Battlelog update

The update of the servers was followed by an update of the Battlelog in the wake which also brings its share of changes. We will remember the addition of the 10 new missions of China Rising and how to acquire the 5 new weapons (they are already unlockable for information):

  • The L85A2 for the assault
  • The RPK-74M for support
  • The L96A1 for the scout
  • MTAR-21 for the engineer
  • And finally the MP7 as PDW

You will find all the missions in the following gallery (6 bronze missions, 3 silver missions and 1 gold mission).

For the server browser, it will now remember your sort preference. As promised, the filters for the "vehicle respawn delay" and the "number of tickets" reappear.

You will find all the changes in the list below

Battlelog update

- Battlelog now supports Battlefield 4 for Xbox One

- Added Second Assault content for Xbox One users
- Added China Rising content to Battlelog
- Support for Capture the Flag in Battle Reports
- Round Summary numbers in Battle Reports are now displayed in the tablet app
- You can now report potential cheats from the Battle Reports scoreboard
- Improved error message if trying to access BattleScreen with an incompatible device
- For users with soldiers on multiple platforms, we now auto-select the PC soldier when launching from Origin
- Server Browser list now remembers your sorting preference
- Re-added vehicle respawn rate and team ticket start counter to the Server Browser filter
- Better handling of Tablet Commander join from the Battlelog tablet app, if the server is full
- We now show presence for a Soldier when viewing them in the in-game Battlelog on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
- Various minor improvements to the in-game Battlelog for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

- Fixed an issue in the Android tablet app, where the keyboard would overlap input fields
- Fixed some Battlepacks issues where the text was incorrect
- Fixed an issue with the comments "post" button in Missions
- The Battle Reports scoreboard now highlights yourself and your squad correctly
- Fixed an issue where the Close button would show for the Unified Game Manager when playing on console
- Fixed some issues with the map rotation on the Server Info page
- Fixed some issues with shared Battle Reports in the Battle Feed
- In-game Battlelog on PC now uses the correct image size for Gravatars
- Better handling of private and unranked servers in the in-game Battlelog on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
- Fixed an issue with the in-game Battlelog on PS4, so it opens the right page from the menus
- Fixed issues with the notice bar not being positioned correctly
- Fixes for the game mode descriptions in Play Now
- Maximum values in the Server Browser filter now reflects the actual max values on servers
- Fixed an issue where Premium wasn't correctly checked for PS4 and PS3 users
- Fixed an issue with the progress counter for Missions dog tags
- Your top opponent in Missions is now shown
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't select a specific country in the Server Browser filter
- Various fixes for the Server Browser and Server Browser filter
- Various fixes for the Tablet Commander user interface
- Various fixes for the in-game Battlelog on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
- Various other minor fixes

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