to any interaction.
  • Crossing the Abyss: You should still be able to start and navigate through portal events.
  • Crossing the Abyss: The fight against Molag Grunda should properly reset if you revive after dying.


  • Trade Negotiations: Quest markers have been added to the compass and world map for each stage.
  • Trade Negotiations: Bodani and Raston should now appear consistently when returning the quest.
  • Challenge Gruznak: The signal horn should still be usable to summon Gruznak.


  • Beak and Nail Lineage: Shackled Werewolf should now speak as intended when taken into the cave.

Graht wood

  • Forgotten Soul: You should be able to interact with Welkynd's Stone every time.
  • Scars are for life: Slim-Jah will talk to you systematically, and his hunters will be ready to face you in a duel every time.
  • Haven of Restlessness: The ritual event should consistently spawn as intended, and should no longer end when there are multiple players in the area.


  • The Anchors of the Harbor: Doshia has had her powers reduced.

Main quest

  • Worm Castle: Fixed an issue that could block the quest if you disconnect during the "Observe the Scene" step.
  • Worm Castle: Cadwell should no longer decide to stop following you.
  • Daughter of the Giants: The exit portal should always appear when you have defeated the end boss.

Malabal Tor

  • Arithiel: The Wizard's Event should now appear as intended when you are on the correct quest step.

March of the Camarde

  • Fall of Hadran: Returning Tand to the boss area will no longer interrupt the quest.


  • Justice of the Fallen: Leonce should reappear as planned.
  • The Liberation of Pointe-Nord: Darien will no longer be stuck, which prevented you from completing the quest.

The Screes

  • Build trust: it should be much easier to find and cure the peasants.
  • Divine Favor: Fixed an issue that prevented the Captain of the Guard from being summoned.

Storm Haven

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Achievement of Dreams Scourge, Champion / Champion of Spirit Guardians, and Azura's Ally / Ally from being awarded.
  • The ideal burial: it should be much easier to find vasards.

The breach

  • The Body to the Test: You should be able to attack all the bosses as intended.
  • The tomb under the mountain: you should always be able to revive a corpse so that it follows you.


  • The error message "Account expired" should now be displayed correctly regardless of the language selected for the customer.
  • The error message "An unknown error has occurred" has been modified to be more clear and informative.

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