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Thanks to the adventurers, the Noah team managed to cross the ancient Daedalus and thus reached the Tower of Syrcus, the central edifice of the imposing Allagan vestige which stands in the heart of Mor Dhona. However, a dark threat, stemming from the distant past of the vanished empire, seems to be biding its time at the top.


This raid is for 24 players and is available through the mission tool. You must have completed the quest "Update on the Tower".

The recommended ilvl is 70. The Tower of Syrcus allows you to obtain ilvl 100 equipment.



Once the raid has started, each matching band is defined by a letter: A, B and C. Alliance A will be on the left, B in the middle and C on the right. To communicate with alliances, you can use / a. Do not hesitate to report when your team is ready, if a member is disconnected, etc.

As in the Crystal Tower, you will have to defeat a room before obtaining the opening to the bosses. There is nothing complicated in these monsters, I go directly to the presentation of the bosses.

Premier Boss - Scylla


Scylla patient in this new room. We place ourselves before starting the fight:

  • alliance A on the left.
  • alliance B at the entrance
  • alliance C on the right

A tank will take charge of Scylla, while the entire raid begins its damage on it. Will quickly appear links purple on some people in the raid.

These will have to move towards the columns of light present in the room to activate the force field. For that, it is necessary that three ball veils touch them and thus the column of light will be activated.

Des old sticks will appear, you can either kill them or let them do their damage: here, it is up to the alliance, in most cases, they are left free. It will then be necessary to avoid their spells.


Two other links, one white and one red, will appear.


The white will freeze the person tied with it. The one with the red link must go to the frozen person to get him out of his state and thus create a puddle of water.

When Scylla does his spell Ancient Blaze, you have to go into a puddle to avoid its damage.

After the spell Ancient Brazier, additional monsters will appear, they must be killed.

When Scylla does the spell point of day, you have to move towards the illuminated slabs.

You have thus avoided the zone spell of Scylla, keep doing this until his death.

Loot List

  • Phlegethon's Vambraces
  • Guardian's Armguards of Aggression
  • Scylla's Gloves
  • Belt Of Phlegethon Plates
  • Guardian's Assault Tassette
  • Scylla's Belt of Healing
  • Guardian's Slaughter Legwraps
  • Amon Boots
  • Scylla Enchanter Boots


Second Boss - Glasya Labolas

As for Scylla, we place ourselves before starting the fight:

  • alliance A on the left.
  • alliance B at the entrance
  • alliance C on the right


Glasya labolas will be placed in the center of the room, this boss is much less complicated than the previous one, you just have to avoid areas up to 60%

From 60% will be added another zone which moves in the room and inflicts 400 points of damage:

As well as the pop mechanical worker, linked to the boss. To prevent him from healing Glasya Labolas, a person will have to return to his zone and thus break the bond which unites them.

Around 40%, a new type of monster will appear:  Mechanical Squire. It will then be necessary to place them and put them at 1% between the pillars to allow the teleporter to open.

Use the teleporters to land on the platforms all around the room and thus avoid the spell on the central platform which will kill you instantly

You have to kill the key drones and move from platform to platform until the total elimination of key drones and thus regain the central platform.

On return, you just have to eliminate Glasya Labolas.

Loot List

  • Guardian's Felling Armguards
  • Guardian's Slaughter Tassette
  • Amon Long Gloves
  • Amon Scarf
  • Scylla's Gloves of Casting
  • Scylla's Belt of Casting
  • Sabatons De Phleégéthon
  • Guardian's Legwraps of Striking
  • Scylla's Boots of Healer


Third Boss - Amon

Nothing new when we get in front amon, We place ourselves before starting the fight:

  • alliance A on the left.
  • alliance B at the entrance
  • alliance C on the right

The tank will leave amon in the center and the whole raid will direct its attacks on him until the Experimental products.

They come in waves of 3, you absolutely have to kill them before they can hit amon, otherwise it will be buffered.

During the fight, some players will be subjected to a spell of bombs, it must be removed as quickly as possible, otherwise it throws back and makes 1000 damage points to anyone close to you.

Another kind of experience will also enter the scene, these are the Kum kum

They could be narrowed grace to the veil ball. If it crosses a player before, it will be the player who will be shrunk.


Around 30%, amon will transform three raid players into frog and three others in ice jail

The frogs must blow their fire spit on the jails to break them down.

A 25 % amon will transform 3 more people in jail, he will then cast the spell recall, it will be necessary that the whole alliance is protected by a jail while hiding behind to survive this attack

Loot List

  • Phlegethon Breastplate
  • Guardian's Helm of Striking
  • Guardian's Breeches of Strike
  • Guardian's Helm of Maiming
  • Keeper's Breeches of Felling
  • Coat of Amun
  • Scylla Enchanter's Helm
  • Scylla Charming Panties
  • Scylla's Robe of Healer
  • Time Oil


Quatrieme Boss - Xande

Always the same ceremonial when we arrive in front Xande, we place ourselves before starting the fight:

  • alliance A on the left.
  • alliance B at the entrance
  • alliance C on the right

The main tank will leave Xande in the center of the room, while the entire raid deals its damage on him.

The tank as well as the melee DPS will have to avoid the spell. Merciless pressure, it will be materialized by an area around it. If a person stays in it then it will be thrown back and 1500 damage will be inflicted.

The whole raid will have to avoid the spell Aura ray, as well as zones who will arrive on the ground


After a few minutes, Xande will disappear and it will be placed around the room as well as in the center, meteors that will have to be killed as soon as possible. Indeed, a huge meteor descends from the link. If it hits the ground, the entire alliance is destroyed.

Xande comes back to us and three black areas will surround three people from the raid. The whole alliance will have to gather in these areas to be levitated and thus avoid Xande's area spell. Megaseisme

Warning on returning to earth, areas on the ground should be avoided.

Several times during the fight, Xander will spawn yellow areas that will have to be activated. For that, it is enough to have a person in it.

At the end of his spellcasting Ancient Seimes, which will deal damage throughout the raid, will follow the spell Explosion Magismologique which will also inflict damage to the entire raid depending on the yellow areas active or not

Another meteor phase will appear around 30% of the boss. You just have to alternate the phases presented to see Xande Dead.


Loot List

  • Phlegethon Mask
  • Pagne De Phleégéthon
  • Guardian's Chestpiece of Striking
  • Guardian's Breastplate of Maiming
  • Amun's Hat
  • Breeches of Amun
  • Scylla's Robe of Casting
  • Scylla's Helm of Healing
  • Scylla's Pants of Healing
  • Onion Knight Doll
  • Memoquartz Allagois Unidentified
  • Time Oil
  • Gem Of The Throne
  • Sand of time


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