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This dungeon accessible at level 41 via epic takes you to explore a place populated by dragons.

You will have to be careful during your progress: in some places a golden dragon will appear briefly to spit flames at you. So always give your tank a head start. Also avoid staying where the dragon first appeared, as it is coming back. Finally, pay attention to the multiples patrols de Dracoeibis. Eliminate these critters first because they cannot be put to sleep.

A few meters after entering you meet your first Dracoebis. Be careful because in this same place is the first golden dragon that spits flames. To kill enemies safely, take them to the small room. Then continue on your way.

Eliminate them Dracoeibis as a priority, cross the barrack and get it chest in the room opposite.

Pay attention to fire breathing dragon that appears in this corridor:

Arrived at the place Barbican, you will face the first boss: Chudo-Yudo. The strategy for this fight remains simple: Chudo-Yudo will rush into a place on the Barbican and prepare a violent attack. Just place yourself rear him to avoid it and get ready to move right away as he remakes another immediately followed by a searing breath. It also inflicts a condition, burn .
During the fight the tank will have to remain alone in front of Chudo-Yudo, the latter using a burning breath.


Continue until the left bulkhead or one chest awaits you.

One again golden dragon to avoid at the end of this corridor. Eliminate the enemies present here before the location of the dragon or below.

Always keep an eye on the patrols of Dracoeibis and don't forget to kill them before the rest.


When leaving this room, again avoid the fire breathing dragon and kill him Dracoeibis :

In this corridor, ice elementals will appear. They may be asleep so feel free to do so. Beware of Dracoeibis not far.

In the room next to the elementary is a chest :

At the Straight partition, a second boss awaits you: Koshchei. The tank should place it at the entrance to the bulkhead while the healer and ranged DPS stand near the guns. One of the DPS must also interact with the cannons: during the fight a large dragon, Binded, will appear in front of one of them and the DPS will have to use it to scare Isgebind away. It will be necessary to do it quickly because this unexpected enemy inflicts great area effect damage.

And to make it even more difficult for you, Koshchei will bring up Tornadoes. They must be avoided.

Koshchei eliminated, you can keep moving! Before the Defenses control room, a new group ofice elementals will get in your way. There is also a Dracoeibis patrolling.

In the Defenses control room, four enemies guard the chest: 2 Dracoeibis and 2 ice elementals. Put the elementals to sleep in order to safely fight the Dracoeibis.

As you leave the room, continue moving forward: a last group ofice elementals will fall on you.

Last turn before the Vault : here you will have to face three Dracoeibis.

In the Vault the final boss awaits you: Binded. Your tank will bring it to a corner of the room to leave as much space as possible for everyone. During the fight Isgebind will fly away. At this point, regroup in the middle: the dragon will make passages where it blow ice on a third of the surface of the chamber, in a straight line. Before it comes down, your tank will have to return to its place, give it a head start because when Isgebind lands it deals damage.

Around the corner! Little Ice AOE

We regroup Ice blast

To its second phase, Binded will get a little more violent. When it takes off it will start bombarding you withIce AOE. Try to stay together so that the hall does not turn into a gigantic deadly ice rink. It is best to put a mark on one of the members of the group so that everyone follows it. After its bombardment, it will continue with blasts of ice.

A little hailstorm?

Non-exhaustive list of Booty :

  • Weapons:
    • Bhuj in Ethereal Mithril
    • Ancient sword
    • Copy of the Ars Notoria
    • Eisentänzer
    • Guardian of the Piles
    • Wyvern Spear
    • Hose cracker
  • All classes:
    • Ethereal Wool Hat
  • Fighters:
    • Ethereal Mithril Coated Caligae
    • Ethereal Peistskin Hunting Belt
    • Ethereal Peisteskin Fingerless Gloves
  • GLA - MRD - HAS - PLD - GUE - DRG - CHN:
    • Ethereal Mithril Gauntlets
    • Ethereal Mithril Barbute
  • GLA - ÉLM - OCC - PLD - MBL - MNO:
    • Ethereal Raptorskin Targe
  • Craft Materials:
    • Blunt Goblin Scimitar
    • Rusty scale armor
    • Rusty scutum
    • Torn chef hat
    • Cracked thigh high boots
    • halone steel ingot

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