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For those used to LEGO video games, you already know that minikits sometimes give you a hard time collecting them. For those who are new to them, these are collectable items (10 per level) that allow you to build models at the end of the level in the scores screen. In our case, these are ships that will be available in Free Play once assembled. Check out the locations of the minikits in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (LRdlF) below.

First of all, I strongly recommend playing all levels in Story mode to unlock all types of characters for their abilities (including Kit Fisto or Admiral Ackbar, as well as the jetpack with Athgar Heece). To complete, you need to unlock a big character capable of breaking down cracked walls. For 200 coins, you will find what you need on Takodana but you can also play the Battle of Dejarik in the Millennium Falcon (the chess game) to get the right characters for free if you pass the level!

  • Prologue: The Battle of Endor
  • Chapter 1: Assault on Jakku
  • Chapter 2: Leaked Finalizer
  • Chapter 3: Niima Outpost
  • Chapter 4: Eravana
  • Chapter 5: Maz Castle
  • Chapter 6: Battle of Takodana
  • Chapter 7: The Resistance
  • Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage
  • Chapter 9: Destroying Starkiller Base
  • Chapter 10: The Apotheosis
  • Epilogue: Luke's Island
  • The Scarlet Corsair
  • The return of Lor San Tekka
  • Ottegan assault
  • Poe to the rescue
  • Rathtar hunting
  • Conflicts over Taul
  • The Battle of Endor
  • Assault on Jakku
  • Leaked Finalizer
  • Niima Outpost
  • Eravana
  1. At the start of the level, you have to build a trampoline with the multi-construction on the right
  2. [Free play] Use the Force to move the hive after the blaster battle
  3. After destroying the biped (the one towards R2-D2), use the multi-build to access the platform
  4. [Free play] Enter the pond with Admiral Ackbar (Kit Fisto also works, the admiral can be unlocked in Poe to the rescue). Build a bomb against the tree, go inside and build three instruments after breaking the scenery!
  5. Arrived at the bunker, destroy the 3 piles of golden rocks with the biped.
  6. [Free play] In front of the bunker too, use the commander's ability to order the three soldiers to help you open the hood.
  7. [Free play] In the fight against the Emperor, destroy the silver bricks on the right, and use BB-8 and win at the suggested game.
  8. [Free play] Use the Force at the bottom left and go through the small passage to get the minikit.
  9. At the helm of the Millennium Falcon, destroy 5 turrets.
  10. Once in the reactor room, break the three top brackets.

  1. In the village, destroy the elements of the scenery and build a basketball hoop, knock down the pins and put the ball in the goal.
  2. Build three barrels for the villagers to hide.
  3. In the house on the right (the one where there is the weapons cache).
  4. [Free play] When the Stormtroopers land, destroy the three silver antennas.
  5. Arrived after the blasters phase, shoot a stormtrooper that can be seen in the entrance of a house.
  6. [Free play] Knock down a water tower with the Force.
  7. Build a terminal for BB-8 to open the ship that just landed.
  8. [Free play] Destroy the golden object to get a minikit.
  9. [Free play] Near the flamethrower, use Admiral Ackbar in the pond, then build a terminal and use it.
  10. [Free play] Use super force to open the hut.

  1. [Free play] At the start of the hangar, use the Dark Force to enter a room on the left. Using the same character, break both terminals in the small room to build an item that gives you the minikit.
  2. [Free play] In the same room, shake the droid.
  3. In the first part of the level, kill 4 small sentry droids.
  4. On board the ship, destroy 30 turrets.
  5. Win the race, the starting point being inside the Star Destroyer.
  6. Destroy 5 TIE with bombs.
  7. [Free play] On Jakku, at the beginning of the progression, you will find a wall on which you must use the Strength of a Sith.
  8. Once inside the ruined ship, on the right of the screen you will find bars hanging on the wall. A minikit is located near the last bar.
  9. [Free play] The minikit is located behind a wall that can be opened with a lightsaber.
  10. Towards the end of the level, use the multi-build to make a propulsion platform for BB-8. Use the droid to go through the conduit and pick up the minikit.

