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In this brand new opus, there is a novelty, the kitchen. The latter may seem anecdotal at first glance, but is extremely useful, whatever the situation.


How to cook

The way of cooking is extremely simple. First, you will have to find a pot. They are found in all cities, relays, and it is also possible to find them in encampments, outposts and enemy bases or even near makeshift encampments of friendly NPCs that you can meet all over the area. map to the sandstone of your explorations.

Of course, the pot must be on a lighted fire. There are several ways to start a fire:

  • Use a flint.
  • Use a red chuchu jelly.
  • Use a weapon with the "fire" effect
  • Use a torch / branch / wooden weapon that you have ignited.

Once the fire is lit, stand next to the pot and open the inventory, at the "ingredients" tab. Once in this tab, all you have to do is choose an ingredient and select “Take” from the drop-down menu. Once the latter has been selected, you can either use it on its own or combine it with other ingredients. It is possible to combine up to five ingredients at the same time.

Once you have selected the desired ingredient (s), exit the menu and press the A button (it will be indicated " To cook ") when you are next to the pot in order to start the preparation of the dish which is done automatically! After a short cutscene and a little music (which will help you to know if your recipe is successful or not), you get your cooked dish!

When selecting the ingredients, be aware that the number of ingredients will influence the dish or remedy. For example, if you prepare a remedy with 4 “enduro” type ingredients and one “monster material” type ingredient, the effect will be short-lived, but of a high level. It is of course possible to do the opposite, or to ensure that it is balanced.

It is possible to create "Critical dishes". These are characterized by a specific sound during design. It is possible to be able to safely and reliably prepare a critical dish under one of the following three conditions:

  • Cooking during "Blood Moon" nights
  • Add a "Star Fragment" to the dish
  • Add a piece of dragon (Claw, fangs, horns, scales) to the dish.

Critical dishes are characterized by a bonus or random improvement that is added to the dish:

  • Returns three more hearts.
  • Grants an additional bonus heart.
  • Regenerates endurance.
  • Grants an additional bonus stamina gauge.
  • Increase the effect to the next rank (potion of 1 rank which goes to rank 2).


The ingredients and their effects

There are many, many ingredients in Breath Of The Wild. It is possible to cook absolutely all of them (yes yes, even antique objects!). Most foods have different effects, divided into 11 categories. The potency of the effects will depend on the potency of the ingredient and the number used.

As previously said, most foods provide one of the effects listed above. Foods all have a "Effect power" different, categorized as follows:

  • A: very strong
  • B : fort
  • C: medium
  • D: weak
  • E: very low

It is possible to add several times an ingredient of rank E in order to obtain in the end, a rank D, or even C. It is possible to do this for all the foods, except those of rank A which are already at the maximum and some rare ingredients that see their potency reduced if they are used in multiple copies.

Now, let's go to the list of all the ingredients, sorted by effect category:

There are many other ingredients, but these do not add any additional effects.

Ingredients "Max"

"Enduro" ingredients

Ingredients "Vitalis"

"Flame-retardant" ingredients

Ingredients "Glagla"

Ingredients «Pikpik»

"Electro" ingredients

"Tempo" ingredients

Ingrédients «Silence»

"Robusto" ingredients

Ingredients "Protecto"


Cooked meals

Now that we know the effects, the ingredients and how to cook, let's move on to the dishes themselves! These can be categorized into two main categories:

  • The food
  • The cures

The food (and fairy essences) mainly allows you to restore life, grant bonus hearts and mainly activate Protecto, Robusto, Silencio and Tempo type effects. Food is best for recovering a lot of health, while adding strong passive bonuses, or with a long one.

The curesThey mainly add effects to the detriment of care. The remedies make it possible to maximize the power of the effects, but also to have a long duration, unlike food which will have either a powerful effect or a very long duration, but hardly both at the same time (except for a few rare dishes). This is because the remedies only consist of the ingredient with the desired effect and a monster material (which affects the duration), which makes it possible to add a lot more of one or the other.

Now it's time for the recipes! Only the table grouping the remedies will display the effects, because they are very specific. Indeed, the effects of other dishes will depend on the type of food used. For example, a “salted crab” may receive the Protecto effect if you use an armo crab as it may also receive the Enduro effect if you use an enduro crab.

The remedies and elixirs

The desserts

Meat and poultry


Stews, curries and risottos

Soup, herbs and fruits

Monster dishes

Single ingredient dish

Bon appétit!

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