ARK: Survival Evolved - Three new creatures and more

As with every update, the world of ARK: Survival Evolved has been enriched with new, rich and varied content!

In the program :

  • a new boss fight against the Megapithecus : this giant monkey is in the mountains and has in its pay a whole army of monkey-minions ready to do anything to defend it.
  • three new dinosaurs:
    • Arthropluera Felsanguis : this arthropod is a scavenger, an aggressive hunter. It is a military mount, useful for attacking from a distance although its defenses also make it effective against most other reasonably sized creatures. His acidic blood splatters his attackers, damaging weapon durability in addition to injuring. A small supply of blood allows her to be prepared for any eventuality.
    • Lystrosaurus Aicifidelis : About sixty centimeters long, this little herbivore learns quickly and gains more experience than most other creatures (he also shares it with his allies). He also regains his torpor and his life much faster!
    • Oncorhynchus Grexlamia : this saber-toothed salmon is a peaceful fish that evolves in large schools. He cannot be tamed but is often parked and raised for his resources which are required in several high-level concoctions. Once provoked, this fish will not let it go and will try to bite blood thanks to its sharp teeth, which can become problematic if it attacks in groups, slowing its attacker, which can lead to drowning.
  • a new weapon: the primitive ball is very effective at tripping other players or small creatures. It can also be used to knock down mounts or take down flying creatures.
  • engines of the ranks for tribes (guilds) with customizable privileges: it will be possible to create sub-groups in each tribe, to name them and to give certain privileges regarding structures, inventory and creatures.

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