  1. There are three birds distributed in the first part of the level. They are high up, perched on elements of the decor.
  2. Get on the conveyor and wait a bit for the minikit to appear.
  3. [Free play] Near the end of the level, use the Force to extract 3 droids from the sand, the bounty hunter will give you the minikit.
  4. Use one of the animals to break a large block.
  5. [Free play] Destroy the golden crane (with the turret or a character) then use super force to open the crate.
  6. [Free play] After the shooting, retrace your steps a little bit, break the silver bricks and dive into the pond.
  7. Use droid SN-1F4 to clear a pile of sand on the left of the Millennium Falcon.
  8. In the phase with the ships, destroy 4 brown porticoes.
  9. Destroy 3 wrecks.
  10. During "free" navigation, you have to visit the debris: there is a passage with a minikit inside.

  1. [Free play] Once in possession of Finn and Rey, go left of the hallway and use a protocol droid to open the door. Use the First Order terminal, fight the rathar and grab the minikit.
  2. [Free play] In the same room, build a connector for BB-8 which will send a minikit to be built via the ventilation.
  3. [Free play] Still in the same place, use the Dark Force to open the panel and then destroy what's inside to be able to build a trampoline and go up to find the minikit.
  4. [Free play] After Han shootout, use BB-8 in the passage. Then use the Force on the right key to open the panel.
  5. During the chase, a minikit is on the path (when you run from left to right).
  6. [Free play] In the room with the door to close, use the Dark Force to free the pool.
  7. In the hangar, there are 3 big bats to kill (the last is in the left part and visible when you are at the top).
  8. [Free play] On the left, after climbing up, use a lightsaber to break the ventilation.
  9. [Free play] Next to the rathar, destroy the scenery and use the Dark Force.
  10. In the right part, after opening the panel by putting the three colors back, use BB-8 to go up and get the minikit.

  • Maz Castle
  • Battle of Takodana
  • Resistance
  • Starkiller Sabotage
  1. In the courtyard, kill 9 rats.
  2. [Free play] Destroy the trees on the right and dive into the pond.
  3. In the courtyard, shoot the red button on the right wall.
  4. Use the multi-construction to destroy the tree on the left then climb. Pick up the minikit on the balcony.
  5. [Free play] From this balcony, use the jetpack to go to the second balcony.
  6. [Free play] Use the trap door with a small figure to go to the other side of the yard.
  7. Once in the cellar, retrace your steps and go up the stairs.
  8. Shoot the 4 cobwebs in the level.
  9. [Free play] Destroy the silver bricks to get the minikit.
  10. [Free play] Use the Force to open the door in the great room.

  1. [Free play] Use the Dark Force at the start of the level, on the right door.
  2. [Free play] Use force to open the door to the left of the first hallway. Destroy the scenery and build a slot for BB-8 and open the middle blind.
  3. [Free play] Repair three statues with the Force through the level.
  4. [Free play] Outside, go into the pond.
  5. When you get on the platform, go to the bottom and scan with Han and presto, a minikit!
  6. [Free play] Destroy the cracked brick after the blaster fight.
  7. [Free play] Use the Force to move the wing of the TIE ship.
  8. Use two grappling hooks during the stormtrooper fight.
  9. During the flight phase, destroy 4 targets in the water.
  10. Still with your ship, collect bombs and shoot the three towers outside the lake.

