FFXIV - Object not found issue

    You may have started your servant looking for the new dyes and failed to get the "shiny gold dye pot" despite all your chips? This is normal: a bug Was found. Rest assured, each character will be entitled to 4 pots  sent by Mog courier. Here are the explanations given on the forum by Yoshida.

    FFXIV - Object not found issue


    Perfect Naoki Yoshida source

    This is Naoki Yoshida, producer / director of FFXIV.

    As some of you have noticed, the newly implemented "Shiny Gold Dye Jar" item, which was supposed to be a Servant Makeshift Task Reward, is currently unobtainable.

    The "rare" dyes available through tasks should all have had the same degree of rarity, but we found that an error in the object determination program caused the last row of the dye list to be ignored. Since the shiny gold dye pot was on just that last row, it was technically impossible to get, unlike the others. We are deeply sorry for this problem.

    Obviously, a large number of players have been trying to get hold of it since last week, spending a significant number of task tokens on it. We are sorry that they were not able to obtain it because of this flaw in the program.

    To be forgiven, we've decided to send four copies of this item to all of the characters in the retail version (including internet cafe accounts). The jars will be sent by Mog courier.
    (Note that trial version accounts are not included.)

    We are currently working on correcting the problem as well as post-correction tests. We plan to implement an emergency fix this Thursday, October 16 to address this situation. The shiny gold dye pots offered as compensation should also be sent at the same time.
    We will announce the exact dates / times for the patch and the sending of the Mog Letters at a later date.

    Note that the found object choice program that was at fault was new and used only for these objects. The other objects of the servants' tasks were therefore not affected by this programming fault.

    Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this anomaly and offer our sincere apologies to the players.

    Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support to FINAL FANTASY XIV.

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