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Ifrit, the first primordial that we meet in FFXIV ARR is also the first primordial that we visit in brutal mode. After completing Castrum Novum and the Praetorian, Minfilia announces that the primordial are not quite dead and that you must return to kill them.

This guide is about the 8 player fight against Ifrit.

This guide now has two! First the first published written by Nutt then that of Zuh.

Ifrit Brutal by Nutt

Composition of the group

To lead this fight successfully, you will need:

  • 1 tank
  • 2 healers
  • 5 dps

Another configuration, more viable and making combat easier, also exists:

  • 1 tank
  • 1 person to break the rash (preferably a paladin)
  • 2 healers
  • 4 dps


  • Charge : Ifrit leaps into the air and falls to one end of the room, he then rushes in a straight line dealing damage to all targets in his path. When going to phase 2, Ifrit doubles up when charging and multiplies again when going to phase 3. This spell is to be avoided absolutely for the good of your healers.
  • Eruption : Causes targeted area damage to one or more players (depending on the phase). The damage is more or less important according to the phases, an eruption in phase 3 being often synonymous with the assured death of your group. To be absolutely interrupted!
  • Volcanic explosion : Ifrit knocks away all targets around him, dealing heavy fire damage to them. Volcanic Explosion is always followed by Eruption.
  • Breath of flames : Ifrit blows a huge flame in front of him (in a cone). This spell is not cast and cannot be dodged by the person in front of it (normally the tank).
  • Panache radiant : Ifrit sets the ground ablaze to cause a huge geyser of flame. This spell is focused on the center or the ends of the room. Just move out of the fiery area in time and you should be fine. This spell is interruptable but it is better to leave it and avoid it, I will explain why afterwards. In phase 3, Radiant Plume is cast randomly in the room, regardless of the center or the edges.
  • Hellish nail : At 45% health, Ifrit summons 4 Hell Nails. You have 50 seconds to drop the 4 nails. After 50 seconds, Ifrit leaps to the center of the room and calls out "Hellfire"
  • Hell flames : Ifrit leaps to the center of the room and ignites everything around him. The group suffered extensive damage. If one or more nails haven't been knocked out before the Hellfire was cast, Ifrit kills everyone around him.
  • Carbonization : Ifrit ignites targets close to him and inflicts damage over time to them (this spell is permanent and only hits melee).


Explanation of the fight

Ifrit is a relatively straightforward boss that doesn't require a lot of training. One try will be enough to familiarize you with combat.
Phase one is simple, Ifrit will alternate Eruption, Charge and Volcanic Explosion regularly. Avoid the charge, interrupt the eruption and suffer the volcanic explosion.
From 60% Ifrit goes into phase 2 and spawns the Radiant Plume, simply avoid it by continuing to dodge charges and keep interrupting the eruption.
When the nails appear, focus all of your dps on them. Put the distances on the two nails furthest from the boss and the melee on the two nails closest to Ifrit. Use transcendence if you are a bit light on dps.
Ifrit goes to phase 3 at 30%. You will have to watch out for the Radiant Plume that it now casts all over the room. It casts the rash much more regularly also and it charges 3 times.


  • Eruption: I recommend using a Paladin to interrupt the eruption. This role is ungrateful because the one and only function of the paladin will be to stay permanently (even during the nail phase) on Ifrit (without tanking it) to give it a "Shield Bash" when Ifrit casts the eruption. This spell does not generate any threat, has no cooldown. This technique is the easiest. The paladin can use "Inner Spirits" and "Circle of Fate" which are both off global cooldowns, beyond that, do not use any techniques and only deal white blows (activate your Sword Oath). The loss of dps caused by using the "kickladin" is compensated by the fact that other dps do not have to interrupt their cycle to break the spell. Note that since 2.1, Ifrit can resist interrupt spells. It is better to let the first two eruptions pass, which are easily dodgy, and to interrupt the third.
  • Charge: during phases 2 and 3, Ifrit copies itself to charge several times. Be aware that it will always charge clockwise. Position yourself accordingly.
  • Radiant Plume: I advise you not to interrupt this spell. Interruption is essential (pun intended) for the eruption and you would risk, by interrupting the Radiant Plume, making Ifrit unresponsive to controls. So it's better to let this curse go and focus on what isn't preventable: the rash.
  • Transcendence: the transcendence bar, or "LB" for close friends, mainly fills up thanks to interruptions on Ifrit HM.

Good luck ! Please let us know how the fight went for you.


Ifrit brutal by Zuh

After studying the strategy of the Chimera, Zuh and his free company tackled the primordial Ifrit in detail. This seemingly straightforward fight ultimately hides a five-phase cyclic script closely resembling the primordial Titan. The phases being determined by a percentage of life, Ifrit always goes through a cycle of attacks and then uses an end technique at any point in the cycle. This technique is often accompanied by a message. To better understand these phases, here is the diagram:

If you have any doubts about the cycle, here is the proof in pictures.

Zuh, browsing the world of Eorzea with a fresh eye, prepares other videos of the same kind for the following bosses.

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