Destiny: The Sales of Xûr # 2

It's Friday, and for all Destiny players, it's the day Xûr the Agent of the Nine arrives on the Tower. So we will see together what this mysterious character has to offer us.

You will find Xûr for this weekend of April 24 in the Hall of Guardians near the Crucible vendors. As a reminder, the Hall of Guardians is located in the area located under the contracts officer. But without further ado, here is what Xûr offers you this week:

MK. 44 Stand Back - Titan Boots available for 13 Strange Coins.


  • Increases the ammo capacity of heavy weapons.
  • Shoulder kick lasts longer.

Alpha Lupi badge - Hunter's Torso available in exchange for 13 Strange Coins.


  • You revive your allies faster and spawn more orbs.
  • Increases the ammunition capacity of special weapons.
  • Increases the ammo capacity of revolvers.

Ahamkara's Despair Skull - Warlock Helmet available for 13 Strange Coins.


  • The range of throwing grenades is increased.
  • Your Super's energy gain is improved on Grenade Kills.
  • Your resistance is improved when you use the Nova Bomb. Your energy drain is strengthened.

MIDA Multi-Tool - Scout Rifle available for 23 Strange Coins.


  • The weapon improves movement speed and fires at the slightest pressure on the trigger tail.
  • Radar remains active when using the sight of this weapon.

Exotic Radiance - available in exchange for 7 Strange Coins.

Exotic Torso Engram - available in exchange for 23 light particles.

Heavy ammunition - 5 cartridges available in exchange for a strange part.


So that's all the information we have on Xûr's Sales for this week. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on the equipment sold.

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