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To access this dungeon of 47 level, you will have to talk to Nedrick at Vespers Bay (and yes, him again!).

As you will see, the floor of this dungeon is covered with yellowish puddles. Don't go in, they deal damage to you.

Loyalty card

To clean up in this first room, you can sit at the entrance while the tank gradually brings back some of the enemies. Watch out for those patrolling.

Before entering the room of the first boss, collect the chest north of the room.

The first boss, Locksmith, waiting for you. He will use an area effect attack that will inflict a violent poison. This poison accumulates, so it is said to charge (or stack). After 2 charges, use a Fry the morbol to remove the alteration. It is best to number the fruits and assign them to the group members. So everyone will have their fruit and will not eat one at random. Make sure that the healer and the tank are not too far apart.

The boss eliminated, continue on your way. You arrive in a room where many morbol fruits lie there. As soon as you get close to them, they will start to sprout. Your DPS must kill them quickly before so that monsters do not appear. Of course, you should always avoid yellowish puddles.

The housework is done, kill it Morbol golden vine to clear the road.

Open the chest then. In this new room, the biggest Sarcoptes cannot be asleep. Do not forget the chest bottom left

Here you are facing the second boss: Treasurer. This large monster uses several dodge attacks:

  • Swing : an attack around him which is very painful.
  • 100 ton mower : a single target attack.
  • Eye of the beholder : you have to get as far away from him as possible.
  • Black gaze : A long straight attack that deals high damage in addition to a condition.

And we continue! Open the chest on my way :

Subsequently new morbol fruits will be eliminated. Your tank can attract sprouts to itself, taking care not to germinate the fruit.

Be careful, there are fruits everywhere. You can quickly find yourself with a dozen small diseases on your back if you are not careful. Do not forget the chest in a corner of the room.

And here we are ready to face the final boss: Mistress of Grigou. The young lady may give you a hard time if you are dissipated. As with the first boss, you will have to eat the morbol fruits. But this time, you will have to wait until you have 3 or 4 loads of poison on you because the fruits reappear more slowly.

In addition to the poison, the Mistress of the Grigou will reveal fruits of morbol (no, not those that we eat ^^) that will have to be eliminated screw ! If the little diseases manage to germinate, they will inflict a charge of poison on you with each slap. Enough to die quickly if your DPS aren't careful. The use of zones is welcome to overcome them (even Miracle du Mage Blanc is very useful).

Non-exhaustive list of Booty :

  • Weapons:
    • Verdant Scepter
    • Mithril student book
  • All classes:
    • Ethereal Rubellite Ring
    • Ethereal Tourmaline Earrings
    • Ethereal Felt Bliaud
    • Ethereal Felt Riding Hat
  • Fighters:
    • Ethereal Raptorskin Legguards
    • Ethereal Cobalt Sallet
  • Craft Materials:
    • Mossy horn
    • Wing of Dodore
  • Mascot: morbol bulb

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