  1. Go back to the bottom of the screen, and on the left you have to open the lightsaber cabinet.
  2. [Free play] Then go to the back of the hangar on the left, open the door with the rebel terminal and use the Dark Force to destroy the bricks.
  3. Build three droids.
  4. Open the cold room and melt the ice cube with a character armed with a flamethrower.
  5. In the command center, use BB-8 on a computer.
  6. In the second part of the level, use the elevator that Nien unlocks you and go right at the end of the floor. Use BB-8 for the terminal.
  7. Directly at the bottom of this minikit, open the door and free the three soldiers there. The minikit is behind.
  8. [Free play] Recompose the board with the Force.
  9. Throughout the play area, build three miniature ships.
  10. [Free play] Upstairs opposite Nien, use a character with the skill of agility (like Rey) to get the minikit suspended in the void.
  1. Shoot 5 Sentry Droids.
  2. Build a small vehicle to crush the snow piles. Delete them and the minikit is yours!
  3. [Free play] Take the hatch and at the top, use a lightsaber to free the minikit.
  4. Once on the wall of Starkiller, build 4 rebel flags.
  5. Build a giant hair dryer (yes I really wrote that sentence)!
  6. [Free play] Melt the ice with a flamethrower.
  7. In Starkiller, at the very beginning, use the Force to lift the tunnel.
  8. [Free play] Upstairs on the left, use a jetpack or a character with the double jump to access the minikit on the platform.
  9. [Free play] Before the blaster fight, go to the right of the room and use the Force on the pipe to open the door.
  10. During the blaster fight before the control room, shoot 4 crossing mouse droids. A droid may stay in one of the openings on the left or right so shoot blind.
  • Destroy the Starkiller base
  • Apotheosis
  • Luke's Island
  • The scarlet corsair
  • Ottegan assault
  1. During the passage in the ship, the minikit is above a pile of stones, on the right of the screen.
  2. In the free phase, race.
  3. [Free play] In the escape phase with Rey, upstairs on the left, open the door with the Dark Force.
  4. [Free play] A little higher, use the Force to knock down a bar serving as a bridge. Go through and use the Dark Force on the door again.
  5. When it comes to climbing with Rey, continue higher.
  6. [Free play] Inside the oscillator room, go through the hatch with a little character.
  7. Build the top of the gray cabinet on the right side.
  8. [Free play] Destroy 4 lamps which are on the railing at the bottom of the screen. The last lamp is in the closed part on the left. To access it, you have to use the little droid after destroying the glass brick with the Force.
  9. [Free play] Destroy the golden brick.
  10. [Free play] In the right part, go up with the grappling hook, use a protocol droid and go through the gas.
  1. Race outside the base.
  2. In the flight phase, destroy 5 green turrets.
  3. Still in flight, when passing the large propellers, there is a mini-kit that floats.
  4. In the Oscillator Room, shoot the 3 First Order logos on the walls.
  5. [Free play] During the first phase against Kylo Ren, with the character at the top, melt the ice with the flamethrower and dive into the pond.
  6. In the level, build 3 snowmen.
  7. In the trench against Kylo Ren, use the grappling hooks on the left shaft to release a minikit.
  8. At the same place, you can see a striped plate at the bottom. Start the blaster fight and destroy 6 sentries.
  9. [Free play] After the climbing or jumping phase, break the cracked brick.
  10. Retrace your steps a bit and there are other pillars to jump on to the right. Then pass the gas.
  1. [Free play] At the start on the left, use Admiral Ackbar in the pond.
  2. All along the level you will find 3 trees with a bird on it. Destroy all 3.
  3. [Free play] In front of R2-D2, knock the crate down with a grapple.
  4. [Free play] Cut the rock with a lightsaber.
  5. Before going up the first stairs, continue to the right and use Rey to play the balancing act.
  6. [Free play] In the same place, take out the minikit with the Force.
  7. Higher before going along the cliff, use the bars on the wall to reach the minikit.
  8. [Free play] Further, before pulling the block, use the Force on the cumbersome pebbles the minikit.
  9. [Free play] Destroy the golden bricks.
  10. [Free play] Destroy the cracked brick on the right when you get to Luke.
  1. Destroy the golden bricks on the left.
  2. Use the grappling hook to shoot the ship's door.
  3. [Free play] Use the Force on the reactor.
