FFXIV - Feedback # 6: Actions, content

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Judit Llordes


The ARR team gets back to work and brings us some feedback on several subjects: from the actions of the jobs to the Lair of the Wolves through the functionalities of the Mission Tool.


Mission tool

Currently using the function of random mission, we very often come across Sastasha, Tam-Tara and Ifrit (epic). It is programmed that way, but it will be changed for patch 2.15. so as to fall a little more often on other dungeons.

Honor system : you cannot vote for a player if he has already left the instance. Originally, the team planned for this to be possible, but they were unable to implement it in 2.1 because it required changes to the system kernel. The team is still studying the possibility of implementing this.

Jobs, classes, crafts

  • Holmgang bug: you are pushed back when using it. This will be fixed, but the team did not specify when.
  • Shield Oath : The enmity bonus remains the same when you change to Sword Oath. This will be fixed for 2.15.
  • The fishermen would love to be able to sit down! This is planned for 2.15: you can use the emote while fishing.


Hazard and tribal quests

  • The Hazards related to the tribal quests will appear more often, as will the enemies required for the quests.

Wolf's Den

It is intended that you will earn Free Company Credits by participating in PvP.



  • When you are the last to get out of the Crystal Tower, you automatically receive the loot. This will be fixed in 2.15
  • Soon, the function of tri allow automatic stacking of objects when in use.

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