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Our spanish-speaking colleague Elderscrollsonline had the opportunity to discuss with Lawrence Shick and his team in charge of the traditions (lore) of The Elder Scrolls Online. Through the 12 exclusive questions and answers, we learn more about some key points of the story.

Before going into details, we salute the work of this team which will allow us to live an unforgettable experience in Tamriel. By placing TESO well ahead of the other games in the series, they've given themselves some leeway but still need to make sure that the whole thing is consistent with the stories we already know from other Elder Scrolls games.

  • the Knahaten plague spread from the Marais Noir to Martelfel and Haute Roche.
  • no Sloads of Thras at launch.
  • the Thalmor support Queen Ayrenn and enforce her decrees.
  • we will visit many realms of Oblivion.
  • we will meet many personalities through the quests.
  • the martial traditions of the Akaviri Dragon Guards of the Emperors of the Reman dynasty are at the origin of the dragon knights (a class).
  •  King Fahara'jad of Sentinel rules the northern part of the Alik'r Desert.
  • we will meet members of the Dunmer Indoril, Dres, Hlaalu, and Redoran Houses in the Deshaan and Eboulis regions of Morrowind.
  • thousands of books, 90% of which are exclusive.
  • almost all Daedric Princes like to get involved in the affairs of mortals.
  • we will learn more about the Elder Scrolls but their nature will remain unclear.

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