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Auridia is the second largest island in the group of islands of the Autumn Archipelago. On the latter is Prime-Tenure, one of the largest towns in the Aldmeri Estate which is renowned throughout Tamriel for its unique architecture and magnificent, expansive gardens.

Auridia serves as the first main zone of the Aldmeri Estate and is accessible by each faction, at the following levels:

  • Aldmeri Estate: level 3 to 15 zone.
  • The Daggerfall Alliance : Accessible via the Cadwell Silver Almanac.
  • Ebonheart Pact : accessible via Cadwell's Golden Almanac. 



Auridia has many locations to explore, including a public group dungeon and a private group dungeon.

  • City
  • Notable places
  • Caves - Ruins - mines
  • dungeons
  • Outside bosses

  • Departure city of the zone : The Watch of Vulkhel.
  • Main city : Gardeciel.
  • Prime tenure.

  • Silsailen.
  • Phaer.
  • Mathiisen.
  • The Broken Grove.
  • Aubeneuve.
  • The Aldmeri maintenance school.
  • L'Anse d'Emeraigues.

  • The South beacon.
  • The North beacon.

  • Le Val Miroitant.

  • Tanzelwil.
  • Ezduiin.
  • Quendelu.
  • Torinaan.

  • The port.
    • For Domain Aldmeri, it is in this cave that you have to go in order to perform the main quest.

  • Private group dungeon : The Forbidden Dungeon.

  • Public dungeon : La Ravine du Chicot.

  • Solo Dungeon: Vulkhel's Watch.
  • Solo dungeon: Ondil.
  • Solo Dungeon: Entila's Madness.
  • Donjon alone: ​​Bewan.
  • Solo Dungeon: Wansalen.
  • Single-player dungeon: La rancoeur de Mérunès.

  • The coastal escarp camp.
  • The Creuset des âmes plateau.
  • The wreck of the Raptor.
  • Heretic invocations.
  • The lair of the Couveuse.
  • The Heritage training camp.
  • Anchors
  • Mundus Stones
  • Points of interest
  • Oratorical

  • The dolmen of Lluvamir.
  • Le dolmen of Kalembar.
  • The Dolmen of Vafe.

  • The Lady - Increase armor.
  • The Lover - Increases resistance to spells.

  • The Esterive islets camp - allows you to make the set Deadly Wind.
  • The Fort of the High Tide - allows you to craft the set Silence of the night.
  • Lantern Falls - allow you to craft the set Fistful of ashes.

  • The rest of the monkey.
  • The Maormer invasion camp.
  • The handle of the trafficker.
  • The island of contemplation.
  • The landing at Neuf-Proues.
  • Buraniim Island.
  • Errinorne Island.

  • The oratory of the Vulkhel watchtower.
  • The oratory of Val Venteux.
  • Phaer's Oratory.
  • The oratory of Tanzelwil.
  • The oratory of Mathiisen.
  • The Gardeciel oratory.
  • The oratory of Quendeluun.
  • The school oratory.
  • The Prime-Tenure Oratory.
  • The oratory of Emeraigues.


Heavenly Shards

Auridia features a total of sixteen Celestial Shards spread both across the map and in public dungeons. Here are the clues to find them.

  • Auridia's Celestial Shard Hunter
  1. A landing with noble blood.
  2. Decorate Valano's terrace.
  3. Offered to appease wrathful ancestors.
  4. Observe the sky from a tower of swords.
  5. Between the cursed ruin and the altar.
  6. Near the refreshment of Mérormo.
  7. Overlooks contemplation.
  8. Up and west, into the broken dawn.
  9. Light signal, ship guide.
  10. Old room with a golden glow.
  11. The Heritage makes no concessions.
  12. At the end of the madness.
  13. In a corner of the House of Troubles.
  14. Bloodless slaves brush against him.
  15. Corpses from another age walk there.
  16. Hidden in the wall of the delighted.

If you can't find them, here is the map of the places where they are located.

