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As World of Warcraft aficionados begin leveling their panda in the Mysterious Lands of Pandaria, my guardian sylvari in Guild Wars 2 reached level 80 last night as a result of a long series of fights related to the development of his personal history. The assault on Zhaitan is coming soon: I can't wait.

To get there, leveling was done almost all the time very naturally. I just had to go for a walkdiscover placeslook for access paths for panoramas, pick up plants, trees and ore on the road and kill some mobs, essentially those who bar my way and those present in the instances of personal history. Thecrafts is also a good way to build your experience thanks to the elements collected during my explorations.

Of course, I had to farm a bit to finish my "hearts" but with the exception of two or three of them, never excessively. At difficulty level, in Guild Wars 2 non-instance leveling is very accessible after mastering the character's gameplay. Before it's the galley, you just have to see me fight against Moas currently with my spellbinding ^^. In instances it's something else, we sometimes come across "bones" and it's a very pleasant surprise: the difficulty, however, never comes from the fact that the mobs in front are "too strong" for us, but rather thana particular strategy must be applied to defeat them.

Between the leveling out of instance and the episodes of personal history, it's quite a unconventional configuration which is subtly put in place and pushes us to seek a little further than in the big traditional MMOs the resources necessary for the advancement of our characters. I guess the developers - but is it them? - did not name the "Jumping puzzles" like this for nothing, and it is clear that platforms alone are not enough to deserve this name: everything Guild Wars 2 is like a puzzle. Yum !

Suddenly I made a reroll, my bewitch. But since I'm having a little trouble really enjoying it at the moment, I also decided to test the little Asura ranger all cute that you can see at the beginning of this article ^^

Good game !


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