Mimpi - When a dog wants to find his master!

Mimpi is an adventure, puzzle and platform game. It is developed and published by SiliconJelly, released January 20, 2015 in Android and iOS application, updated March 23, 2016 (iOS) and April 6, 2016 (Android).



Have you always wondered what dogs do when their owner leaves for the day? Well, they're looking for him!

Mimpi has a very dreamlike view of the world! You will therefore travel through 8 very colorful worlds. The story in itself is classic, but still keeps us going, because yes, any player will want to know if this little dog will find his master!


Game and gameplay

We therefore control Mimpi throughout the adventure. The gameplay of the character is basic: jump and walk. We may regret the fact that this little dog does not run, but it allows us to contemplate the landscape!
In terms of mechanics, we are in an adventure platform game interspersed with riddles and puzzles in order to be able to evolve. Which makes the game quite unique. The mini-games are quite original and rarely repetitive.

There are hints available in the game which allows you not to get stuck on a riddle and makes the game very enjoyable.

If you can't find the clues hidden in the sets, the developers have thought of everything, you can buy them in the store (from € 0,74 to € 2,97). Note: the store is not available on Steam.

We jump, we die, we jump, we die! It's part of the platform game, but the checkpoints - on which Mimpi pees - are distributed in a very balanced way in the game, which gives the possibility of retrying each slightly complex passage directly!

The game does not have a life point system. Certainly we can die, but we return directly to the checkpoint and that in an unlimited way. No life, but a point system. You can collect bones along the way, which is the equivalent of points in some games. Not required to complete the levels, we always appreciate having them!

The levels are linked and are not alike. The more we advance in the game, the more complex the levels, require attention, agility and reflection. All of this is very appreciable! A little thought for my nerves all the same with the levels underwater!


Textures for the dog are to be discovered in the game. This does not help, however we will appreciate playing a dog disguised as a zombie, cat or panda; 8 skins are available. You can go back through the levels to recover the textures that you would have missed. But if you're lazy, the developers have still thought of everything! You will find the disguises in the shop (from € 0,74 to € 1,48, or the full pack for € 5,21). Note: the store is not available on Steam.

The game, thought to be a mobile application, does not always make handling on a PC very easy. It will be necessary to handle, in several places and in a very precise way, the mouse. We can therefore make certain passages with two players, one using the mouse and the other the keyboard. Even if the game is therefore perfectly playable on a PC, it is recommended to play on a tablet.

Also tested on mobile, it is very playable, but the size of the phone screen being smaller than a PC or a tablet, we appreciate less the graphics of the game at their fair value and that's a shame.


Graphics, sound and optimization

The game is entirely cartoon. These are very beautiful and well made! The game is really beautiful, the sets are very fine and well detailed, but completely psychedelic.

Everything has been thought out and worked up to the background.

The soundtrack does not denote the decor, it is calm and pleasant to listen to, sticking perfectly to the moods. 8 different levels, 8 different music!

No advice to give regarding optimization, this game being perfectly finished!



Mimpi is a really good game, very entertaining. We finally get attached to this poor little dog who wants to find his master! The gameplay is very easy to learn and fun for the whole family to play. On the lifespan side, it takes around 7 hours of gameplay to complete it 100%, which is a bit short, but replayable. So you can always go back to the worlds to collect textures for Mimpi or to collect more bones, if you did not catch them all the first time!

If you like adventure games, platform games, puzzles, and don't have a fear of colors, then this game is for you! And if you want even more, Mimpi Dreams also exists, new story and new settings to discover!

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