  4. There are three animals distributed in the level, which must be typed: one behind the ship at the beginning, one to the right of the stairs near the electricity and a last one to the bridge on which you climb towards the end with the little character.
  5. With the first multi-build, build a drill on the left.
  6. [Free play] Unlock the minikit with the First Order terminal.
  7. [Free play] Use the Dark Force on the fan.
  8. On the first platform, go left and use the grappling hook.
  9. [Free play] Arrived on the last combat platform, defeat all the stormtroopers and go up to the left to use the Force to bring down the minikit.
  10. Run to the bottom right of the screen, on a metal ledge.
  1. During the ship pursuit phase, destroy 3 ships marked with the yellow triangles.
  2. When you pass through a trench, pick up the minikit on the way!
  3. In the free flight phase, win the race.
  4. In the ground part, destroy 3 ships.
  5. [Free play] At the beginning, use the terminal with a rebel.
  6. Open the cockpit of the TIE ship with the Dark Force.
  7. [Free play] Very close to the TIE, use Admiral Ackbar to enter the pond.
  8. Use Kylo Ren's Force to deflect a missile at the silver brick next to the silver ship.
  9. Right after, destroy the golden brick and build the giant fishing rod with the multi-build.
  10. [Free play] Arrived at the toxic zone, cross it and go get the minikit at the end of the path.
  • The return of Lor San Tekka
  • Poe to the rescue
  • Rathtar hunting
  • Conflicts over Taul
  1. Shoot the target on the machine, a robot will come out. Follow him and he will dig up a minikit for you.
  2. Hit 4 Sandworms. The first is at the bottom left of the sand play area.
  3. [Free play] Use BB-8 on the crashed ship.
  4. [Free play] Before you go through the big door, use the lightsaber on the ventilation.
  5. [Free play] Use BB-8 to once again have a minikit.
  6. [Free play] Enter the pond with Admiral Ackbar.
  7. Destroy 4 silver bricks in the level (2 at the top left in the large hangar, 1 at the right and 1 at the top near the exit).
  8. On the platform at the top left, climb the slope to collect the minikit (double jump or jetpack).
  9. There are two ways to get this minikit. Either use the jetpack to pick it up, or you fall from the platform at the top.
  10. Destroy the great silver wall and play wheel of fortune until the minikit arrives!
  1. [Free play] In the compactor, use the Force to extract the minikit from the water.
  2. Use Admiral Ackbar in the pond.
  3. In the corridors and rooms, use the grappling hook 3 times.
  4. After the blaster fight destroy the silver brick.
  5. Use the hatch for BB-8 and knock down the crates with the crane. Destroy the crates for the minikit.
  6. [Free play] Use the Force on the right of the room and climb to get the minikit.
  7. In the elevator, shoot again and again at the gym level to destroy the 2 targets.
  8. During the chase phase, a minikit is in an asteroid (right-hand cell).
  9. During the free flight phase, destroy 7 green crystals.
  10. When fighting TIE bombers, grab 3 torpedoes and destroy the pink towers on the surface.
  1. [Free play] On the right, use the Dark Force to open the small cave.
  2. Still in the same room, use agility to access the platform and take the minikit in the wall.
  3. [Free play] In the river, use the Force on 5 flowers.
  4. [Free play] At the waterfall, go through the trap door.
  5. Arrived at the spiders, build the right cupcakes and jump on them to get the minikit.
  6. [Free play] At the top of the waterfall, use Admiral Ackbar in the pond.
  7. [Free play] Once at the loading area, use the Force on the left to open the flower.
  8. [Free play] In the same place, break the golden bricks at the top left of the screen.
  9. Destroy 5 luminescent flowers in the rathar area.
  10. Before you capture the rathar, use Han to pull the crate to the creature's left.
  1. [Free play] At the start of the level, there is a silver brick that releases a minikit.
  2. Shoot 4 droids.
  3. [Free play] Use the rebel terminal, go to the upper room and melt the ice around the minikit.
  4. [Free play] Burst 5 asteroids with the turret.
  5. [Free play] In the lower room, use the Force on the machines.
  6. [Free play] Use the Dark Force on the wall.
  7. Return to the normal path and use the protocol droid on the terminal.
  8. During the blaster fight, destroy the golden brick at the back.
  9. Destroy the cracked brick on the left of a hallway.
  10. [Free play] In the space game, use the Force to bring down the minikit.

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