Minecraft Snapshot 14w21b

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A new Minecraft snapshot was released this week, unfortunately it almost only fixes bugs. But it also optimizes the game.

Let's start with the fixed bugs:

  • Cats shunned the player like the Ocelots.
  • Some mobs were unresponsive after the player died.
  • The seeds did not come off when the light was at 0.
  • Skins sometimes disappeared after the player died.
  • Put the stat stat.useltem. glitched the scoreboard.
  • Killing a zombie villager triggered the aggression of the zombie pigs.
  • Baby hens could no longer fit through a hole half a block high.
  • Teleporting a dog or a cat in a solid transparent block (luminite, tnt, carpet, etc ...) made them suffocate.
  • Villagers and farmers no longer planted seeds, their inventories were corrupt.
  • Cannot interact with an enemy if they had been attacked before dying.


Let's move on to adding commands for command blocks:

  • "Move" and "force" parameters have been added to the / clone command.
  • Move
  • Strength

It tells us that the selection cannot be cloned, but moved. This will erase the original area after a copy.

With this, we will be able to achieve a vehicle that moves autonomously, for example.

Thanks to its 2 control blocks, a block can move in 2 directions: forward and backward.

Command to advance a block:

/clone ~-1 ~-5 ~1 ~2 ~-1 ~-4 replace move

Command to move back a block:

/clone ~-1 ~-1 ~-2 ~1 ~1 ~5 ~-1 ~-3 replace move

The "force" parameter will give us the possibility to clone adjacent areas. Cloning a source zone to a destination zone gave you the following error message: "Source and destination can not overtap".

Since adding the "force" parameter at the end of the command, you can copy the zone despite the error.

I want to clarify that the 2 parameters cannot be in the same command. If you activate the "force" parameter, "move" is activated automatically.


NBT CustomName and CustomNameVisible have been added to the set of entities

The NBT CustomName tag allows you to name an entity. The NBT CustomNameVisible tag is used to display the name of the entity. These 2 tags only worked for animals and monsters, so this snapshot now allows you to name all entities!

To group these two tags, just do the following command:

/ summon Item ~~~ 3 {Itel: {id: minecraft: skull, Damage: 3}, CustomName: "The name you want to give", CustomeNameVisible: 1}


Jeb_ also unveiled an image of one of the structures that will appear in a future update:

We can observe in this photo 2 blocks, one which appears to be a trunk emitting light. For the second block, it is called "prismarine" for which the texture has already been revealed:



Jeb has announced a new aquatic mob!

I'm working on a new hostile mob. It lives under water. It's not a shark. It's going to be nasty, but currently doesn't do much.

- Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) June 3, 2014

He will be hostile but Jens Bergensten clarified that it was not a shark. We will have a little more information in the coming days!

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