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Slay enemies, heal your teammates, protect them from vile creatures ... All that is fine, but where do you actually do it? Several choices are available to you, grouped under the common name of "Missions":

  • quests
  • instantiated dungeons
  • Hazards
  • mandates
  • guild operations



There are different types of quest: the Epic, side quests, class and job quests. Before we go into the different types of quests, let's start with the basics!

The available quests are marked above the NPC with a golden icon containing an exclamation mark. It will be enough to interact with the NPC to discover a short summary of the quest and then to accept if you wish to carry out it.

When you accept a quest, its objectives are displayed on the right of your interface. By clicking on the title of the quest you open your Journal and access its details (summary, objectives, location, reward). By clicking on its objectives, the map will open showing where you need to go.
When you have completed the quest, the NPC to be reported to is marked with a green icon with a check mark in the middle. 

Side quests

Essential in MMOs, FFXIV is no exception to the rule and offers you various objectives through these side quests: from poster collage to item delivery through the classic "bring me this and kill that".


These are the quests that tell your personal story and that of Eorzea. These important and must-have quests are marked with a somewhat different icon from the classic quest icon: its shape is that of a meteor.

The icon of the "epic" quests

Class and Job Quests

Every 5 levels, your guild masters will ask you to perform specific tasks related to your class. For example, the Elementalist will learn the subtleties of the earth element while the miner will have to fulfill a large order of copper ores. Thanks to these quests, you can earn all kinds of rewards including new skills for your discipline.


Instanced dungeons

You will be familiar with dungeons around your level 15 through the epic. To do them you will need a group. You start with Sastasha, then you will go to the Darkshroud Forest to explore the Hypogeum of Tam-Tara and finally you will have to rid the Copperbee Mines of a great threat. There are of course other dungeons, but I'll leave the surprise for now!

The objectives of the dungeon as well as the time remaining to complete it are displayed on the right. Do not hesitate to search every nook and cranny, chests could be there.

The Mines of Clochecuivre L'Hypogée de Tam-Tara Sastasha



Hazards are events that occur randomly. Here's how they look on your map: 

When you enter the event area, you automatically join the Alea and its objectives are displayed on the right. If your level is too high compared to that of the Alea, you will be able to synchronize to the correct level.

When the Alea ends, you will receive a reward based on your participation and the outcome of the event.

There are different types of Alea: fighting a single very powerful enemy, recovering objects stolen by these vile goblins, etc ... There are also so-called episodic Hazards. It is a succession of Aleas which change according to the situation. You will be able to defend a very busy crossing point attacked by enemies. If you manage to put them to flight, you will have to run after them to exterminate them permanently! If you fail, you will have to take back what was stolen, rescue captured people, reclaim lost territory, etc.



These are objectives to be achieved proposed by the Principals. These are located in each adventurer's guild, but also at each camp scattered throughout Eorzea. You will not have access to the warrants right away, you will have to advance in your epic to access them. The possibility of taking over mandates is also limited in time, you get the authorization to take over at the rate of 3 every 12 hours. Of course, if you do not carry out mandates for X days, these authorizations are cumulative.

When you have access to warrants, the Principal will first want to test your adventuring abilities using a quest and a warrant. If you are successful, he will then authorize you to take on mandates with him. There are different types of mandates, such as:

  • Extermination: As the name suggests, you must defeat enemies.
  • Patrol: You examine specific locations and eliminate threats there.
  • Escort: you must escort an NPC from one point to another.
  • Hunt: designated targets to kill.
  • Pickup: collect items.
With your money order in your pocket, go to the place indicated. It is marked with a red circle on your map. When you are there, all you have to do is go to your Journal to start the mandate. overview of mandates Display of mandate fields

It is possible to adjust the difficulty of a mandate. The higher it is, the better the reward!

During your mandate, you may come across bonuses: a chest that can contain various objects (potions, armor ...) and a desired target. It is a bit like the principle of a hunt for the bounty. If you kill her, you will get an additional reward.

Chest Target sought

When you complete a mandate, you are offered to teleport to the Principal to collect your reward. You don't have to agree and can continue with your other goals, or do something else. Then it will suffice to speak to a Principal to receive your due.


Guild Operations

They are similar to warrants. This time, it will be necessary to be in a group to perform them. Read the objectives of these operations carefully and pay attention to the instructions given as you progress.

Unlike Mandates, when you decide to start an Operation, your party will be teleported to an instantiated area. You will come out when everyone has collected their reward. The first guild operations are a good way to familiarize yourself with the group system.

You now have a solid foundation to prove your adventurous talents!

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