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FirstLook de Gamerzine recently got to play a bit The Elder Scrolls Online. A lot of points were covered, not much new, it's a fact, but here is a summary of what to take away and what emerges from them. interview with Matt Firror, game director. I advise you to take a look at the magazine even if you don't speak English because the layout is really nice.

  • Matt Firor considers The Elder Scrolls Online a sequel to The Elder Scrolls series more than an MMO. The RPG side is advantageous, with a multiplayer component.
  • Using the same type of weapon over the long haul will unlock skills for our character. All weapons will be handy by all classes of play.
  • We will have orders to sit, smile, dance, and many others to give expressions to our characters.
  • It will be possible to steal items from villagers and NPCs.
  • We can obviously interact with books, there will be a very large number in play (300 large books and 700 smaller).
  • The quests will be given by various itinerant NPCs or not, merchants, guards, ... These NPCs will not have large exclamation marks on their heads but a weak distinctive aura. We will have moral choices during our quests.
  • The fact of recovering artisanal elements, such as butterflies, directly from the source is preserved. A butterfly is flying? Let's catch him! Interested in the flower in front of us? Let's pick it up!
  • Monsters won't give just anything, we will most often get what they had as a weapon or what we can find on them (A rib, coins, a bag, a helmet, a sword, ...)
  • The cities may seem a little empty, but Zenimax intends to fill them with players.
  • Players will be able to enter PvP from level 10 and easily fight with high levels
  • The high level will be different from other games, we will be able to realize the story of another alliance if we have completely completed ours. By fully completing this second alliance, we will be able to unlock the third and final alliance. There will be a few high-level tools like the large Alliance vs. Alliance PvP map or crafting. We absolutely want there to be a wide variety of things to do once the max level is reached.
  • Crafting will be a big part of the game and the mastery will be long but interesting and rewarding.
  • It will be possible for us to modify the game user interface.
  • Even if the game does not consider itself an MMO but rather a multiplayer RPG, there will be plenty of fun for several in the game and players will appreciate.
  • To finish, there will be no dragons in play, they will tell other stories!

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