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Undead Bone Fragments are special items that can be used at Campfires to increase the level of fire, increasing the effectiveness of Estus Vials. They are also a great way to increase healing abilities and survive longer in this world where survival is so difficult!

Ten fragments have currently been found. Once in your possession, all you need to do is sit by the fire you want to improve and then throw the shard into the flames.

Undead Camp

The fragment can be found on a corpse at the foot of the hill after the cemetery. It is near the entrance to the small stone house. Beware of giant spears.

Route of Sacrifices

Go to the campfire of the ruins of the fort and go towards the swamp, towards the large stone door. There is a tower next to it, to the right. The fragment is in the tower, guarded by a group of snails.

Catacombs of Carthus

You will have to descend a long flight of steps, the same ones where the skeleton ball rolls up and down. Once you're downstairs, go through the door and run to the gate. When the bullet hits the gate and shatters, you'll find the shard there.

Catacombs of Carthus

Go to the Demonic Ruins campfire. Enter the great room (when you get to the campfire, turn around and follow that direction) and go right (to the left is a fire mage standing). You should almost immediately find a staircase leading down (if you continue the path to the right you will find another staircase, but the first one is closer to the campfire). Go down and continue your way to the left. There are two fire mages there that you will need to fight. Watch out for black and belligerent geese that can trap you. The fragment will be next to a corpse in the corner.

Catacombs of Carthus

This fragment is obtained by killing the giant worm of the Incandescent Lake, just before the boss fight. Once you've woken it up, run to the door in the boss fog. You will see a pile of stones on the ground - this is the line beyond which the worm does not pass. Stand there and wait for it to stop moving, then walk over and hit it several times. Continue like that !

Lothric Castle

Meet at the campfire near the entrance. Take the bridge in front, where the dragons stand (watch out for the fire!). Run over the bridge and jump just before you get to the end. The fragment is on a corpse below, on the ledge.

Lothric Castle

Meet at the Grandes Archives campfire. Use the elevator to go up, then take the left exit once you've arrived. From the terrace, cross the archives footbridges and turn right. The fragment is on a corpse sitting on a chair in front of the pond.

Cathedral of the Deep

As you approach the Cathedral from the Purification Chapel, turn right after the stairs and enter a small cemetery. The fragment will be on a gravestone just above the precipice.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Teleport to the Yorshka Church campfire, then go down the stairs and enter the garden. Follow the wall on your right. You will see, at the end, a large tombstone. The fragment is hidden there.

Irithyll Dungeon

The last fragment is near the Campfire of the Profaned Capital, on a dead body.


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