The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild – Guide des souvenirs

The scenario of Breath Of The Wild differs from previous opus in its way of being discovered and evolving. Indeed, amnesiac character obliges, it will be necessary to try to find our past memories and, to do this, we have as one and only clue that the photos of our previous adventures there 100 years ago.

You can view these photos on your sheikah tablet. However, you will first need to have unlocked the "photo" module to be able to see them.


Activate the Photo module

The "photo" module can be obtained by following the main quest: "Zelda's Legacy". The latter will ask you to go meet the scientist "Pru'ha" au Elemith's Ancient Laboratory, located on the hill overlooking the village of Elemith.

Once you are in the lab, Pru'ha will offer you the quest "Deploy powers", which will activate the latest modules of the tablet (and incidentally, improve them. But that will be another guide!).

This quest will require you to bring back a blue flame in the laboratory in order to reactivate his laboratory. The blue flame is on the heights of the village of Elimith, just above the fields, next to the Zelk pond.

All you have to do is arm yourself with a simple torch, set it on fire and bring it to the laboratory. The flame will go out before reaching the top, but on all the roads in the city are found lamps that you can light with said flame, which can serve as a “save point” for your flame.

Going fast enough, you won't be using more than two torches. Once at the laboratory, place the flame in the machine just in front of.

Once the quest is validated, the photo module will be activated!


Where to find the memories

Now that you have the photo module activated, you will notice that there is already 12 photos present! They were taken 100 years ago by Zelda and represent important places for her and Link.

These 12 photos can be viewed at any time during your adventure and in any order. You may never even go and discover them if you are not interested! Note, however, that if you found all your memories, you will have a extra end !

Now, let's get to the heart of the guide: the location of memories!

Souvenir 1

The first photo will take you to a rather dangerous place, especially if you plan to go there at the start of your adventure. Indeed, it is located in the hyrule plain, just at south Hyrule Castle and teeming with fit goalies who can't wait to make you a steak! One of them will revolve around memory.

For the memory to appear, stand at the center of the square.

Souvenir 2

The second memory is also found in the Center of Hyrule and more precisely, in the hyrule plain, towards the center, but in a calm and safe place. It is located in the small forest that borders the west bank of the Pond of Comolo.

You just have to get close to everything small promontory for the memory to appear.

Souvenir 3

The third memory is found very far to the west, in the region of Hebra and the Confines of Tabanta. It is located in the south of the region, at the top of a mountain. In order to help you locate it, from the tabanta tower, you can easily aim The sanctuary which is right in front of the memory. To get there, climb the mountain from the west if you don't have a lot of stamina.

The souvenir sits right next to a collapsed column.

Souvenir 4

The fourth souvenir is extremely easy to find, moreover you will necessarily pass by during your adventure. It is in the Gerudo desert, just in front of the Bazar assek (the oasis located on the road leading to the Cité Gérudo).

The memory is just at the level of the East bank of the oasis.

Souvenir 5

For this memory, it will not only be good at climbing, but also withstand the heat. Indeed, it is located in the volcanic region of Ordinn and, more precisely, in Ordinn's Ravine. It will be necessary to climb a mountain located western lava river.

The memory appears when you approach the edge of the cliff.

Souvenir 6

The sixth memory is very easy to find. To do this, go to the northwest of central Hyrule, northeast of the Hyrule Hills. You can easily reach the remembrance area by hovering with the parasail from the Hill tour or by going to relay of Delass (Monya'Toma shrine). The souvenir is found after a small body of water, in the middle of a field of flowers located right next to a lonely tree.

The memory appears as soon as you are in the flower field.

Souvenir 7

The seventh memory is found at the far south of Hyrule Center, at a mountain that overlooks the small Adeya Lake. This souvenir is very easy to access by climbing.

The memory appears as soon as you approach the two small statues located under the tree.

Souvenir 8

The eighth memory is arguably the most difficult and dangerous to recover. Indeed, to obtain it it will not only be necessary enter Hyrule Castle, but go to the doors of the final boss and climb, all while being chased by flying guardians and targeted by turrets! To reach it, join the top of Hyrule Castle and, when you are in front of the boss room, do not enter, but go left and go to the edge of the cliff. You will then see two connected towers, with a flying guardian that flies over the bridge between the two.

The memory is located in right in the middle of said bridge.

Souvenir 9

This memory is very easy to access. It is located at the Source of Force in the region Akkala. To get there easily, go to East Akkala Relay (Katsu'Tosa Shrine) and head west. You will come across a large plain with wild horses, continue west and you will see a precipice with a lake (if you see flying guardians you have gone too far). Jump and you are in the source!

The memory appears when you place yourself at the entrance to the source.

Souvenir 10

The tenth souvenir is very easy to obtain, you just need to follow a route! It is located to the south-east of Hyrule Hills. Follow the road that leaves to the south and you will come across the "Ruins of the Sandine Park".

The memory appears as you approach the ledge, located just after the huge horse statue.

Souvenir 11

The eleventh memory will require you to go on a mop for a long time. The easiest (and fastest) is to start from village Cocorico and take the path leading to la Great Fairy fountain. When it is out of reach, bypass it and continue on your way until you reach a crossroads. Take the passage leading east and walk along the river guarded by many enemies until you see a large wall with an arch.

The memory appears as soon as you approach the ark.

Souvenir 12

This is the last memory recorded on the sheikah tablet. It is very easy to reach and get. Meet east of the Hyrule Plain. If you have discovered the Swamp relay (Kaya'Miwa shrine), go there and take the road north and pass the Ribbon Bridge. Once crossed, take the small dirt road that leads south until you reach a small forest.

The memory appears towards the center of the forest, on the dirt road.


The secret memory

Once you have discovered the twelve memories, return to Impa in the village of Cocorico. She will reveal to you that there is a thirteenth and final memory attached to you and Princess Zelda, the latter having made a promise to Impa not to reveal anything to you until you have recovered all your previous memories.

You have as one and only clue, a painting which is in Impa's house.

Secret memory

This souvenir is extremely easy to obtain. To do this, simply go to the Necluda region, at Relay of the Gemini (Hayu'Dama shrine). Once there, simply go east, in the middle of the Marshes of Ferne.

The memory appears in the center, near the water.

There you go, you know where to find all of the Breath Of The Wild memorabilia and you can have access to the second ending!

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