CELESTIAL Shards of Auridia map

  1. Located upstairs, on the terrace of the treasury and manor of the Vulkhel watchtower.
  2. Located upstairs, on the manor terrace above the islets of Esterive camp.
  3. Located in the southern part of Tanzelwil.
  4. Located in the Skyguard Warrior Guild Tower.
  5. Located next to the Oratory of Quendeluun, behind a wall.
  6. Located in front of the well located next to a house west of the village, the Broken Grove.
  7. Located at the top of the waterfall south of Torinaan.
  8. Located on the first floor of Aubeneuve's main building.
  9. Located at the top of the north beacon.
  10. Located inside the solo dungeon: Bewan.
  11. Located inside the solo dungeon: Del's Concession.
  12. Located inside the single player dungeon: Entila's Madness.
  13. Located inside the solo dungeon: the rancor of Mérunès.
  14. Located inside the solo dungeon: Ondil.
  15. Located inside the solo dungeon: Wansalen.
  16. Located inside the public keep: the ravine du chicot.


The successes and the catch

In the Auridia area, a large amount of achievements can be unlocked. Be careful, some achievements may contain spoilers.

Exploration - 14 achievements

  1. Del Concession Explorer
    • Explore and clear Del's concession.
  2. Undil Explorer
    • Explore and clear Ondil.
  3. Explorer of Entila's Madness
    • Explore and clear the madness of Entila.
  4. Bewan Explorer
    • Explore and clear Bewan.
  5. Wansalen Explorer
    • Explore and clear Wansalen.
  6. Explorer of the Rancor of Mérunès
    • Explore and clear the Rancor of Mérunès.
  7. Avenger of the Soldiers
    • End the necromancer threat at the Crucible of Souls Plateau and avenge the Prime Auridia soldiers
  8. Bandit Lord's Bounty Hunter
    • Defeat Quenyas, leader of the Auridian outlaw gangs, in the Coastal Scarp Camp.
  9. Ghost Captain's Crusher
    • Destroy Ghost Captain Whitemane at the Raptor Wreck.
  10. Scourge of Claquepiège
    • Defeat Faucheclan Champion Claquepiège and put an end to the massacre of the Innocents of Heretical Summons.
  11. Aranumë Bounty Hunter
    • Defeat Anarumë at Legacy Training Camp and end his betrayal.
  12. Litter mother eradicator
    • Defeat the giant Brood Snake in its lair.
  13. Auridia Explorer
    • Discover and secure the six caves of Auridia.
  14. Scout of Auridia
    • Discover all the remarkable places of Auridia.

Quests - 3 achievements

  1. Tear the First Veil
    • Execute the Tanzelwil traitor on behalf of Queen Ayrenn.
  2. Tear the Second Veil
    • Infiltrate the Veiled Legacy and discover its secret.
  3. Tear the Third Veil
    • Defeat the Daedric army and its leader in Prime-Tenure.
  4. Adventurer of Auridia
    • Complete 37 quests in Auridia.

Dungeons - 3 achievements

  1. Winner of the Chicot ravine
    • Defeat three of the Chicot Ravine Champions.
      • Defeat Dzeizk.
      • Defeat Nitche.
      • Defeat Slakkith and Gorg.
      • Defeat Thek and Bessie the Black.
      • Defeat Togga the Slayer.
  2. Conqueror of the Chicot ravine
    • Defeat all Champions of Chicot Ravine.
      • Defeat Dzeizk.
      • Defeat Nitche.
      • Defeat Slakkith and Gorg.
      • Defeat Thek and Bessie the Black.
      • Defeat Togga the Slayer.
  3. Winner of the Forbidden Dungeon
    • Defeat Shadowlayer and High Patriarch Rilis in the Forbidden Dungeon.

Fishing - 1 success

  1. Fisherman of Auridia
    • Catch all 12 rare Auridia fish.
      • Blue anglerfish - Salt water.
      • Ilyadise - Lake.
      • Shiny mackerel - River.
      • Thracian eel - Salt water.
      • Barbelle - Lake.
      • Sturgeon - Lake.
      • Speckled perch - River.
      • Machine - River.
      • Barbed fish - River.
      • Muddy carp - Lake.
      • Eucla cod - Salt water.
      • Mola - Salt water.

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