Destiny - Quest for the Sleeper Simulant # 1

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The Sleeper Simulant is finally starting to reveal these secrets to us with a first series of missions that have appeared today. Through this guide, we will therefore explain to you how to complete the first part of the quest to obtain this weapon. You will find at the end of the article the guide in video format, by the Zombies Faktory.

The first part of your quest will therefore be to complete the mission "The First Firewall" located in the Cosmodrome. (Be careful, this mission is only available today, but it will come back later!)

Icon representing the famous DVALIN

If you don't see the mission, don't panic, all you have to do is bring back to Banshee-44 the gunsmith, parts of weapons called "DVALINs". These weapon parts are randomly recoverable by killing enemies, so you will need more or less chances to get four of them and thus move on to the rest of the quest.


Once you have launched and completed the mission "The First Firewall", you will get a Strange Transmitter to continue the quest. You will therefore have to go to your inventory and examine the transmitter found in the tab Mission objects. Once this is done, you will have to enter four sequences successively in the transmitter corresponding to the order of appearance of the knights of the hive and corrupted. Here are the four sequences to enter:

Sequence Number 1 Sequence Number 2

Sequence Number 3 Sequence Number 4


Once the four sequences have been successfully entered, you will have to launch a new mission called "Call of Shadows", you will then be asked to climb the rocket of the Devils' lair (that of the mission "Cayde's Lair") in less than 5 minutes. Once you get to the top, you will have to open the chest in front of you and kill the priestesses that will appear. So I advise you not to watch out for enemies when you climb to the top of the rocket in order to have more time to kill the priestesses. Once the mission is completed, you will get a ISELOS Fusion Core which will offer you five new objectives.


Here are the objectives to achieve:

  1. You will have to complete the mission "The Archives" on Venus on normal or heroic difficulty.
  2. You will need to dismantle a Legendary or Exotic heavy weapon (Year 1 weapons will work).
  3. You will have to defend a Warsat on the Moon.
  4. You will have to defend a Warsat on Mars.
  5. You will have to defend a Warsat on Earth (Beware the SABER Assault 2 does not work!)

As for Warsat, I recommend that you use the Destiny Public Events site to more easily find Warsat defense events. Once these five objectives are completed, you will have to validate them in the core by going to your inventory and then examining the Core located in the same place as the transmitter previously.

Once done, you will need to bring the Core to Banshee-44 the armorer, and you will just have to wait for the continuation of the quest.


So much for the first part, I also suggest you discover the guide offered by the Zombies Faktory in the video below:

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